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Loadouts Public Testing Session

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Welcome to the announcement & Sign-Up thread for the upcoming public testing session for Loadouts. If you missed the Game Design Q&A where loadouts were discussed, below is a quick summary:

In a nutshell, loadouts are pre-set selections of stats (including health, damage, cdr, etc) that you can select when dueling other players. The system ignores gear but does not ignore spell trees. We are looking to implement them across Potterworld where there is PvP. This may include Tournaments, Challenges, Dueling Classes, the 1v1 Arena Minigame and the Dueling Halls. We have not made a final decision yet on whether or not it will be included across the board, but it is likely that there will be an opportunity for some gear-friendly classes that don’t use this system, and we will definitely leave a few arenas on the world for gear-friendly PvP. This system will only be used in PvP, not anywhere that is PvE. Gear will still be relevant for quests, the general world, dungeons and gauntlets, as well as anywhere else that is PvE. At this time, there are 3 loadouts for each damage type & support, as well as a default loadout, meaning there are 16 in total for now.

We will be hosting the public testing session for loadouts on Sunday, August 22nd at 12pm PST. It will run for 1 hour, and participating players will be awarded AC for their time, and even more AC if they fill out the feedback form that will be handed out during the testing session.

How to participate?
Just reply to this post with your IGN! We will then add you to the testing session if you are in-game at the scheduled time. We will be taking signups for as long as we physically can, meaning you can sign up as late as the minute before the class starts and we'll still make sure to add you.



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