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Winter Holiday Releases

Holiday Surprise Release Banner 2.png

Greetings, witches and wizards!

We are very excited to release some of our most unique store items in a very long time! This is our present to you all, for whichever holiday you celebrate!

The items available for purchase are:
  • Storm Petral Mount (Broom Appearance)
  • Hippogriff Mount (Broom Appearance)
  • Grinch Pet
  • Snow Wand Effects
  • The Mischievous Map (Warp Key Appearance)
For the Warp Key Appearance, in order to equip it, you must hold your Warp Key (make sure it isn't the old warp key!) and select your new appearance in /warpkeys.

Four of the five items here will be available all-year long, and the remaining one item (the grinch pet) will be available until January 21st. All items will be found in the 'Event Items' category of the store.

We hope you all enjoy these items!

These items are also available for purchase on the Potter Points store!




Minecraft IGN: HeyJared
Aurorlock Griffin Phoenix Werewolf S.P.E.W
Really like the warp key appearance! Hope there's more like this in the future!!

Also hippogriff mount is my new favorite thing!