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The Daily Diviner - Issue 47

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The Daily Diviner

New Magician
Spooks in the Works
Written by Silquer
Edited by mckennq

Hello readers, and welcome to the forty-seventh issue of the Daily Diviner! Fall may have started just last week, but now that we’ve entered October, the spooky season can truly begin! With the new season comes fall-themed bakes (see my Lifestyle article from issue #46), new skins and outfits (see Creme_de_Creme’s Lifestyle article from issue #46), and of course, our very own Halloween event. The Halloween event is a staple in Potterworld’s history, and has been around for quite a long time. What do we know about this returning event, and how can we prepare for it? If you’re asking yourself these questions, you’ve come to the right place!

One thing we know for sure is that we will be returning to the beloved Haunted Hollow! This is a build we’ve seen many times in the past, but how will it change in the upcoming event? Will there be any new buildings to explore, or will it remain the same? Either way, the map is sure to look spectacular! While we explore the returning build, it’s incredibly likely we’ll be meeting both new and old NPCs along the way. How many will there be, and what roles will they play in quests? Will there be any new characters or quest lines introduced, or will we return to last year’s quests? Only time will tell!

There have also been rumours of a special escape room in the event. We’ve seen escape rooms in the past, most notably in the recent May the 4th event, and knowing how creative and interesting it was, this new addition to the Halloween event will surely be just as good! However, there are a few unanswered questions regarding the rumour. Will the escape room be difficult? Will it involve spells? And most importantly, will it be themed after something special? While the other questions do not have exact answers at the moment, here’s a small hint: it has something to do with our Headmaster Droobledore!

That’s all we know for certain at the moment, but what else could possibly make an appearance come the Halloween event? There are plenty of things to speculate about, especially rewards, and there’s a large chance that we will see new cosmetics added during the event. Will there be any other new rewards, and will we be able to buy old rewards from the past Halloween events? There are so many unanswered questions that I’m excited to find out about!

Now that you know some information about the upcoming Halloween Event, there’s plenty you can do to prepare. You can start by making your own skin, or commissioning one suited to your artistic vision! Search through your own wardrobe for the perfect outfit to wear in-game, or find some inspiration online. Make sure to bring out your spooky spells as well! A Guardian can look eerily similar to a ghost under the right lighting… Finally, make sure to gather a great group of friends to complete quests together once the event arrives. Have fun!

Whether our speculations come true or not, the Halloween event is sure to be great fun for all players here on Potterworld. Thank you to the fantastic Lauren Strudel for providing insights into the event, and make sure to keep an eye open for the release date. Have a spooky Halloween!

The Daily Diviner

New Magician
September Cosmetic Updates
Written by Creme_de_Creme
Edited by LittleI

Hello, lovely readers! Welcome back to the Editorial section of the Daily Diviner. Over the past month, Potterworld has been working hard to give you new items to obtain in both the store and in-game. At the beginning of September, in honor of school starting back up at Hogsworth, the Back To School store items were released. An old feature was brought back to Potterworld during the month, the Scenery Viewer. The month of September was then closed off spectacularly by the highly anticipated Butterbrew event. This article will discuss the highlights of each release!

On September 10th, the scenery viewer made a triumphant return to Potterworld. Instead of going to Ernie’s Estates in London to access the Scenery Viewer, you now go to the in-game store! In the miscellaneous shop, you will find Mary Weaselby, where you can currently view 31 different sceneries. Mary Weaselby will tell you how you can obtain it, be it in-game or in the store. If you select a scenery, it will teleport you to that scenery where you can run around and explore it for yourself!

The Back to Hogsworth Store release unleashed excitement for each house. Four pets took the spotlight this release: the Lion, the Badger, the Raven, and the Serpent, each a symbol of pride for the various houses of Hogsworth. The house pride that these pets symbolize is something that has never been seen before on Potterworld. The Mad wand and the Philosopher’s wand were two models that made their debut alongside the pets. Both are beautiful and unique. Take a look at these, especially if you want to vary your wand appearance to how you dress during the school year! Lastly, within the Back to School store release, some Butterbrew hats, and a Butterbrew scenery were released. The hats include a Butterbrew Tankard Hat, a Butterbrew Festival Hat, and a Barrel of Butterbrew! I cannot even begin to tell you how fast I scrambled to the store to buy them. When it's Butterbrew season, you have to get into the spirit! Even the Butterbrew scenery is stunning! If you haven't seen it yet, I would recommend checking it out in the scenery viewer.

