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CM & Moderation Merge

Greetings everyone! I’m super excited to announce that we have made some internal changes within the staff team. As you probably can see from the title, Moderation has now been merged into Community Management.

We hope this change will make moderation efficient like never before, whilst also fixing some fundamental issues with our previous structure. All the ranks are remaining the same as before, and are not receiving any fundamental changes. Current open applications will receive a response in the upcoming weeks - we apologize for the delay with this!

We believe that this change will serve the server better long term. and we hope with this change, we can move Moderation into a more communicative position.

Let us know if you have any questions!
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This change should definitely be interesting :D I definitely support it!


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Such an amazing idea! Staff members should be closer with the players and Community Management & Moderation Team merge is a perfect step for it! This was absolutely needed and I am so happy for this change!


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Does this mean anything for people who submitted applications for Moderation?
Deniz answered this in the original post, he said:
Current open applications will receive a response in the upcoming weeks - we apologize for the delay with this!
So all it means is that if you have an open application, you'll get a response in the next few weeks, and the position you're applying for is now under CM rather than Moderation :)

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I think this is a great addition to Potterworld's departments! When Community Management was initially introduced I was confused as to whether people in this position would be in a position to where they would be doing any moderating or doing some things other than behind the scenes (not that they do not play a part; we all do)! - I'm definitely excited to a significantly increased connection between staff and the community!