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Store Update | 11/14/2020


Greetings, witches and wizards!

As many of you have realised now, we have changed our store a bit including the new Tebex checkout. With this, we have some important information to share with you all!

We have opened up a new gifting feature on the store! We expect anyone who is purchasing a store item for another player to use this feature to avoid being potentially flagged as malicious activity.

The way this feature works is very simple:

1. After you've selected the item you'd like to purchase for another player, simply click on the image of the item (do not click 'Add to Cart'!)
2. From there, you'll see two buttons: 'Add to Cart' and 'Gift this package'.
3. Click 'Gift this package' and you'll see that you can now enter the player's username.
4. Type in the username of the player you'd like to purchase for and click 'Gift'.
5. If you haven't already logged in on the store, it will ask you to. Make sure you type in YOUR OWN username.
6. Then you may checkout as normal via the Tebex checkout!

Screen Shot 2020-11-14 at 7.18.23 pm.png

We hope you enjoy this feature and we highly encourage everyone to use it!



Minecraft IGN: 1psaonly
Dark Follower Serpent
omg i love this so much!! as someone that does a lot of store trades, i believe that this would definitely improve my gameplay experience! thank you so much potterworld staff for always keeping the potterworld community in mind when implementing changes!


Notable Magician
Minecraft IGN: chancywancywoo
Aurorlock Dark Follower Staff Phoenix Serpent Vampire Werewolf Prefect S.P.E.W Poltergeist
Woo! This is such a great idea! Thank you to everyone who played a role in making it happen! :heart:


Minecraft IGN: xNyn
Aurorlock Dark Follower Griffin Phoenix Vampire Werewolf S.P.E.W
cool now can somebody test this feature with the username "SpookyNyn" to make sure it 100% works maybe buy the Phoenix Pet because it's cool