For those of you who attended this year’s Butterbrew event, you may have gotten the chance to grab some new emotes, a spell, as well as some special scarves and tankards from 2020 and 2021. These emotes allow you to have a butterbrew chugging race with your friends, show off your foamy butterbrew mustache, and toast to your friends. The new spell launches a barrel full of butterbrew goods into the air until it hits the ground, breaks open, and spills out butterbrew tankards and banners. Even the scarves, tankards, and banners are staggering! If you didn't get a chance to grab one at the Butterbrew event, take a look at the player marketplace and see if anyone is selling them!

Be sure to mark your calendars that this year’s Butterbrew happened and was an absolute success, lest you forget about Butterbrew again! But maybe you shouldn't have too much butterbrew, wouldn't want a repeat of last year. Also, make sure to check out the in-game store to try on various cosmetics and look at the scenery viewer! Have a fantastic day! Reporting for the Daily Diviner, this has been Creme_de_Creme.

The Daily Diviner

New Magician
New Engineer Applications!
Written by SnowKitty
Edited by _xHope

How is it going, Daily Diviner readers? We have got some exciting news for you in this editorial! A few weeks ago, Engineer applications opened for the first time EVER! This is the newest application from the Technology and Development Department. We’ll be going over the application and information about the role and the responsibilities that come with it in this article. Let’s get to it!

What do Engineers do?

To start off, Engineers work with Potterworld’s mobs and spells. While they can specialize in one or the other, they can also work on both. They help the team develop new mobs and spells for quests, dungeons, upcoming events, classes, minigames, and more! Anything and everything that needs their help, they are on it. They work with two easy to use plugins: Magic plugin by NathanWolf and Mythic Mobs by Xikage. You can check them out by clicking on their respective names.

Starting to feel interested?

Well, let’s talk about the application requirements. For the basic requirements, there’s not much! There is no level requirement and the age requirement is being 13 so you are old enough to use Discord. Due to the content you will be working with, you or a parent/guardian will also have to be able to sign an NDA upon being promoted to the team. Finally, in order to be considered for an interview, you will have to have previous experience with the plugins. On the application, you need to include at least three mobs and/or spells you have created so they can judge your experience and talent. Easy, right?

What’s the application process?

When it comes to the application process, it is quite simple. After applying, you will either be rejected or invited to an interview. Unlike other Potterworld applications, the interview is not the final step. If you pass this stage, you will be requested to create a new spell or mob. You will work with Alexis Carstairs and Deniz to perfect your creation. Depending on how it turns out, you will be invited to the staff team as a Development Intern!

What are you waiting for?

Still looking for your reason to apply? Well, this is a big position! Spells and mobs are a huge part of the server, and you don’t even need to know how to code to be an Engineer. The plugins are easy to configure and don’t require any developing experience to work with them. With flexible deadlines and a quick and easy application, why not apply? There is no ETA on when applications will close, so the sooner you apply, the better!

In conclusion, in this article we covered what engineers do, the process of applying, and reasons to apply. It’s exciting that we are going to be getting new Engineers who will bring new mobs and spells! We can be sure to expect new things to be released from quests, dungeons, classes, and minigames. There is no telling what they can think up!

You can check out the application here. Good luck to everyone who decides to apply!

The Daily Diviner

New Magician
Day By Day: Jodelle’s Daily Diary
Student Spotlight
Written by bea_50000
Edited by kvmw

Hello, readers, and welcome back to the Daily Diviner! Today we’ll be shining a light on a seventh year Raven, Jodelle, and the spectacular diary she keeps on her forum profile. Almost every day, Jodelle will post little updates about her day on the server, ranging from fun details from her explorations on the server to showing off her housing process! This week, I was able to talk to her and ask her a few questions about her forum diary.

