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WizNewsletter - October 2022

Created in October of 2020, the WizNewsletter serves as a way for students and staff to recap on the month's updates. WizNetworkers spend countless hours researching, writing, editing, and implementing each section so that the happenings of the wizarding world do not go unnoticed. Let’s get into the news from the past month!


Application Updates
Unfortunately, Web Developer Applications are closed for the time being. Keep your eyes open for when they open! On the brighter side, Daily Diviner Editor applications are now open and waiting for you! If you've ever been interested in being involved with the Daily Diviner, now's your chance to apply.​
Our current open applications are:​

  • Class Helper (Staff)
  • Arena Squire (Staff)
  • Jr. Builder (Non-Staff)
  • Jr. Prefect (Staff)
  • Poltergeist (Staff)
  • Scribe Intern (Staff)
  • Jr. Game Designer (Staff)
  • DD Writer (Staff)
  • DD Editor (Staff)
  • 2D Arithmancer (Staff)
  • 3D Arithmancer (Staff)
  • Skin Arithmancer (Staff)
  • Video WizNetworker (Staff)
  • Java Developer (Staff)
  • Grounds Keeper (Staff)

The Raven's winning streak comes to an end, having been defeated by the Honeybadgers! We would like to congratulate them on winning the House Cup for this year's third quarter. Make sure to talk to Chunky Charles outside of the Great Hall to celebrate their victory with us!​
We here at Potterworld welcomed the Spooky Season with our new Eerie Store Release! With items inspired by a beloved Halloween classic, these items definitely knocked the buttons out of our players' eyes! Two spooktacular brooms and quite a few pumpkin-esque hats hit the store, as well as a frightening Pet Bat, a mystical Dragonfly Staff, and more! Keep an eye out for our next Store Release, and feel free to thank the Store Team for their hard and haunted work!​
After three months it's time to welcome the maps for the new rotation, the addition of new maps, and some other updates! If you haven't heard, every three months the minigame maps will rotate around. This means that some maps may not be available for a period of time so others have the opportunity to shine. Make sure to be on the lookout for revamped maps for Melting Floor and the 1v1 Arena as well as a new map for Hide & Seek and Flying. The Build team hopes you enjoy this update!​

As this season's Arena Challenge comes to an end it's time to congratulate all our wonderful winners. Congratulations SamuelTM, Enzologies, and LittleI for becoming our 2022 Season 3 Arena Challenge winners! In first place we have SamuelTM winning the Overall category with an astounding 107 points. Then we have Enzologies who wiped the floor with their other competitors, winning the flying category! LittleI put up a great fight, battling their way to the top and winning the Dueling category. Thank you all again for those who competed and we all hope to see you again next season!​

