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The Daily Diviner - Issue 85

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A Guided Tour of Woodshire
Written by Silquer
Edited by snotflower

Hello, my dear readers, and welcome back to the Daily Diviner! In mid-April, the town of Woodshire was released to the public. This was after a long wait that began with the Puzzling Patient quest last October. Now, Woodshire is a full-fledged town full of interesting new quests, new Reputation activities, and so much more. So, dear readers, let me take you on a tour starting with the pre-release of Woodshire up to the current quests found in this mysterious new town.

The pre-release quest for Woodshire was the “A Puzzling Patient” quest. This quest had players explore the white halls of Merlin’s Magical Hospital, guiding them through winding passages while helping a mysterious patient. When the quest ended, players were left with plenty of questions and only a few answers. The mystery continued with the release of Ella Williams’ clue hunt, as players were given more answers and some information about Woodshire as well as a special collectible for finding all of the clues!

Recently, a letter appeared by owl in the Great Hall for all students. Upon receiving this letter and accepting the “Helping the Forgotten” quest, players were once again directed to Merlin’s Magical Hospital, where the journey to discover Woodshire began with the strange patient’s awakening. Completing this quest led players to the undiscovered town of Woodshire, which was previously inaccessible. If, by some chance, you happen upon the town before completing the “Helping the Forgotten” quest, your vision will go dark and you will be turned back around.

However, after completing the quest, you will enter Woodshire for the first time; and what a sight it is! Wide roads are closed in on both sides by tall, tightly packed houses with little alleys in-between. Telephone wires criss-cross over the sky that can be seen through the leaves of towering trees. Woodshire is nothing short of a lovely build, and it is completely worth the wait. A few important landmarks include the church, Martinus’ Pub, and… a missing castle? Yes, once you discover Woodshire, there is yet another quest, “Trouble In Paradise”, that dives deeper into the mysteries of Woodshire.

Only after completing this quest will the rest of Woodshire become available; specifically, Reputation activities will open up to players. As in all Reputation towns, there is an exclusive reward you can obtain by completing the daily tasks. I recommend that all players work towards this unique reward for Woodshire! There are also two repeatable quests released with Woodshire alongside the new main quests: “Clubhouse Hunt” and “The Things We Forget”. Check out both of these quests in your quest book for more information!

Finally, there were some small but important changes made to the world map. There are three new mobs that were introduced throughout the Woodshire Expansion: the Minotaur, Kearpon, and Bizirik. These mobs previously lived in undiscovered dens. Now, with the additions of these dens to the world, players can fight off these mobs in their own habitats. Keep an eye out on the Potterworld website and the world map for information on where to find these dens!

What are your thoughts on Woodshire? This expansion has been a long time coming, from the addition of Merlin’s to the town of Woodshire itself, and it shows. From the in-depth quests to the magnificent builds, Woodshire is clearly a labor of love and well worth the wait. If you would like to see the updates for yourself, check out the website forum post here. A huge thanks to the entire Staff team for working on this project! Be sure to travel to Woodshire soon to experience this exciting addition to the map!



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The Daily Diviner

New Magician

The History of Us
Written by SnowyKitty
Edited by Calliequeen

On May 18th, Potterworld will be celebrating its 9th anniversary. It’s had quite an exciting history, filled with many changes. Don’t you ever wish you knew everything that has happened since the beginning? While the entire Potterworld history book can’t be wrapped up in a single article, I’ll give it my best shot.

Just over the past year, we’ve seen a lot happen. At the beginning of June, the Seer team hosted the Battle of Grimlotts event alongside the official Roleplay finale.

These would be the last events the Magiventologist and Seer teams created before the Game Design restructure in June. It combined the Inquisitor, Magiventologist, Seer, and Unspeakable teams into one core Game Designer team. The Arena team also moved to the Academics department. The Butterbrew Event in August would be the first event the new team created, leading the way for the Halloween, Winter Waltz, Valentine’s Day, and Spring Events.

Other Game Design content includes the release of Reputations, the Rising Healer questline, and, most recently, Woodshire. They have become great hits, with significant improvements seen upon each release. Through Droobletalks, Development blogs, and Game Design blogs, the leadership team has also been working on being more transparent with the community.

Other big things that have happened over the past year include the Poltergeist team moving to the Technology & Development department, the introduction of Drooble’s Order, the Potterworld Tiktok, and the Ravens and Serpents House Cup wins.

Every year, we have a standard eight events held throughout the season.