To kick off the interview, I first asked Jodelle about what originally convinced her to join Potterworld.

“Like most of the people, I found Potterworld by accident. I was looking for a server where I could walk through Hogwarts and enjoy the beauty of building and also the magic of this world. What made me play more actively on this server is fairly absurd - the flying minigame. I fell in love with it the first day and I played only in the lobby where I was waiting for another flying minigame :-D. I didn't understand the thoughts nor mechanics behind the server, I liked how nice all the people were. I'm an introvert so I didn't join the conversations of those nice people myself and rather flew my broom listening to them.”

From there, I then went into asking her about her overall experience with her forum diary.

Why did you start making a daily diary on your forum profile?
“You can experience so many adventures, fun with online friends and cast as many spells as you wish on the server every day. The memory is not infinite unfortunately. Some memories begin to gradually lose their color over time and even the biggest witches and wizards are having troubles with remembering some good old episodes of their lives. The main reason was to keep these memories of what I participated in and also the players which I added to my friends. I have a very bad memory for names so I'm never sure if Lilian is called Victoria or Doobledoor. The second main reason was to practice my English. Since I was a child, the language was so hard to learn for me I was postponing any training. One day, I decided it's the right day finally, and yeah, here we go!”

Do you have a certain process you use when making your diary entries, if so what is it?
“When creating a daily record, I have no syllabus. I just make notes of what happened chronologically and try to add as many screenshots as possible. The only thing that is permanent is the last part of my post where I'm sending my thanks to everyone who made the day so wonderful. The only routine I follow is taking a sip of a good green tea to get a bit more creative mind.”

What is your favorite part of making these entries and why is it your favorite?
“My favourite part of creating these posts is browsing all the screenshots. When looking at these, I'm reliving all the awesome experiences again and again. It's really tough to chose only one of the screenshots because all of these are storing my most favourite moments of my gaming day.”

What are some challenges you’ve faced in the past with making your entries, and how did you overcome them?
“I think the main issues were what life brought me through during this weird season. Lots of things happened to me this year. Our guinea pig died, my grandfather almost died of coronavirus, My best friend got into deep depression. There were times I was not in the mood to play or even think about writing daily posts. In fact, thanks to this, I still have big breaks on PW. However, despite these darker moments and although I still do not feel mentally well, I want to give joy with my posts to some. Perhaps even bring some motivation to my readers to save memories of all these beautiful moments this way.”

Out of all the entries you’ve made, which one is your favorite and why?
“I have two most popular posts, first one from July 27 2021, when ColaCinema and I sneaked through the whole castle. The other one is from July 16 2021, when smirenej and I experienced so much that I can't even describe it (moreover he helped me write my daily record). And why? I have no clue. I just know that these are the memories of mine I just won't ever forget.”

What’s something interesting about Potterworld that you’ve learned from one of your adventures throughout the server?
“Everything is interesting around the Potterworld. Sophistication, possible activities, events, mini-games, amazing and kind people, talented builders and writers. It is a place where one can feel at home. And what did I learn? It certainly helped me with English, but the main benefit was in the assertiveness, I try to go visit someone new inside of his housing. We have a few words and most of all I admire how talented they are because what people are able to build on their platforms is incredible.”

Do you have any final comments you would like to leave for the readers?
“I want to thank you all for your interest in reading this interview. If I will ever be on the server don't be afraid to write me. I really like meeting new people, I just warn in advance that my English is not very good. Therefore, I will be very happy for any help with training or learning, I will be incredibly grateful for that. Last but not least, I would like to say thank you to smirenej who helped me correct all the paragraphs in this conversation so they make more sense.”

With that, my interview with Jodelle came to an end. Thank you so much to Jodelle for allowing me to interview her, and giving this insight into her diary for the readers! Make sure to check out her forum profile where the diary is located. I hope you all have a fantastic day, and thank you for stopping by the Student Spotlight column!