Get your wands at the ready! The Arena team has been hard at work implementing the new Arena Expansion Update! From reworked Dueling & Flying Maps, to an established Arena Protocol document, these additions to Arena will create a better experience for players. This update includes the revamped Dueling Halls where players will be able to visit the new Arena Shop, learn more about the history of Arena and its various challenge modes, and also interact with the various new arenas! Within these new arenas is also an area to target practice with Dummy mobs, alongside your very own targets. A new structure of the Arena team was made, as well as changes to the Arena Discord and a new feedback form for players to utilize. We thank the Arena team for their hard work and hope that everyone enjoys this update!​
In the mood for gifting on Potterworld? The Store team is happy to announce the introduction of Gift Cards! Buy a gift card for either yourself, your friends, or even your family. Any amount you desire can be put into your card, where items can be bought on the Potterworld store using the set balance. Enjoy the happiness of gift-giving!​
Potterworld's 2022 Butterbrew Event featured something a little different for you all... a petting zoo house point competition! Without further ado, let's get to the winners. Congratulations to the Honeybadgers on winning the competition by a landslide! They took charge of the challenge, dominating the Hippogriff, Baby Elephant, Otter, Storm Petral, and Lunarcalf categories, scoring their house 1000 points! We hope you all enjoyed this exciting event competition!​
Here’s what’s new with Potterworld Minigames! There are 4 main sections to this update: Party Games, Minigame Rejoins, Minigame Leaderboards, and a few other miscellaneous bug fixes. In Party Games, 2 new games have been added, Speed Build and Parkour Race. Along with new games, there are also updates for Capture the Pixies! Some examples of other small changes and improvements to Party Games were new trivia questions, changes to the Keep The Crown map, and more! Minigame Rejoins is a new lifesaver for some hardcore gamers. Although it does not work for all minigames, the new update allows for players who have been accidentally disconnected from a game or the server to get back into their previous minigame if they rejoin within 90 seconds. A few different changes and updates were made to Minigame Leaderboards this week. The leaderboards now show a player's total 1st, 2nd, & 3rd place victories. Along with that, a new "Score" column was added in certain minigames and some minor improvements were made to the Game Statistics menu in-game. To end off the patch some other various bug fixes and updates include the In-Game Store menus now being sorted by displaying the newest store items first, players prevented from drowning in Hide and Seek maps that had water in them, and the addition of messages sent to players reminding them of the Guild rules when creating/joining a Guild, etc. Big thanks to the Developer team and those who have given feedback!​
Are you ready to explore a new realm? Join others in traveling to the Other World! This Halloween event takes place in Ashland, Oregon where players can participate in quests, activities, minigames, and more. You will find new event quests in your Quest Journal, 4 of which can be completed every 12 hours. Alongside the quests are some magnificent minigames including Pynk Manor Parkour, Cobweb Elytra, Hay Maze, and more! Each quest completed and minigames played rewards you with Boo Bucks! Use these scary credits for in-game rewards throughout this spooky event. The event will end on November 5th so don't wait, go explore now! Happy haunting!​
The Scribe Team is back with another edit to the Potterworld Wiki; prepare yourself for some brand new pages, edits, and rewrites that have been implemented since the previous patch notes! Some new pages include the quests "Feathers Afloat" and "Magically Delicious" as well as some additional pages for Reputation NPCs. Several edits were made including the House Cup Winners page, the Weekly Assignments page, updated team changes, and much more! What are you waiting for? Knowledge is power after all!​

Put your hands together for another round of incredible winners! Starting off strong, please join us in congratulating TallBlondeDude and Enzologies on winning the 2v2 Flying Tournament. Of course we can’t forget our 2v2 Dueling Tournament Winners, EdenLovesMommy and Jacquas! Thank you for participating, and we look forward to seeing you in next month’s Tournaments!​
This year's PW-Tober was the time for all artistic witches and wizards to showcase their skill! The WizNetworker team hosted a spook-tacular PW-Tober Raffle in which talented artists showcased their art within our community through a set of daily art-inspired prompts. Based on Ink-Tober, PW-Tober included prompts such as a spooky forest, a graveyard, and even a dragon facility! Artists shared their submissions in our Art Discord, where the #pw-tober-2022 channel flourished each day with amazing art. The last day to submit was October 31st, with the winner being announced on November 1st. By entering, the winner will win either a Pet Ghost or The Devil’s Pitchfork!​
Players got their spook on recently with the fang-tastic Halloween Script Writing Competition that was held by the WizNetworker Team! Players were able to submit a script in the forums, with the theme "Spooky Stories." The first-place winner's script got turned into a reel and released on our social media. Second and third place won a spooktacular amount of Potterpoints. With the submissions due on October 18th, and winners announced on October 25th, participants had a skele-ton of fun!​
Lead Arena Master > Creme_de_Creme​
Academics Lead > ElizabethTheToad​

Class Helper: snotflower​
Sr. Professor: Aglyn​
Arena Master: nikodumb​
Jr. Builder: _xNadine​
Sr. Builder: jake_ft​
Jr. Architect: Ardnassaz​
Community Management
Prefect: PinkWeezie​
Store Manager: cqvetown​

Game Design
Game Designer: sandrxa, myriadofanger, & TbhKate_​
Sr. Game Designer: TaraTheDragon​
Lore Master: myriadofanger​
DD Writer: whoohoo​
Skin Arithmancer: carlyx_​
Arithmancer Advisor: Prin_ce​
Technology & Development
Poltergeist: BlazeTheBeaver​
Sr. Poltergeist: 20zuzka04​