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Voting Store Update

Greetings, witches and wizards,

The Store team has been hard at work and is thrilled to announce the Voting Store Update! We have several new features and many improvements to share. Let’s take a deep dive into this update!

Maintain your voting streak and claim streak packs!

Claim your voting reward from /daily every day to maintain your voting streak, climb a leaderboard, and unlock streak packs in the Voting Shop, found in the Trophy Room and /me!

Streak packs reward you with Academic Credits, House points, and XP boosts. You can claim your highest unlocked one once a day server-time (PST).

Worried to forget voting? No worries! Chat reminders appear when your streak is about to fail. If you miss a day, you will have a little time to catch up the next day, at the cost of only increasing your streak by one. The reminders can be toggled in /settings.

Enjoy new, exciting reward packs!

Unlock reward packs for more Gold, Voting Tokens, and XP! These are unlocked by claiming the voting reward in /daily and bought from the Voting Shop. When one is claimed, you are set back by the same number of days as the required days to unlock it. For example, if you have voted 20 days and bought the 3-day reward pack, you have 17 days of voting that you can use to buy more reward packs. You can claim the reward packs as many times as you want.

Enhance your levelling experience with XP boosts!

XP boosts reward you with more XP for a limited time, can be activated whenever with /xpboost, and are earned through streak packs. When a boost is active, you cannot start another one or trade Academic Credits or Arena Tokens for XP.

Unlock reward tiers, completion rewards, and new cosmetics!

The cosmetic rewards have been grouped into tiers. The tiers are unlocked by claiming the voting reward in /daily for a few days. A completion reward is unlocked when you have bought all cosmetics from a tier. The fourth tier does not have any completion reward currently.

Our new exclusive cosmetic rewards are the following:
  • Victory Minigame Effects
  • The Dwelling Scenery
  • Potterworld Crest Fireworks
  • Japanese Town Scenery
  • Feather Brimmed Hat

Join the new leaderboards and House Cup voting competition! New voting statistics!

Do you enjoy competition? Would you like to contribute to the House Cup further? Now you can with the following new voting leaderboards in the Trophy Room!
  • Top Voting House: Total voting rewards claimed through /daily per House.
  • Top Voting Streak: Maintain your voting streak to climb to the top!
  • Top Voters per House: Become the top voter of your House by claiming the voting reward in /daily regularly!
At the end of each quarter of a year, the leaderboards are reset, and the top voting House receives 300 House points for their hard work. The current quarter ends at the end of December 2023. Please note that the first round will not be three months long. This is to align this competition with the House Cup quarters.

You can also find voting statistics when clicking on your character head in /me. There is also a non-leaderboard voting streak there, which allows you to keep increasing it even after the quarterly resets.

Reduced prices of all cosmetic rewards!

After some player feedback, we have decided to re-evaluate the prices of our past rewards. That said, we have reduced the costs for all cosmetic rewards by up to 40%!

Further improvements

We have also made the following minor improvements:
  • Revamped the layout of the Voting Shop;
  • Updated the voting information found when doing /vote and /help;
  • Improved the description of the voting reward in /daily;
  • Added a shop menu to /me with the Voting Shop, Potter Points Store, and Arena Token Shop;
  • Added Minigame Effects to the personalisation menu in /me and introduced the command /minigamefx;
  • Improved the information found on our voting sites.


That concludes the Voting Store Update. Please let us know if you have any questions, queries, concerns, or suggestions. We hope you are as excited as we are, and happy voting!

  • Content Planning & Implementation: 20zuzka04, AzureAsh, cqvetown, cyym, gospojken, jake_ft, Prin_ce, Tangular123, Wildsam
  • Housing Scenery Builds: BurntBananaSplt, ForbiddenPlaces, JustMaxHell
  • Graphics & Renders: Prin_ce
  • Magic: LeoTheLynx, SLGTara
  • Testing & Feedback: juhin, M_Engel, MelonFoxy, SubtleAsh404, SysterTM, Teheeo
The new cosmetics can be previewed in our In-Game Store except for the Japanese Town Scenery and The Dwelling Scenery. They will be available at a later date.