Do you know anyone on the server that stands out (cool housing, a museum, active in RP, do something cool outside of PW, etc.)? Nominate them here for a chance to be our next Student Spotlight!

The Daily Diviner

New Magician
From Nature To Decoration: Magical Methods For Halloween and Fall Decorations
Written by bea_50000
Edited by Calliequeen

Hello fellow readers and welcome back to the Daily Diviner Lifestyle column. As most of you already know, October has arrived, which means not only has autumn started but Halloween is just around the corner! One way to have fun during the season is decorating for the holidays. I personally find this part extremely fun, so today I’ll be sharing a few magical methods for fall and Halloween decorations, using all-natural materials.

Sticks To Skeletons
Over the years skeletons have become a huge aspect of Halloween décor, so why not make our own fake skeleton for decoration? Using this method, you’ll be able to transfigure sticks in order to arrange your own fake skeleton! To start, collect a large amount of sticks- as many or as little as you think that you’re going to need. If you want yours to be more detailed, I recommend finding a fair amount of sticks. After you’ve collected your sticks, the magic comes into play. Here you can take your sticks, stick by stick and transfigure them to as small or as big as you need for the bone you want said stick to represent. From there you can take your sticks and assemble them any way you please in order to form up some sort of skeleton. The fun part about this method is that they don’t have to be super realistic. You could even form an animal skeleton using sticks, the sky’s the limit!

Autumn Wreath
Another interesting decoration people tend to create over the autumn season is autumn wreaths! For this wreath, you’re going to need to collect a ton of sticks, leaves, and some pinecones. To start, take your sticks and weave them together into a large circle. From there, you can take your leaves and weave them around the edge of the wreath. Next, we’re going to attach the pinecones onto the wreath. In order to do that, you can either attach them onto the leaves through magic, or take some twine and tie them around the wreath.

Natural Webs
Another fun Halloween decoration to make is a spider web! This web we’re going to be making is going to be formed out of feathers, leaves, and twigs. To get started, gather a couple of twigs and have them face outwards from the center, they’re going to be your support for the other aspects of the web. Next, we’re going to take some leaves. However, for the leaves, we’re going to peel most parts of the leaf off, although we’re going to leave the stems and attach them to the in-between area of the twigs. Finally, after that, we’re going to add feathers underneath the leaves and twigs just to give it a bit of an extra flair.

Magical Pumpkin Carving
A Halloween decoration list wouldn’t be complete without our final method, pumpkin carving! For this method, all you’re going to need is a pumpkin and a surface to carve on. Firstly, we’re going to open up the pumpkin from the top and remove its seeds and fibers and discard them. After this, I recommend drawing on a design before you get to carving, although this step can easily be skipped if you don’t feel like adding it on. From there, your wand can be used to safely slice through your design and carve it out of the pumpkin.

Of course, there are many other methods and other types of magical Halloween and fall decorations, these are just a few I picked to show you all today! What do you think? Are these methods worth giving a shot, and what are some things that you like to do to enjoy the season? As always, thanks for stopping by dear readers, and I hope you have a fantastic start to your October!

The Daily Diviner

New Magician
Inktober on Potterworld!
Written by joyellen
Edited by snotflower

Hello, lovely readers! Welcome back to this edition of the Daily Diviner. Today we’ll be exploring Inktober and all the fun you can have by partaking in it! Inktober is an annual event that takes place throughout October and encourages artists to create art every day of the month. The autumn season is the perfect time to partake in Inktober, with the crisp weather being even more reason to stay inside and create art! This year, Potterworld has created its own version, coining it ‘PW-tober’ and having its own original set of prompts. I had the opportunity to talk to people in the Potterworld Art Discord about their tips and advice for improving one’s art, which is especially useful for those who are new to creating art and want to participate in this month’s art festivities. Without further ado, let's jump into the article!

What is Inktober? And why should you partake in it?

Inktober provides a set of thirty-one prompts that artists can use to create a piece of art each day of October. Inktober is a fun way to practise your art while not having to worry about coming up with a foundational idea. These prompts are also broad and simple, meaning that you can go in any direction you want when it comes to your art!

