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WizNewsletter - August 2023

Created in October of 2020, the WizNewsletter serves as a way for students and staff to recap on the month's updates. WizNetworkers spend countless hours researching, writing, editing, and implementing each section so that the happenings of the wizarding world do not go unnoticed. Let’s get into the news from the past month!



Application Updates
Our current open applications are:​

  • Class Helper (Staff)
  • Arena Squire (Staff)
  • Jr. Builder (Non-Staff)
  • Jr. Prefect (Staff)
  • Jr. Game Designer (Staff)
  • Lore Keeper (Staff)
  • DD Editor (Staff)
  • Post WizNetworker (Staff)
  • Video WizNetworker (Staff)
  • 2D Arithmancer (Staff)
  • 3D Arithmancer (Staff)
  • Skin Arithmancer (Staff)
  • Grounds Keeper (Staff)
  • Poltergeist (Staff)

The Store Team has made another stupendous addition to the Drooble's Order Subscription Rank! The Minigame Effects are Rank-special, as only those with the Rank will be able to equip them. These effects will launch extravagant fireworks each time the player wins in a minigame. To equip the Drooble's Order minigame effect, players can select the effect in the subscription rank GUI, accessed through /subscriber. Make sure to check out all these features and effects at the in-game store or online. If you’re interested in any of these new additions, don't hesitate to join the Drooble Order's army today!​
Summer is almost at its end, which means the time for autumn draws near. With this, let’s welcome the Harvest Store Releases to celebrate the best of both seasons! Brand new items include a majestic Pet Falcon, a stunning Pet Butterfly, and an adorable pair of fluffy Bear Ears. Let’s not forget to mention the addition of a colorful Fruit Basket Warp Key and a gorgeous Sunflower Broom! Make sure to look at the New Releases section on our store to check out these fantastic new items for yourself! Explore the rest of our wonderful selection while you’re at it!​
The Potterworld Store Team has just released its latest lineup of items for the season! Back by popular demand, the infamous Butterbrew Festival Hat is making a return alongside other favorites such as Butterbrew Tankard and Barrel of Butterbrew Hats. But, don't miss out on the two newcomers to the store - The Harvest Scenery and Pet Butterbrew Balloon! These items will only be available for a limited time, so be sure to stop by and indulge before they disappear.​
A new seasonal minigame has been released: Barrel Racing! In this minigame, players race each other whilst on barrels. There are three laps that must be completed in order to finish the race! Players are able to collect Butterbrew-themed powerups throughout the race, such as, Barrel Bombs and Twisted Brew. You can partake by joining in /games or speaking to Samuel Nottingham at the Butterbrew Festival event!​
A new set of books are available in the Hogsworth library for players to explore! These books feature special information and lore about the various Wizarding Schools found across the globe. Lore about the Wizarding Schools that we have visited in the past with the Winter Waltz event such as, Silvermorne Academy and Dormunstrad, will be available in these books! Players can obtain these by speaking to the Librarian’s Helper in the library. We thank the Lore Team for their fantastic work in creating these books for us to enjoy and encourage players to visit the library and discover the magical lore of the Wizarding Schools!​
It’s time for the annual Butterbrew Festival, and this year it’s being held in the little village of Appleby! This year’s event gameplay features an introduction quest, 2 repeatable side-quests, and 4 activities from the Butterbrew Trials presented in last year’s event. Enjoyed the carnival games from the previous Butterbrew event? A few of those have made the return this year along with the arrival of some brand new games for you to play through! As always, this event is full of some exciting minigames that hold the promise of some extra Event Tokens. Don’t forget to discover the plethora of brew-tastic rewards found in the Appleby Marketplace. The festivities will end on September 30th, so make sure to check out all available gameplay before then!​

It’s time to congratulate the winners of this month’s 3v3 tournaments! To start, let’s give a big round of applause to the Flying Tournament winners cheddarsoup, Jutarii, and TallBlondeDude. Next, make sure to congratulate serieny, jacquas, and moshfegh for winning the Dueling Tournament! Finally, let’s cheer for the winners of the Rafting Tournament, government_h, M_Engel and HarryPotters! Another big congratulations to all of you, and we hope you see you in next month’s tournaments!​
Click here to view the Tournaments forum!​
Congratulations to Frebii for winning the July Quabbleball Tournament! Let's also give a round of applause to HarryPotters for securing second place and Sergmander for third place. Everyone's efforts and skills are commendable! Join us in next month's tournament, where you can put your Quabbleball prowess to the test once again. We hope to see you next time, so keep playing, and best of luck!​
With the arrival of the Butterbrew Festival in Appleby, the details of the 2023 Barrel Racing Tournament have been revealed! This particular tournament will feature a leaderboard that features the amount of points players have earned from placing within the top 3 of a Barrel Racing round. Different from our past tournaments, this one will only last for 10 days: September 1st through September 11th. The top 5 players at the end of the tournament date will rewards ranging from a special prefix to loads of Gold! Make sure to watch out for those sharp turns and loose projectiles on the track, and we wish you luck!​
Arena Squire: WildSam​
Arena Master: cxrzyyy​
Jr. Builder: graceelyn​
Game Design
Jr. Engineer: fobsux​
Media & Public Relations
DD Editor: LMNJ​
DD Producer: bluecherub​

Technology & Development
Poltergeist: cxrzyyy & MelonFoxy​