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    Thoughts and Actions on our current world…

    I completely agree with this. I believe it is amazing that something is being said at all, but it needs to be earlier. I’m not sure if something is being said in staff channels, but something should be said to the entire community. I brought up the death of George Floyd about two a half months...
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    Quabbleball Update

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    Feedback on staff interactions

    I completely agree with this. When everything is scripted/follows a format, it feels fake. It’s like the person is a robot. If staff is were to just act like normal players, while fulfilling their responsibilities, it would feel more real.
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    Completed Make #class-updates followable on discord

    Literally everyone wants to be notified when a class is happening, but push notifications doesn't work for some reason. What I am suggesting is to make #class-updates followable, so people can see the message in their own server, where they can receive notifications. -Llama
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    Declined Add a /House Command

    It doesn't have to be this exact command. I just think it would be useful to have that type of command.
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    Declined Add a /House Command

    This is a very quick and simple suggestion. I am suggestion a command where you do /House (player) to see what House they are in (Griffin, Raven, Honeybadger, Serpent). This is especially useful when either the player isn't in your world or have an allegiance tag on. I think it would be a cool...
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    Under Review Change the Requirements for Content Creator Role

    The current requirements for the Content Creator rank are not appropriate in relation to the current player count. The average online player count of the Minecraft Server is 200 players. In order to achieve the Content Creator rank, you require 2000 subscribers/followers. Even if you posted...
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    Declined Give Trophies for Tournament Wins Again

    Yeah, I want a trophy :)
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    Tournaments and Challenges Update

    Is it the same prizes for winning?
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    July 2020 Flying Tournament Sign Up

    iSpitLikeALlama, Griffins.
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    Declined New potion - Increase chance of gear rarity

    To add on, you could also add a potion that gives a better chance for like more drops per mob kill (including gear recipes).