We start the year with the Valentine’s Event, which starts the week of Valentine’s. It was first held in 2016. It wasn’t until 2018 that the event lasted longer than two weeks, though it was a trend starter. In 2019, it became standard to host all events for a month.

The Spring Event typically starts at the beginning of April. It was the third-ever event to be hosted on Potterworld, but it had a rocky history. It was hosted in 2015 and 2017, but didn’t become an annual event until 2019.

Next is the May the Fourth Event, or the Star Wars event, hosted starting May 4. It’s been hosted since 2016 and is one of the most beloved events of the year for players and Staff alike. Did you know the only year it wasn’t live on May 4 was 2022? Otherwise, it’s started May 4, or in 2020, May 3!

Potterworld's Anniversary Event starts around May 18th. It was a part of the first four annual events along with the Butterbrew, Halloween, and Winter Waltz events.

The Pride Event was first hosted in 2020 and runs the length of June. It celebrates the many identities of Potterworld! Last year, we celebrated the Pride Event at Iris Cove.

The Halloween Event starts every year on or leading up to October 31. It was the first-ever event on Potterworld. In 2014, the Inferi took over Hogsworth, and players had to collect Bertie Bellie's Multi-Flavoured Jellies while trying to survive.

The last major event of the year is the Winter Waltz Event. It is the most popular event on the server, bringing back hundreds to celebrate the holidays together. The ball was hosted in the Great Hall at the first Winter Waltz event in 2014.

Before the Revelius Update, released in July 2020, the server fundamentally differed from how it is now. The world was different, mobs were different, levelling was different – even classes were run differently! We refer to this period as Pre-Revelius, or Pre-Rev for short.

One of the least talked about aspects of Pre-Rev was the yearly exams players had to take to graduate each year. It was similar to the current Trivia minigame in Party Games. Students would head to a special testing classroom with an NPC administering their exams.

The Exploration Update was released in June 2018 and was a stepping stone for the Revelius update. It introduced tons of new levelling systems, with Talent Points, Stat Points to upgrade your spells, and Professions.

Professions were extremely popular upon release and included three different branches: Cooking, Herbology, and Potions. You could work on your dedicated Profession in the Professions hub and collect materials through the Professions shop or in the Wilderness. A fourth Profession, Care of Magical Creatures, was planned on being released but never debuted.

The Wilderness was the open world used in Pre-Rev. It was a much smaller map, with mobs that spawned in clusters together, and you could access any part of the map no matter your level. It was revamped in the Exploration Update to reflect the new levelling systems.

Potterworld is such a fantastic community to be a part of, and I love being part of its past and future. I cannot imagine the server ever ending with just how much love we all have for it. Thank you so much to the entire community and Staff team for creating such an amazing server, and I can’t wait to experience the future together!

The Daily Diviner

New Magician

Tournament Nerves
Written by Creme_de_Creme
Edited by littledead

Hello lovely readers, and welcome to the Editorial column! Have you ever wanted to attend a tournament but didn’t know where to begin? Maybe you’ve wanted to try it out, but your nerves got the better of you. You aren’t the first person to feel that way, nor will you be the last. Luckily, I have compiled some information about our most recent tournaments, how you can get involved, and what advice our champions have for you!

Flying and Dueling are hosted year-round by the Arena Team. Each month, usually in the middle of the month, the Arena Team announces that they will be hosting a tournament. These tournaments are held on a Saturday to give most people the best chance to attend. You may be thinking to yourself, “I have to have a certain skill level in order to attend,” but that is not true! Anyone of any skill level is welcome to attend. All you need to do is click the sign-up link and write down your IGN and house. If the tournament requires a team and you can’t find anyone to go with, you can still sign-up solo! The Arena Team will pair you up with others who also sign-up solo to make a team.

During the month of April, M_Engel and _Navyy won the Flying Tournament, while jacquas and EdenLovesMommy won the Dueling Tournament. They kindly offered some advice to anyone a bit hesitant to join a tournament. Here is what they had to say:

M_Engel: Some people may feel a bit nervous, or even scared at first, but the tournament also welcomes everyone regardless if one is experienced, a beginner, or even just starting. Competing against others makes one's skills better. Even if it's a certain loss, one should always respect the opponents and try to fight/race against them. After all, if one never races amongst the best, one won't become better. And don't hesitate to ask for advice. Most of them don't bite and are always pleased to help. The most important advice would be: Just enjoy the moment. And have fun!

_Navyy: I've noticed people are often scared to join tournaments because they believe they are bad and that people will judge them, while in reality we would love to see a lot of people join tournaments, no matter their skill. So my advice would be: Don't be nervous to sign up for tournaments because we would love to have as many people as possible participate, and even if you don't win you might find it a fun experience!

