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February Store Releases

February Store Releases.png

Greetings, witches and wizards!

We are very pleased to release our newest items to the store for you all to enjoy! We have a great variety of items that will make you look amazing for Valentine's Day this month! We also have some other very unique items!

The items available for purchase are:
  • Black Hole Death Effect
  • Rainbow Shoot Death Effect
  • Purple Fireworks Death Effect
  • Pink Fireworks Death Effect
  • Unicorn Housing Scenery
  • Light Pink Wand Effects
  • Pink Wand Effects
  • Dark Pink Wand Effects
  • Heart Scepter Wand Appearance
  • Valentine's Housing Scenery
  • Romance Emote Pack
If you'd like to see how the death effects and wand effects look in-game, head over to the store and click on the icon of the item to open up the description and see an animated image!

All items will be available all year except for the last three on the list - these three items will only be available until March 1st.

We hope you all enjoy these items!

These items are also available on the Potter Points store!
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