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Introducing the Scribe Team

Greetings witches and wizards! It brings me huge excitement to introduce a new sub-department within the Community Management department: Scribes!

Scribes will be in charge of creating and maintaining the official Potterworld wiki page. It currently consists of 3 ranks:
  • Lead Scribe
  • Scribe Publisher
  • Scribe Intern
These are all staff ranks. Applications are currently open to staff members only, however, we plan on opening them to the public in the coming weeks once we figure out a good workflow.

With this new sub-department, the incredible Inquisitor Lead Garrison has moved from his Lead Inquisitor role to this new Lead Scribe role. He’s done an incredible job so far, and I can’t wait to see how he’ll be managing this sub-department moving forward!

Edit: Garrison is no longer leading the department. You can find who the Lead Prefect is by asking around, checking our discord server, or creating a ticket :)

We don’t know when we will release the wiki, but we have some amazing plans planned for it! We’re currently going through the application process for our new members.

Thank you all! We wanted to send out this announcement so you don’t get confused when you see a Scribe in game, and we hope to see an application from you once we open applications to the public! :D
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