Quabbleball tournaments were also recently brought back as a recurring monthly tournament by the Development Team and Arena Team. During the last weekend of the month, all players are able to enter the tournament by simply typing /games! Make sure to click on Quabbleball, and then you will be entered into the queue for the game. When enough players are queued, the game will start on its own. Instead of being an hour long, this tournament lasts the entire weekend! Frebii and TallBlondeDude tied for first place during April’s Quabbleball Tournament, showing just how competitive this past tournament was!

I encourage all of you to get involved in as many tournaments as you can! You don’t need to be skilled to have fun and make friends. You can always create your own fun and run your own race! This May, there are tons of opportunities to get involved in tournaments such as the Flying Tournament, Dueling Tournament, Star Racing Tournament, Plasma Showdown Tournament, Quabbleball Tournament, and even a special tournament to pair with the May the 4th event: the Star Battle Event Tournament!

If you have any questions or want any advice on where to get started when learning new skills, I recommend checking out Potterworld’s Arena Discord. In the meantime, thanks for reading, and have a wonderful day! This has been Creme_de_Creme reporting for the Daily Diviner.

The Daily Diviner

New Magician

Captivating Curator LMNJ
Server Spotlight
Written by IChloe__
Edited by snotflower
Graphic and Render by: Prin_ce and Lukeius

Hello, dear readers, and welcome back to the Daily Diviner! Players often find that Potterworld allows them to escape reality and enter a world of magic, friendship, and adventure. LMNJ is one such player who has experienced and been a part of the server for several years. Their devotion to the game and community has allowed them to form lasting friendships, pursue their passions, and contribute meaningfully to the Potterworld community. In this article, we will explore LMNJ's journey on Potterworld and what makes them such a dedicated player. Without further ado, let's dive right into the interview!

What initially drew you to Potterworld? And what keeps you coming back? Why?
The idea of all the magic and friends I could make! When I first got on the server I was very timid to speak in chat, go to classes, or just really interact with others. I finally was able to open myself up more online because of the people I met through this server!

Do you have any goals for yourself on Potterworld? If so, what are they?
My goal is to one day be a Professor. I want to do this because of my love and dedication to this server. All the staff do such amazing jobs to make the experience wonderful and I wish to be part of that!

What is something you're known for on Potterworld? Or what is something you're proud of having accomplished on the server?
I think I'm known for my humor and my newest build. I have been gathering written books from players and displaying them in a 'Rare Library' at my housing! I want people to be able to share their creative writing to the rest of the server!

What does a normal day for you on Potterworld look like?
I log in, do my dailies, parkour, read book donations, chat with friends, and try to go to all the classes!

Do you have a favorite activity to do on Potterworld? What is it? Why is it your favorite?
My favorite activity is class. I love going to support the class helpers and professors. I also love the work they give us.

What is your favorite location on the map? Why is it your favorite?
Portstead. It is my favorite because of how pretty and comfy it feels to be in it. I love going to do my reputation quests and I love to just walk around there!

If you could recommend one thing about Potterworld that you think everyone else should try at least once, what is it and why should they try it?
Definitely try to go to all the events that are held! They are worth it!

Do you have anything else to add?
Thank you to the DD team and other staff teams on Potterworld for making the best Minecraft server anyone could join!

LMNJ's journey on Potterworld is an inspiring account of a dedicated player who contributed in many ways to the game and community. The friendly and helpful nature of LMNJ has made them a beloved member of the community and someone always willing to lend a helping hand. LMNJ has also made such amazing creations like their library, which I highly recommend checking out! All of us benefit from players like LMNJ who make Potterworld such a fantastic server! Thank you all for reading! Until next time, this is IChloe__ signing off for the Daily Diviner.

The Daily Diviner

New Magician

Mother Figures Appreciation
Written by whoohoo
Edited by Silquer

Hello, and welcome back to another article in this issue’s Lifestyle column. Today I will be giving you multiple ideas on how to show your mother figures that you care about and appreciate them on the server! So, let’s get right into the ideas and possible ways you show you are thankful for them.

The first one is quite easy and adorable to do. It’s one that you can practically do for your friends too! I am of course talking about a small message written down in a book. This could possibly be a small note or even a letter! You could write down how much you love and appreciate them.

Now, besides notes, you could always write something with even a bigger meaning behind it. You can try to write some poetry and write a handwritten poem for them!

Don’t feel like you are good at writing? Try drawing! Maybe you will end up making a beautiful painting for them and they will love it forever because it came from you!

