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The Roleplay Hub

Joel Crestello

Minecraft IGN: Joelowo
Honeybadger Aurorlock Dark Follower Staff Phoenix Vampire Werewolf Lore Master Unspeakable Performer S.P.E.W Seer

The Roleplay Hub
We're introducing a brand new location to the server called the Roleplay Hub. From there, you will be able to access all Roleplay Base Builds and access any running events. Just speak to the Roleplay Hub NPC at the Headstaff table in the Great Hall to go there, then speak to the Madame Janette NPC to learn more about the hub!

We are always trying to improve Potterworld in any way possible and since the Revelius update, we heard a lot of talk about unofficial Roleplay. However, we are now trying to improve unofficial/family roleplays with a brand new feature found in the Roleplay Hub - the Roleplay Location Catalogue. Just speak to the Madame Janette NPC and click on the Roleplay Location Catalogue button to access popular roleplay locations. We will be expanding this catalogue as time goes by, if you have any suggestions for the Catalogue or Roleplay Hub please make a suggestion thread on our feedback forum section!

We hope to bring many fun features to the Roleplay Hub. If you have any ideas, you may suggest them in the feedback forum section!

The Aurorlock Redemption Event
The Aurorlock Redemption Event is over, however, you may still access the roleplay version of the build from the Roleplay Hub. Just click on the Aurorlock Base NPC to travel. Keep in mind, the Memory Walker Quest will no longer be available!​
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