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Wizards' PE Released!


Hello lovely students! Pack your wand and your PE kit and get ready to attend the new Wizards' PE Classes!

We are excited to be able to release the new, revamped Wizards' PE Classes for you all! These classes feature all new courses and a completely new way of completing the course. Combining the old aspects of parkour with new spell challenges, mazes and droppers, Wizards' PE has become a more interactive, magical and varied class! Choose your own course, explore iconic areas and find your way to the end to earn your ACs!

Wizards' PE will no longer be reserved for during events, so keep your eyes on the Class Updates channel on Discord for both surprised and scheduled classes soon!

I'd like to offer a huge thank you to all members of Class Design, both past and present, for all their work on this project, in particular KateTM and MiraMoose who made it their mission to make PE a success!

Sunnya has also made a trailer video for the new class - make sure to check it out below for a preview of the courses!



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Yasssss! So exciting!

<deleted member>

Can't wait to try it out! 🎉🎉


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Sooo beyond excited to finally publicly and officially release PE! I hope you all enjoy it and it was a blast to take this under my wing for the last year or so :) ❤️


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Super Excited! I hope everyone enjoys it! Good work Academics ❤️​


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Yuss I love it, well done to all the people that worked on it!


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Wow, this sounds fantastic! Thank you everyone who worked on this