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GD Team Rework

We've just reworked the positions within the Game Design team in order to increase our productivity to create as much content as possible for you guys. Here's how the new team works:

Lore Team

Lore Keepers
As the entry rank for the Game Design team, players can apply for this position. Lore Keepers write various pieces of work for the server. This includes mob descriptions, location backgrounds, character biographies, stories, etc. They essentially create the world we spend so much of our time enjoying.

Lore Masters
The senior rank of the Lore team. Lore Masters have the same responsibilities as Lore Keepers, however they will also oversee Lore Keeper projects.

Grand Lore Master
The lead(s) of the Lore team. The Grand Lore Master(s) assigns and manages all lore projects, providing feedback to both Lore Keepers and Lore Masters. They also communicate with the Chief Unspeakable(s) in order to organise lore being implemented in game.

Unspeakable Team

This is a staff only position, but all staff can apply for it, not just Game Design. Unspeakables implement all content, including quests, professions, etc.

High Unspeakable
Similarly to Lore Masters, this is the senior rank of the Unspeakable team. They have the same responsibilities as Unspeakables, as well as overseeing Unspeakable projects.

Chief Unspeakable
The lead(s) of the Unspeakable team. The Chief Unspeakable(s) assigns and manages all content implementation, providing feedback to both Unspeakables and High Unspeakables. They also communicate with the Grand Lore Master(s) in order to organise new lore pieces for future gameplay.

Along with this, Lore Keeper applications are now open! You can apply by clicking here.

If you have any questions about any of the above, feel free to message me here.



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Cool, looking forward to apply for the position!
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I like it! A lot simpler to understand, AND the roles now fit better with lore (mainly referencing Unspeakables here).