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Assistant to Head of Media

Congratulations to Danielle @MamaDuckie on becoming our newest Assistant to Head of Media & Public Relations!

As Assistant to Head, Danielle is now responsible for the management of all the teams within the Media & PR department alongside the current Head of Media & PR (Emily). Together, they are responsible for the standards for creative content released & used for the server.

Ever since joining the Media Leadership team a year ago, Danielle has been going above and beyond with all that she does! Danielle joined the Media team in 2020 as a DD Writer and has been a phenomenal team member who has shaped the Daily Diviner into what it is today. I consider myself so lucky to be able to work alongside her and I am excited to see all she does in this new role!

Congratulations Danielle! :heart:

If there are any questions regarding Media & PR, please reach out to Emily (Ralie#5837) or Danielle (MamaDuckie#4821) via Discord.