While Inktober has primarily been used for drawing with ink, the prompts can be used for any type of art! Whether it be painting, photography, rendering, or writing, the prompts are easy enough to implement into any medium. Some examples of prompts from this year’s PW-tober include fairy, forest, autumn leaves, and trick or treat. These prompts are really versatile, and I cannot wait to see the art that Potterworld’s players create from them!

Tips for improving your art!

The following art tips that I have gathered from talking to other players in the Potterworld Art Discord are really useful for both this year’s Inktober and PW-tober. They mainly focus on improving your art, and I highly encourage utilising them during this Inktober!

A tip that was mentioned often by players in the Art Discord was that practice is the key to improvement. One player who emphasizes this is ohheyitslena, who said they try to make something every day if they can! This advice couldn’t be more true and shows that practice is truly important in improving your art.

A second tip that was also brought up a multitude of times was to seek inspiration. Seeking inspiration from other places, such as other artists, is a great way to improve your art! This is demonstrated through player xcharlotte, who stated, “Finding/following other artists with a style that you really like is super helpful for inspiration and it also opens yourself to different art techniques you maybe haven't tried before!” The importance of this advice is further shown by player jellymew who mentioned how gaining inspiration from other artists’ techniques allows you to merge them with your own, saying that “It’s kind of like picking your favorite flower out of different gardens to make your own unique bouquet that you’re proud of.” Through discussions with other players, it is clear that practice and inspiration are major components in improving your art!

However, it is also important to avoid comparing yourself against others when seeking inspiration. According to player arne, “Do not compare yourself to others, take inspiration and motivation from them but never compare yourself to their skill as everyone goes at a different pace.”

The last tip I have was also mentioned by numerous players, and that is to not give up. Player Clem stated that “There are ups and downs - realize that! Don't think you're getting worse and give up. Instead, work through those downs to reach a new high!” This couldn’t be more true and is such an important thing to remember when creating art. Player Lace also said something similar: “When you make a small mistake, don’t give up. It will truly make a difference.”

I would love to give thanks to the players ohheyitslena, arne, xcharlotte, jellymew, Clem, MattyCo383, and Lace for taking the time out of their day to give me their advice on improving their art. This year’s Inktober and PW-tober will certainly be a fun and exciting one, especially with these tips up your sleeve! I extend my thanks to you, our readers, for tuning into this edition. This has been Joy, reporting for the Daily Diviner. Have a Happy October!

The Daily Diviner

New Magician
Seasons Change
Original Works
Written by Ivy_Winter
Edited by mckennq

It was a simple night in the middle of October. A woman named Morgana lived with her two twin boys, Oliver and William. The bedroom had a gentle feeling to it, the walls painted white and the floor a light wooden tile. The boys’ beds were a dark shade of brown, helping to give the room a bit more space. She was tucking them into bed when William spoke up.

“Mom? Are you going to read us a bedtime story? I enjoy your stories.” William asked.

“Of course I will, my darling. Tonight's story is going to be about four famous witches and wizards who created our four seasons.” Morgana said as she began reading the story.

“Once upon a time in a land far away, there was a group of 4 witches and wizards. Among them were Flora, Caroline, Ester, and Mugsworth. This group of witches and wizards are the ones who created the four seasons we know and love today.”

“Our first Keeper, Flora, created the spring season for her love of flowers and animals. This season is very close to her.” To show her season Flora sprouted pink and yellow flowers onto the ground.

“Ester the Summer Keeper created our warm summer season to see how someone personally develops. Everyone changes. Ester cares deeply for character development.” Morgana turned the page of the book to start the next chapter.

“Now, Mugsworth the Fall Keeper created autumn because he always has fresh crops ready for his fellow Keepers. He helps provide food to the people.” William smiled when Morgana read about Mugsworth, he enjoyed autumn.

