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NEW 1.13 Client Support


Hello everyone!

After months in the working, the server now supports logging in with 1.13! We've already begun working on adding support for 1.14 and hope to release it as soon as possible.

If you're wondering why it's taken us a while for this update, it's primarily because 1.13 changed the way models in resource packs work, which resulted in us having to go through all the models and updating them to fit the 1.13 structure.

Nevertheless, we hope you enjoy being able to play on the server using 1.13. We will keep you updated once we get close to a release for 1.14. Thank you all for your patience.


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Meh, if I wanna swim through the tunnels underneath the boathouse it gets me stuck a lot which isn't really nice when doing a chest run.
True, but at least you'll have a semi realistic feel when swimming.


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The 1.13 resource pack seems to be missing the star-like texture screen that's seen when I used to warp to different areas in 1.12. It's that blue and white loading screen that looks like stars that I used to see in 1.12.


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@Psycho that's because Mojang changed the star-like texture (which is the dirt background without a resource pack) and made it so when switching worlds/servers directly, it shows that see-through gray overlay thingy.
The dirt only shows up when you first login into a server, and the resource pack isn't active then.

In 1.14 Mojang reverted the change


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Is that photo a prelude to the return of Marauders Maps as an alternative/event item? I'm looking forward to the changes in the next couple of months :)


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So far I like 1.13 besides my scrolling problem smh. The textures look great too!