Your mother figure most likely will have at least one favourite flower if they had to choose, which you could always gift them! They will likely cherish it forever and have a special spot to put it in their housing!

Now, if you always want to go the simple route, you can walk through any shop that sells candy and give them loads of it, especially if they absolutely love candy! You could buy them heart-shaped chocolates, or go to Honeysweets in Hogsend!

Have they been looking for a certain collectable for a while now and you have found it? Fear not, their search has ended there because you can always gift it to them if you have a spare or you can buy it from the marketplace!

It is possible their housing is missing something, or they don’t know how to build it but you do! If given access, you can always build it for them, or do it on your own housing. A statue is always a great and special way to honour someone.

Now, you can always play different video games together, or watch a movie or show together on Discord by screen sharing or starting a watch party, even other people could join in!

Last but not least, you could always gift them a gift card or a certain store item, especially if you know they have been wanting the item for a while now. A few examples of items could be perfume, a necklace and you could even buy them shower supplies like shampoo!

My favorite parts of this article are definitely writing a note or buying flowers! Thank you all so much for reading this article. I hope you learnt some new ways to show you care about and appreciate your mother figures. I wish you a wonderful day and I can’t wait to see you next time!

The Daily Diviner

New Magician

Fairy Gardens Aplenty
Written by Silquer
Edited by littledead
Graphic and Render by Prin_ce and angxlus

Hello dear readers, and welcome to the second Lifestyle article of this issue. May is a special month for all things fantastical. Mermaids and other faerie creatures run about during this month. Fairies, in particular, are given the spotlight throughout May. Therefore, it is the perfect time to whip out your DIY supplies and craft fairy gardens for any visiting fairies! Fairy gardens are small enclosures of gardens designed to entice fairies to visit and enjoy the commodities you make for them. These gardens are often inspired by nature and abundant in natural detail. Let’s take a look at some of the gardens you can make on your own!

First is the potted-plant garden. This garden is perfect for those who love plants and cultivating a special place just for fairies. You can build a home for fairies using only an empty clay pot filled with dirt! This garden can be decorated with nearly anything. You could plant flowers and grass to create a bright forest of petals and stems or build a cottage in the center. For this garden, you will need a plant pot of your choice, soil, any flower seeds desired, and popsicle sticks to use as wood for a cottage.

If you would rather create a garden using resources found in the wild, the stone grotto garden is for you. This garden is especially favorable for those who love meticulously planned areas and have a passion for design. To make this garden, find a small plot of land and enclose it with stones for walls. You will need a handful of small stones for the outer perimeter and any structure inside. The perfect place for this garden would be in the midst of a forest clearing or in a backyard!

If you are interested in something a little more unique, the glass jar garden is the way to go. In this glass jar, you can create a small emporium for fairies looking for a controlled environment! Inside an enclosed or open glass jar you can build up a small habitat for a fairy to enjoy. You will need a mason jar or any other glass jar available. Inside the jar, you can put soil, plants, and a tiny house for any visiting fairies. The best place for this garden would be on a window sill with plenty of light.

The last garden idea is an outdoorsy-themed garden! This garden is for those who love the outdoors and want to share their love with the fairies. You can do anything you would like to make this tiny garden fit your outdoors fantasy! Create a mini DIY camper van complete with camp chairs, a tiny fire, and a camp stove if you like. You could make any of these materials out of popsicle sticks, paper, or clay. For a finishing touch, add some fake moss to the ensemble.

Fairy gardens are a wonderful way to celebrate May and welcome spring fairies into your home. Which of these gardens was your favorite? Personally, I will be putting up a mason jar garden on my window sill to sit with my many plants. I hope you try out one of these gardens for yourself, and I wish you all a magical-filled remainder of spring!


The Daily Diviner

New Magician

Dragon Daycare Mayhem
Original Works
Written by Silquer
Edited by Calliequeen

It was storming when Eliz finally found the building she was looking for. In the midst of the gray Carket Market alley, with drops of water pouring down from the skies and a cold chill in the air, the building looked remarkably cozy and warm. She glanced down at her brochure, then back up to the sign that hung from the side of the wooden walls. Its faded, white and wet letters read: Sun Dragon Daycare. This was the place.

A flash of lightning hurried her along. Eliz hiked up her hood further over her head to protect the precious dragon on her shoulder and climbed up the steep steps to the damp door, where she promptly knocked three times.

It swung open. Standing in the doorframe was a witch dressed in a cozy black dress, a white long-sleeved shirt underneath, and tights under brown lace-up boots.