“Here is where it gets tricky, because Caroline didn’t exactly like the other Keepers. She usually kept to herself, and locked herself away from everyone else. With her cold personality, she wanted a season that was just like herself; thus she made Winter.” Oliver perked his head up for Caroline, her story intrigued him.

Morgana turned the page of the book. “Now, the Season Keepers aren’t only responsible for the seasons, but also for why the sky changes colour.”

The boys always wanted to know why the sky changed.

“Now, the reason why the sky changes from bright blue to cloudy grey depends on which season is occurring during that time. For example, in the springtime when Flora is feeling sad, her emotion is shown through the weather.”

“Now, here is where the story becomes interesting. You'd think that the Season Keepers would get along with each other, but two of them did not like one another at all, Flora and Caroline. It was nearing the end of winter, and Flora was approaching Caroline to discuss something with her.

“Alright Caroline, winter is coming to an end and that means spring is on the way.”

“Yes, I know it’s approaching; I saw your flowers yesterday. They were sprouting a bit early, so I took care of them, as I will with these.” Caroline smirked at Flora, gesturing to a bundle of pink flowers as she blew a gust of snow over them. “See? Now the snow has a place to rest until your ridiculous flowers can start blooming.”

Flora gave Caroline a stern look. “You had no right to do that, Caroline. Just because this snow is as cold as you gave you no right to treat my flowers like this. How would you feel if I just did this?” She held her wand up to the sky, making the sun shine just a bit brighter as the snow started to melt.

“Why, you treehugger! How dare you!” Caroline told her, stomping her foot.

“You’re just as cold as snow, frosty!” Flora yelled at her.

The two other Season Keepers, Ester and Mugsworth, walked over to Flora and Caroline.

“What on earth is going on between you two?” Ester asked as he stood between the arguing Season Keepers.

“You two have to be the example for everyone else. Our job is to uphold our season for three months. Maybe you two aren’t worthy to be Season Keepers; since you can’t seem to get along. I’m rather disappointed in you two.” Mugsworth said with a look of sadness on his face. He turned away from Flora and Caroline.

The two women stood there, unable to move, looking at each other and then at Ester and Mugsworth. Flora grabbed Caroline’s hand and looked her in the eyes.

“Caroline, they’re right. This isn’t us. If I remember correctly; you and I actually used to be the best of friends before we became Season Keepers. Once we were given these roles, it’s like our past lives left us.”
Caroline thought about what she'd said. Flora was right. Before she was picked as a Season Keeper, she had a bright personality, and was always found playing with Flora. She looked down at her hand as Flora held it tightly, placing her free hand on top of her’s.

“You’re right, Flora. I’m sorry to everyone. This is our home, our life... I shouldn’t be so cold to everyone. Please forgive me.”

All three of them smiled and hugged Caroline. The embrace placed a wide smile on her face. This was her family.

Caroline held her wand up towards Flora’s pink flowers, slowly melting the snow off of them. Flora smiled at the sight of her flowers blooming elegantly back to life.

Ester and Mugsworth pointed their wands to the sky.. “Rainbow!”

Caroline and Flora smiled at each other, pointing their wands at the sky as well. “Rainbow!”

All four of their wands glowed a bright light blue. Across the entire blue sky, a beautiful rainbow was displayed, it’s lovely colors bringing a smile to anyone’s face whenever they laid eyes on it. Everyone apparated away.

Morgana closed the book and looked over at Oliver and William, who were peacefully sleeping the night away. She smiled, placing the storybook on the bookshelf and walking over to the plant pot in the corner of the room, waving her wand over it as the pink flower inside bloomed.

“Until the next spring season, boys.” And with her final words, she left the bedroom, closing the door behind her.

The Daily Diviner

New Magician
Wash White Lies Separately
Original Works
Written by kvmw
Edited by bluecherub

“Augustus Francis Remington Corbyn, why are you here for the third time in a week?”

“Professor Laurier sent me here.”

“Answer the question, Corbyn.”

The boy sighed. “I called a class assignment foolish and for the moronic, professor.”

