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Introducing the Events Team

Now that Revelius is out, we want to continue creating other content, outside of the world map, for the server to enjoy. With this, we are reintroducing the Events Team in order to create large scale, exciting, and more story-filled events! This role is called Magiventologist.

Magiventologists will be solely dedicated to creating events on the server. In this team, there are 3 ranks:
- Magiventologist: Implement all events content.
- Expert Magiventologist: Have the same responsibilities as Magiventologists, as well as overseeing larger projects within events.
- Master Magiventologist: The lead(s) of the events team. Master Magiventologists assign and manage all event implementation, providing feedback to both Magiventologists and Expert Magiventologists. They also communicate with the Elder Seer(s) in order to organise collaboration with the roleplay team for events.

To apply for Magiventologist, click here!

We are very excited to see how all of the upcoming events will turn out with this new team in place. If you have any questions, please message the Head of Game Design.



Minecraft IGN: CamTM
Honeybadger Dark Follower Phoenix S.P.E.W
Good luck to everyone that applies!