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March 2020 House Cup

We’d like to congratulate Griffin for being the winners of the first quarter of 2020!

Here is the final tally of house points:
:griffin:Griffin 22,217 points
:honeybadger:Honeybadger 19,311 points
:serpent:Serpent 18,207 points
:raven:Raven 14,229 points

This follows an emphatic victory for Griffin in the House Pride event! The final standings were as follows:
:griffin:Griffin 201,860 pride points
:serpent:Serpent 186,788 pride points
:honeybadger:Honeybadger 148,744 pride points
:raven:Raven 147,899 pride points

Celebrations have now begun in the Great Hall courtyard and will remain until April 11th. The next House Cup will be rewarded on June 27th!



Minecraft IGN: Sophia_ZJZ
Honeybadger Aurorlock Dark Follower Staff Phoenix Vampire Werewolf Jr. Professor Class Design S.P.E.W Scribe Intern
Well done everyone! Let's go Griffins!