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Add a Werewolf Scenery


Minecraft IGN: Salmandingo
Auralock Dark Follower Staff Griffin Phoenix Vampire Werewolf Game Design Lead Arena Master Performer S.P.E.W Lead Lead Arena Master Curse Breaker
We have one for the Dark Followers, one for the Aurorlocks, and two for the Phoenixes

So I'm suggesting one for the Werewolves. It could be a dark forest and would have areas to meet within caves (like in the screenshots below which are from the DF scenery, can make a werewolf variation for it)


The scenery would also have a large werewolf head that is in itself a cave that has the beds and other rooms for the werewolves inside.
I would also suggest large wolfs bane plants around the edges of the scenery as well to fit the general theme.

As long as it's grey-ish and dark and gloomy, and has caves and dark forests, I believe it would be great.

But like yeah it doesn't have to fit my description as long as some form of Werewolf scenery is added I'll be happy

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Minecraft IGN: MamaDuckie
Staff Raven WizNetworker Media Advisor
Hello and once again thank you for your suggestion! We really liked this suggestion and it's something we'd like to implement and add to our store. However, there's no estimated date of release for this, but it is on our to do list! Keep an eye out for it!

We hope to see more suggestions from you in the future!


Minecraft IGN: AzureAsh
Auralock Dark Follower Staff Phoenix Serpent Vampire Werewolf Discord Moderator Performer S.P.E.W Sr. Prefect Store Manager Lead Poltergeist Lead
Hia @Salmandingo! I'm pleased to let you know that this has been completed with the newest store release which you can find more information about here! We hope you enjoy it!