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Gameplay Update 1.3.4 [September 2nd 2021]


Hey! Today we bring you a long awaited gameplay updated for experience and leveling up! This post will go over all of the changes made during this experience rework. We hope all of you young witches and wizards enjoy this update, and have an easier time leveling up throughout your school years at Hogsworth!

Quests, Mobs, & Academic Credits
We have made some reworks to the experience given from quests, mobs, and ACs (Academic Credits)!

We noticed that ACs were giving insane amounts of experience for people at lower levels, so we have reworked the amount of experience Academic Credits give to a reasonable amount, scaled according to your level. This rework should hopefully make it so the amount of experience AC gives doesn't feel out of place, and is balanced with the other experience changes.

Experience rewards for quests have received a buff! Quests will now reward you with around 2-3x as much experience in comparison to the previous reward amounts. If you haven't noticed, these quest reward changes have been in-game for a little over a week; We just didn't make an announcement about it until everything else was ready.

Mobs will also give you more experience than what they have given previously. Killing a mob will now reward you with around 1.25x as much experience in comparison to what they were in the past.

Daily Activities
Daily Activities now give rewards tailored according to your level and the difficulty of the task, which is a huge win! We have also lowered the level requirement to level 10 for the minigames daily activities. We hope that these changes give you some more options to earn experience at lower levels, along with more viable rewards for your current level.

Our Head of Systems, Abstract_Magi, has worked very hard on this rework, so we hope you enjoy these changes! We will also be keeping an eye on the balancing of this rework, so there may be tweaks and changes in the upcoming weeks or months pertaining to what was reworked here.