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Revelius Q&A - Feedback Response

In the wake of the Revelius Q&A, we received a ton of valuable feedback! We hear you loud and clear, and thank you for bringing up your feedback to us! We have decided to adjust some of the things we had planned, specifically in regards to brooms and spell trees:

We have heard you guys loud and clear, you guys want to keep the brooms you have worked so hard to earn! That is totally understandable and we agree. You will now be able to retain your hard-earned brooms! We will have to make a few changes to the speed of the brooms in order to balance them with the new world, but you will get to keep it and it will function as a broom! All names will remain the same, and the descriptions will be improved to feel more magical, but that's it!

Additionally, these brooms will become tradeable, so you're able to sell them at a later date!

Profession Prefixes
After hearing your feedback, we want to recognize the many hours our players have put into professions and have decided that all players who earn the profession prefixes before the release of Revelius will still be able to keep them. After the release of the update players will not be able to receive them, but new ways will be added with different ways to obtain them in the future, after Revelius.

Some of the concerns we heard from you guys is that many of you want to retain all the spells you have earned. We don’t want any of you to feel less of a wizard, so you will no longer lose most of your spells. In fact, instead of losing 66 spells, you will now only lose 8 spells (and that's only if you're a graduate and have unlocked all spells). We have to remove these 8 spells from the game, because their purpose and use no longer have a place in the new world and it doesn’t make sense to keep them. These spells are:
  • Spectrus
  • Inpulsamentum
  • Curego
  • Emendium
  • Restringo
  • Fumus
  • Conflamora
  • Salvio Optime
There will be an adjustment to many of the spells. Namely, the ones that are related to the Spell Trees. Spells will be usable but not as good as they could be if you do not assign spell points to them. Adding points to spells will make casting the spell more efficient and effective, which allows us to add more customization to all players. This way, if you love using Expellimo and have it maxed out, it will be more magic efficient to cast, have a longer range, have a longer disarm duration, and more powerful overall. We're extremely excited to see the combinations you guys come up with in the new spell trees!

We feel that by allowing everyone to keep the majority of their spells but utilizing the spell tree to customize specific spells, we can maintain that feeling of learning all there is to magic while also enabling you to differentiate yourselves from one another.

We would also like to delve a bit deeper into the context of obtaining brooms and gear. We want to move away from the game design of having gold and academic credits buy everything in the game. By adding new characters into our world such as a Magical Tailor and a Master Broomsmith, we can have the player assist these NPCs with their quests to become world renown in their craft! As a character in this world you will help provide these NPC Crafters with special materials to fulfil their needs, and in return they reward you with brooms and magical gear! The context is that the player is not crafting anything but rather providing the materials. We feel like adding this level of complexity makes the game more interesting and fun as it allows there to be storytelling in combination with obtaining loot in the game!

We hope this clears up any concerns you had! If you have any further feedback, feel free to post on our forums! Thank you all for the feedback so far, we hope you are as excited for Revelius as we are.
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Glad to hear the feedback is being taken seriously. I hope the other things that have been said on the forums will be adressed too, though I'd understand if that would take more time.


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Thank you for doing this. I think this makes almost everyone happy. Will this delay the Revelius Update release date?
The update will still release on July 4th as planned! :D


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Thanks for the update!!
Will there still be a purpose for gold?
Gold will still be used in many ways! You will need it for gear, buying Fire Dust, buying items from events, and you can use it to buy any materials/mob drops you'd need for quests or professions.