“Welcome!” the witch announced with a bright smile. “I assume you’re here for a tour?”

“Yes,” Eliz confirmed, stepping inside and finding a short hallway that led to two rooms on each side and a staircase at the end of the hall.

“I’m Selene,” the caretaker said, outstretching her hand. Eliz shook it.


Whatever Selene was about to respond with was cut off by a loud thud from the other room. Eliz jumped, but Selene seemed unfazed.

“One second,” she said and dashed off into the room on the left.

With the caretaker gone, she addressed her dragon. “You can come out now, honey,” Eliz said to the shy dragon on her shoulder. Said dragon snuggled closer to her neck, a betrayed look in his tiny eyes. She laughed. “Come on Nigel, I can’t take my jacket off unless you hop down.”

She reached out to gently peel his claws off of her yellow sweater and set him on the floor. He immediately skittered behind her legs. She patted him on the head and took off her coat, hanging it on the rack.

“Let’s see what they’re up to,” Eliz said, walking through the doorway to the right. Nigel was right behind her on her heels.

If the plushies, cat towers, and chew tows were anything to go by, this was the playroom. Selene had taken care of whatever had fallen and was now sitting in the center of the dragons, making sure they didn’t light anything on fire.

Selene gestured for Eliz to join her on the floor, and she sat down gingerly where there were no dragons.

“This is the playroom,” Selene explained. “We stay here for most of the day. There’s a corner over there for some dragons to nap, and the older and more experienced ones are allowed to sleep upstairs if they’re tired. All rooms are completely fireproof, and there are plenty of toys they can scratch and bite.”

Already, Eliz was impressed with Selene’s care. She treated them like toddlers, which, in Eliz’s experience, was completely true. She looked behind her to give Nigel a fond glance but found him not at her side but at the edge of the room, staring warily at the other dragons playing. She sighed and turned back to Selene, only to find a dragon had set a Fluffle Puff chew toy on fire.

Startled, Eliz reached for her wand, but Selene was already ahead of her. Wand drawn and completely calm, she cast Aquatimentum on the chew toy and began gently scolding the dragon for it.

“Sorry about that,” Selene said once she had finished, leaving a chastised and embarrassed dragon to play more gently with her toy. “I stay down with them as much as possible in case of an emergency, and there are cameras around the house in case I’m not. Would you like to see the upstairs?”

Eliz nodded, feeling rather dumbstruck by this amazing woman.

They left the playroom, and Selene pointed out the kitchen across the hall before going to the second floor. Nigel scampered closely behind. The upstairs room was spacious and lit by a dim lamp in the corner. There were fluffy blankets spread across the room, and some larger dragons were sleeping or playing quietly in the corners.

“This is the nap and playroom for the older dragons. I usually have to split my attention between both rooms, but this one is generally quieter,” Selene explained. A deep rumble of thunder interrupted her and startled all of the dragons in the daycare. Nigel practically jumped out of his skin.

Selene winced. “We should check downstairs. Some of the younger dragons are sensitive to loud noises.”

The dragons in the playroom were huddled under makeshift blanket-nests as the rain pounded on the windows. Selene closed all of the curtains and blinds with a flick of her wand. Another crack of thunder echoed from outside, much louder and closer than before.

One of the dragons jumped so high in the air, it bumped into an end table with a thud. The table teetered dangerously along with the lamp on it, and Eliz realized it was going to fall.

Selene caught it with a well-timed Leviomora. Eliz sighed in relief as it was set in its proper place.

“All under control,” Selene grinned, slipping her wand back into her dress pocket. Her smile fell when she took a count of the dragons in the room. “Where’s your dragon?”

Eliz panicked; Nigel was nowhere to be seen. “He must have hidden during the thunder. He hates loud noises,” she said.

“Let’s check the kitchen.”

It was empty. Eliz almost suggested they look upstairs, but an ajar door in the corner of the room caught her eye.

It led to a small living room that was separate from the rest of the daycare, and chasing each other around a coffee table in the center was Nigel and another dragon.

Eliz sighed in relief as Selene laughed.

“That’s my dragon, Apollo,” she explained. “He thinks he’s better than some of the younger dragons and tends to hide in here. But it looks like he just made a friend.”

Eliz felt that she agreed. Looking at the two play around with each other happily confirmed Eliz’s choice. Although the daycare was a little chaotic, she knew her shy dragon would do well here.

After the thunderstorm had died down, Eliz took her jacket and her dragon and left the daycare with a wave to Selene, leaving with a good feeling and a happy dragon.
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