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Potterwatch & WizNetworker Changes

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Hello everyone,

We have made the difficult decision to disband the Potterwatch team as it currently is. Performers are unfortunately being let go, BUT our Directors will be moving into the WizNetworker team where they will still make videos, now as Video WizNetworkers. The setup of the team will be similar to Arithmancers where we have sub-teams within the team that focus on different things.

With this change, we'll also be shifting our focus onto only update/teaser videos for our YouTube channel and Instagram Reels relating to anything PW (we may look into TikTok in the future, but we're starting with reels first). These changes are being made as we've noticed that videos & streams on our YouTube channel (aside from updates/teasers) are not as popular, despite taking a lot of time/effort to record and edit.

Having had the Potterwatch team around for 7 years now, we've seen the team's ups and downs firsthand. It hurts to disband a team that means so much to us, but it is ultimately what we believe to be necessary. With this change, the Media & Public Relations department can work better as a unified team to create content.

Potterwatch will always hold a place in our hearts and remains an important part of Potterworld's history. We'd like to thank the many people who have been a part of this team in the last 7 years as Directors & Performers. A big thank you also goes out to those who were most recently on Potterwatch.

Former Key Members: Original creator of the team Rytheria, NoldyB, Tunarific, rhawley1995, AsianVGPlayer, ktmh96, Twigletts, KidBear, TrentPlays, SluggyCinema, E_SPIKE, Evuxequim, Blizz, WhirlwindWar, Lusamine, LilaTheMoose, Abstract_Magi, Rhizio, abcdefgwynn, nnara, King_MC_2015, gabethefairy​
Final Potterwatch Directors: Melioraa, xAutumnn, Joelowo, heyitslena, & Ditis_Thomas, Sunnya​
Final Potterwatch Performers: ArtieKatt, anoobcarrot, esme_squalor, AzureAsh, chail3y, ivyronincheez, _MacKenzie, Salmandingo, SaplingLT, WillWah, & YeetChris​
We thank you for the support of the Potterwatch team & we hope to still have your support for our YouTube channel and Media's future endeavors.

Thank you,
Sunnya & Emily