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WizNewsletter - November 2021

Created in October of 2020, the WizNewsletter serves as a way for students and staff to recap on the month's updates. WizNetworkers spend countless hours researching, writing, editing, and implementing each section so that the happenings of the wizarding world do not go unnoticed. Let’s get into the news from the past month!​



Application Updates
The 3D Arithmancer, WizNetworker, and Grounds Keeper applications have all closed, thank you to all of those who applied! Skin Arithmancer applications have opened, so if you're interested in making skins for the server, we encourage you to apply! Be sure to also check out our other open applications.​
Our current open applications are:​

  • Class Helper (Staff)
  • Jr. Prefect (Staff)
  • Poltergeist (Staff)
  • Scribe Intern (Staff)
  • Inquisitor (Staff)
  • Unspeakable (Staff)
  • Magiventologist (Staff)
  • Seer (Staff)
  • Arena Squire (Staff)
  • Daily Diviner Writer (Non-Staff)
  • Potterwatch Director (Staff)
  • 2D Arithmancer (Staff)
  • Java Developer (Staff)
  • Web Developer (Staff)
  • Engineer (Staff)
Howl for joy for the Deep Forest store release! With items such as a cozy Werewolf Scenery, a classy Fedora Hat, a fancy Falcon Staff, and a whimsical Wolf Staff, you're sure to make the pack jealous! You can also show off your fanged-family pride with the return of the Werewolf and Vampire Club Packages! Don't fret if you missed out on our Halloween store items, as they will still be available until November 16!​
Just the day after Thanksgiving an exciting announcement about the Black Friday Sale was brought to players! Items' prices on the store were dropped a mighty 50%, bringing inexpensive and fashionable products to all players alike! The sale only lasted until November 30th, so interested players had to get their shop on rather quickly! Following the Black Friday Sale was the miraculous return of the Allegiance Store Items. All of you Dark Followers, Auralocks, Phoenixes, Werewolves, and Vampires prepare to welcome new members to your family! These Allegiance Items will be included in the Black Friday Sale along with the other items mentioned above.​
As Season 3 came to a close, our Arena Season 4 Releases were announced! The theme for this release was "Magical Schools," and there were 3 new maps, with a 4th map to be revealed later throughout the season. The 3 maps that were released were a nostalgic Arena Club, a beautiful Mahounoshiro Flying Course, and a harsh Dormunstrad Flying Course! With the release of these new maps, we hope you see you at Challenges and Tournaments throughout Season 4!​

Upon the release of "The Hunt," players have begun to embark on completing the first stage! The Seer Team has worked incredibly hard to create and implement intentionally challenging puzzles for players to complete in stages; and, as participants can see, each one is unique to itself. And, as the Potterworld community has discovered following this release, some puzzles require multiplayer efforts! If a player is struggling with a puzzle that is seemingly difficult, that is where the key strategy must come in: teamwork!​
In exciting news, this season’s Arena Champions have been announced. We would like to congratulate Salmandingo, Shadyobster56, and STREETRATLLAMA on becoming the new Season 3 Arena Champions! In the overall category, which combines both dueling and flying scores, Salmandingo won first place. Meanwhile, Shadyobster 56 won first place in the dueling category and STREETRATLLAMA came first in the flying category. Thank you to everyone who participated!​
With the conclusion of the PW-tober Raffle, we would like to congratulate mn614, bea_OOOO, and Hopecute23! mn614 submitted an adorable, ghastly digital drawing and music piece, bea_OOOO created a spooky build and drawing, and Hopecute23 drew two lovely pictures! Once again, congratulations to the three winners, and thank you to everyone who participated in the PW-tober Raffle!​
The Halloween 2021 Skin & Build Competitions brought us many wonderful submissions. In the Halloween Costume skin competition, Lukeius came in first with a half human, half zombie costume, while Strale_Varulv, the runner-up, created a skin based off of the Phantom of the Opera. The Autumn/October skin competition had tiffanyphobia as our winner in their cozy attire, and AstralFae as the runner-up with their aesthetic vibes. Jodelle was the winner of the Spooky/Halloween build, having built a spooky mansion, while Dapper_Blaze came in as the runner-up with Little Miss Muffet in a cemetery full of ghosts. Lastly, heyitslena was the winner of our Autumn/October build competition, having submitted a quaint little house in the middle of Autumn foliage. A warm congratulations to all the winners!​
With the spooky season's arrival to Potterworld, the community was presented with our 2021 Halloween competitions! These allowed the community to partake in two different categories: skin-creating and building. The Skin Competition had two categories within itself: Halloween Costumes and Autumn/October. Likewise, the Build Competition had two subcategories: Spooky/Halloween and Autumn/October! The competition has been closed, and the winners and runner-ups will be announced soon. Thank you for all of your creative submissions, and we can't wait to see what you all do in future competitions!​
After another amazing month of excitement and thrill, we finally have the winners of the November 2021 Tournaments! We'd love to give a huge congratulations to our Flying Tournament winners; Salmandingo, tilllyy, CruelDuarte and STREETRATLLAMA. We can't forget to give an equally huge congratulations to tilllyy, DemetriDemarcus, Shadyobster56, and Salmandingo for winning this month's 4v4 Dueling Tournament! Congratulations to all winners and participants alike and we can't wait to see you in the next month's Tournaments!​
For this month the Inquisitorial team hosted a multitude of Community Engagements! These events were animal-themed and players were able to partake in activities, purchase exclusive collectibles, and even visit a zoo. There were many enclosures that showcased the animals that Potterworld has to offer such as; Occamers, Nifflys, Kelpies, and Mandrakes! We hope everyone had an amazing time, and cannot wait to see you all at next month’s Community Engagement event!​
Leadership Team
Lead Inquisitor > anoobcarrot​

Sr. Professor: KiraShocksux​
Jr. Professor: Caroliin & TaraTheDragon​
Class Helper: Dapper_Blaze & Sopho833​
Sr. Builder: tiffanyphobia, Lbby, & Fleurtje0726​
Community Management
Prefect: Shaanya​
Poltergeist: xMye​

Game Design
Arena Master: TeknoPsycho & Kailen​
Arena Squire: Lycordle​
High Inquisitor: Creme_de_Creme​
Inquisitor: _Klene & ohhelloitsnick​
Magiventologist: Lenz_S, Tilllyy, & sushicicle​
Expert Magiventologist: maddinq​

Media & Public Relations
Skin Arithmancers: sqrra & Seoulmates​
3D Arithmancer: heyitslena​
Potterwatch Advisor: Melioraa​
Potterwatch Director: Joelowo​
WizNetworkers: jisunize & coolmaddy​
Technology & Development
Sr. Engineer: xAutumnn​