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  • Ello lads. Long time no post lmao. @Ralie has tagged me to answer some snazzy questions!

    1.) What is your favorite Disney character?
    Luisa from Encanto and Rapunzel.

    2.) What is your MBTI result?

    3.) What is your zodiac sign?

    4.) Favorite song?
    I cycle through a lot of songs, but currently "I'm Tired" by Labrinth is my favorite.

    5.) Happiest memory?
    Volunteering at a summer camp and having the experience change my life :) I think this summer might top it though.

    6.) Fun fact about you?
    I have emetophobia, but I'm going into nursing school in the fall... Unfortunately, the two together don't mix well.

    7.) How long have you been on the server?
    I joined May 4, 2017

    8.) Favorite water brand (bottled)?
    I don't really drink bottled water that often, but is it bad to say that I actually don't mind Dasani?

    9.) Favorite TikTok audio?
    Materiol gorl is still living rent-free inside my head, but trending summer 2019 tiktok sounds were definitely the best.

    10.) Pronouns?

    I tag @lauren @zachmath15 and @tyler
    Likes: Erin
    also I love u and im manifesting that this summer is so good :)
    Likes: Erin
    @Ralie MUCH love for youuu. I mean I never said it was my favorite, I just don't see the hate for it....
    Likes: Ralie
    Potterworld Staff: 01/29/2018-10/02/2020

    I won't lie, it's bittersweet leaving a team that's been a huge part of your life for the past 2 and a half years, but ultimately in the end, it was time for new adventures. I still love Potterworld with all of my heart and you'll definitely still see me around : )
    We’re eating cold Chinese food
    Playing kids’ games in Central Park
    And I know our days are numbered
    But we’re laughing in the dark

    And I’ll miss those nights dancing in the middle of the street
    And I’ll hold on tight if I thought we had a chance of keeping in the heat
    And in a different city we would make it through the fall
    But it’s New York in September and I think we’ve lost it all

    It’s a lifetime in one hot Manhattan summer
    It’s the view from a fire escape
    I’m scared to live but I’m scared to stay
    When this heat wave finally breaks

    And we’re fighting in the grocery store
    And I love you but I don’t know if I like you anymore
    And we’re running through the city in an August thunderstorm
    And you drive me f****** crazy but at least I’m never bored
    In a world of endless summers you’d be mine and I’d be yours
    But the sidewalk’s cooling down now
    That was summer in New York (in New York)

    And I miss those nights dancing in the middle of the street
    And I’d hold on tight if we had another chance of keeping in the heat
    In a different city we might have made it through the fall
    But it was New York in September and the writing’s on the wall
    It was New York in September when we had and lost it all (Yeah you said)

    You said you would keep me warm but now I’m pulling on a sweater
    But I’ve never known a colder month than New York that September
    Today marks my third year on Potterworld! I won't speak too much otherwise I'll get too sappy lol, but I'm so appreciative and happy that I've gotten to know so many of you and befriend y'all. Potterworld's been there for me through good and bad times and for that I'll be forever grateful. Here's to another year!
    I know the world has been a bit of a mess lately, but here's a reminder to keep your heads up y'all. The storm will pass and I know that may feel like it's going to be an eternity, but we will get through it! Stay safe!
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    [B][FONT=Courier New][COLOR=rgb(247, 218, 100)]Hmmm...[/COLOR][/FONT][/B]
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