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Store Updates | 9/10/2020

Wand Names Update.png

Greetings, witches and wizards!

Over the past week, us Store Managers have worked hard on updating and improving the store to provide a better experience for you all and even give you guys some extra perks! We’re working on further improving the store so look out for those changes!

Wand Names
If you have purchased a Wand Enhancement or Allegiance/Club Package, you will see that in your Wand Names in “/wands”, there are new wand names to pick from. The original wand name from each package will be kept too. These new wand names are:

Phoenix: Flameheart
Aurorlock: Lawkeeper
Dark Follower: Deathbringer
S.P.E.W.: Rightsgiver
Werewolf: Nighthowler

We have also changed our rules on nicknames slightly. You may now include multiple underscores, dots and dashes in your nickname so long as it makes sense. Staff members will be the judge of this!

Alongside the new wand names, we’ve officially added a way for you guys to actually change your wand name. There is a new button in the “/wands” GUI to access these wand names. Additionally, we have updated the “/hats” GUI to separate hats and wearable wands for a more visually-appealing appearance.

Item Names
Finally, we have changed the names of a lot of store items. Examples include: “The Diadem” is now “Raven Diadem”, and “The Eye” is now “Magical Eye”. We felt as if the original names weren’t very appealing and we want to ensure everything, even the name of the item, is of high quality!

We Store Managers sincerely hope you all enjoy these changes!