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The Fantastical Carnival Is Here!

The carnival tent has been set up in the Transfiguration Courtyard, head over there for all festivities.

Things to do:
- Drop from the tightrope, through the rings of fire and down to the stage in the Carnival Dropper.
- Become a carnival fire dancer as you hop to the end of the Fire Dancer Parkour course.
- Traverse through endless rainbow only to be confused by your own reflection in the Mirror Maze.
- Attempt the daring task of being launched from a cannon in the Cannon Challenge!
- Buy a variety of Carnival themed items at stalls in the main tent.
- Purchase exclusive collectable food items to feed magical creatures.
- Earn Carnival Tickets and exclusive rewards!

The carnival will remain in Hogsworth until September 9th. Hope you enjoy!



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