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Tournaments and Challenges Update


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With the holidays quickly approaching, we would like to announce that we will be introducing new Tournaments and Challenges for the upcoming seasons.

December and January Tournaments
During the winter months, December and January, we will be adding Sledding Challenges into our cycle of Challenges during the weeks. We will also be having a Sledding Tournament for both December and January!

We will be hosting a 5v5 Flying and Dueling Tournament, as well as a 1v1 Sledding Tournament in December. In January, we will continue with a 1v1 Flying and Dueling Tournament, and a 2v2 Sledding Tournament!

May the Fourth Tournaments
During the month of May, we will be adding Podracing into our cycle of Challenges during those weeks, as well as one Podracing Tournament!

In May we will be continuing our cycle from beforehand with a 2v2 Flying and Dueling Tournament, and then a 3v3 Podracing Tournament!

Summer Tournaments
In June, we will stray away from our usual 1v1, 2v2, and 3v3 Tournaments! Instead, this month we will be hosting a 4v4 Flying and Dueling Tournament. So grab some friends, and come compete in the tournaments this summer!

Other Upcoming Tournaments
We have added all of this, including the other months, onto the Tournament Schedule. The schedule now covers the next 8 months of Tournaments!

We hope you enjoy these updates, and attend some of the Tournaments and Challenges! They're loads of fun!