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Gameplay Update 1.8.1 [November 30th 2022]

Hello everyone! The Game Designer Team has prepared another mid-update patch for you all!

New Content
  • Choco Hops Re-Release
Doctor Dott’s Candy Company has been hard at work, and they’re happy to announce that they’re re-launching the Choco Hops collections! You can purchase Choco Hops in Hogsend, with more locations coming in the future!​
Choco Hops now belong to “Collections”! At launch, we’ll be releasing three of these - Classics, Wizarding Schools, and Locations! Keep your eyes peeled as we'll be releasing more in the future.​
Players are now able to purchase a Choco Hop collection book where you can store all of your new Choco Hop cards.​

  • Shop Competition
The Auralocks have been hard at work processing applications for new businesses. It seems as though they’re looking for your help to decide what shop will be coming in the future. You can find more information here.​
Game Designers Note: Over the coming months, we want to begin experimenting with smaller content releases like this one, so we’re not releasing everything at once. This includes competitions like the one above, as well as stories that unfold over multiple releases. As we continue to experiment, we’ll be sure to look for all of your feedback to see how you enjoy certain kinds of content moving forward.

Upcoming Content
  • Winter Waltz 2022
Although we won’t be sharing more information at this time, we wanted to be as transparent as possible with you all. Due to unforeseen delays, as well as ensuring that our US team members were able to take time off to be with their friends and family for Thanksgiving, the event this year will start a little later, in the coming weeks. Be sure to keep your eyes on our social media platforms, as that’s where you’ll hear about event news first!​

  • Woodshire
Woodshire will be our first World Release of 2023. As noted above, we’ll be taking a different approach to this release, with different pieces of content coming at different times leading up to the release. We want to apologize for the delay in the release of this update: We know everyone has been looking forward to it. We want to make sure we are creating interesting, immersive content, while also not burning out our dedicated team of volunteers - not just on Game Design, but across all of the departments that help us create content.​

If you have any questions or concerns about this update, please reach out to a staff member on discord or use /t create to report any issues!

Project Leadership:
NSgaming, HeyLookBunnies, apaulled
Game Designers: Lbby, xMye, HektorTM, Melioraa, daance, lolclem, myriadofanger, FlatJambo, Sorcellerie, MelonFoxy, mn614, Wildsam, tqrpiar, cqvetown
Testers: Teheeo, Leoceratops, VynVibes, Tangular123, viewful, xFleur_, Grucifix, juhin, Engel_M, Alexstrasza14, AzureAsh, Invisibilia, KipxSateee, CarzyLizard, LoganTheLamb, Mireiia, xMye, marmitemira, Nives_ninis, 20zuzka04,
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