Sighing, his Head of House stood and gestured for him to follow. Augustus considered ignoring her but decided against it and hurried after her. They wound down staircase after staircase, passage after passage, until at last, they reached their destination.

Augustus frowned. “I’ve never been here before.”

“I would hope not. Students are not allowed down here, unless it’s for detention,” she said and pushed the door open. At the center of the small room was a small creature, with large, batty ears, wearing nothing but a tea towel. As soon as Professor Silvius entered, the elf turned.

“Good afternoon,” the house elf said, tottering over and bowing deeply.

“This is the laundry room, Augustus,” Professor Silvius said. “Augustus is here for detention, Tooky. He will help you with the laundry until it is finished, and he may not use magic. Is that understood?”

Tooky bowed, and with a last warning glare at Augustus, Professor Silvius swept out of the room. The house-elf turned towards him and asked, “Do you know how to do laundry, sir?”

In truth, the answer was a resounding “no,” but Augustus wasn’t about to admit that. “Yes,” he growled, and stalked over to the large cauldron of soapy water in a corner of the room.

A large laundry bin of clothes sat nearby, and Augustus was about to dump the whole thing in when Tooky shrieked, “Wait, sir! You must do them one by one, or else they will come out wrinkled and dirty.” The elf hobbled over as fast as her little legs would carry her, and hopped up a small staircase next to the cauldron. “Watch me do it first, sir.” With a snap of her fingers, a Griffin robe drifted over and fell with a little splash into the cauldron. It swished itself around a few times and came back up, repeating the process a few times. With a second snap, the robe stiffened, dried, folded itself, and came to rest in a basket. Several lined the wall, and they all seemed to be sorted by color.

“I have to do that without magic?” August said incredulously.

“Well,” the elf began, only to be interrupted by a loud crack.

Another elf, with wide, panicked eyes, stood in the center of the room. “Tooky, please come up to the kitchens! There’s been an emergency!”

Tooky turned towards Augustus, a worried look in her eyes. “Bitsy, can’t you see I’m busy—”

“Go!” Augustus huffed, hating that the house-elf thought he couldn’t do simple laundry by himself. “I can handle this.”

The two house-elves disappeared, though Tooky still looked doubtful. As soon as she was gone, Augustus pulled out his wand and with a flick, began to work.

. . .​

Augustus watched with satisfaction as the last bed sheet folded itself. He walked over to examine the basket, just to make sure that everything was perfect, and frowned. Were the bed sheets always tinted grey?

He lifted the sheet and saw that the white pillowcase underneath was also tinted. A further scan confirmed that almost all of the white clothing was no longer white. Augustus cursed under his breath. “You have time to fix this,” he told himself. His hand shaking, he pointed his wand at the top of the basket and said, “Colorovio.”

To his relief, the sheet turned a perfect white. More confident now, he began to work down the basket, turning every discolored cloth white. He was about halfway done when, with a loud crack, Tooky reappeared in the chamber.

Augustus hastily stuffed his wand into his back pocket. He held his breath as the elf approached him and began to examine the contents of the basket. “Did you forget to wash the white clothes and colored clothes separately, sir?”

“No!” Augustus insisted. “They were always this color.”

“Tooky has been doing the laundry for thirty years at this school,” the elf said doubtfully. “And she always makes them snowy white.”

“Maybe you’re old and blind,” he snapped, but the elf wasn’t listening. She had discovered the layer where Augustus had stopped and was considering them thoughtfully.

“It’s alright if you didn’t wash them separately, sir” she assured him. Augustus opened his mouth to protest but was stopped by the sincerity in her gaze as she looked up at him. “I can fix it.” She snapped her fingers, and with a slight jolt, the rest of the basket became white again. “I won’t tell the professor you used magic, sir. It was much faster this way.”

“I still missed dinner,” Augustus grumbled.

With a wave of her hand, a plate of steak and kidney pies appeared on the table at the center of the room. “You can take those and leave, sir,” she said. “I can send these up without help.”

Augustus took the plate and was about to leave when, with a look of embarrassment, he said, “Thank you, Tooky,” and hurriedly shut the door behind him.
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