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WizNewsletter - January 2021

Created in October of 2020, the WizNewsletter serves as a way for students and staff to recap on the month's updates. Social Media Publishers spend countless hours researching, writing, editing, and implementing each section so that the happenings of the wizarding world do not go unnoticed. Let’s get into the news from the past month!​



Earlier last month, the Media Team opened 3D Arithmancer Applications once again to the public. 3D Arithmancers are overall responsible for creating renders for the server using 3D manipulation software. Some requirements are as follows; at least 14 years of age, must be at least level 31 or above on the server and must have access to 3D manipulation software. Applications are opened until the position is filled, so make sure you apply if you are interested!​
The Grounds Keeper Applications were opened for longer than expected! With the extended due date, a new requirement was put into order. The age requirement of 16 was moved to 15 to allow access to more players. The Applications officially closed on January 29th due to all of the positions being filled.​
Performer Applications Closed
Performer were opened in December, and have closed on the 26th of January. We'd like to thank those who have applied. Those who still have applications open will receive a response in the coming week.​
With the purpose of getting the community more involved in the decisions that we make, we have brought back polls in our Discord server. These can be found in the #polls channel, where you may react to the poll in order to vote on the option you prefer. If you are not yet a part of our Discord server, you can log onto the server and do /discord in-game.​
A guidelines and information page has also been introduced to the feedback and suggestions forum thread, so check that out as well.​
In the month of January, we saw the introduction of the newest forum section... Player Builds & Gear! In this forum, section players are able to share their Spell Points & Gear set-ups as well as ask for advice on gear! Be sure to check it out and post your own set-ups!​
Last month we saw the reintroduction of 1v1 Arena returning to the server! Furthermore, with this reintroduction things will be working a little bit differently. Gear will not affect these games, everyone will have +9900 health, +500 healing & +1000 damage while also still keeping their spell trees as well. We highly encourage checking it out by simply logging on, typing /games in chat, and selecting the game itself. Have fun!​
On January 30th, the Allegiance and Club Sale was announced to all Potterworld players! This sale includes a 30% discount on the allegiance and club themed items. Hats, Wands, Pets, Death Effects, and Housing sceneries are just a vague list of everything you can get to show your allegiance and club pride. The sale will be ending on February 13th, so make sure to check out the store before then!​

Following the attack of the Dark Followers in the tunnels deep underground, Joshua Pendragon and his inner circle have revealed the location of the Phoenix Base, and are in pursuit of new members. Head to the base to explore the hidden activities and rooms of the grounds, and to begin new quests to help out the Phoenixes as they move into their new base. There are various NPCs and purply sparkly blocks around the base too, and if you find them all, you receive a unique reward.​
To head to the base, talk to the Roleplay Hub NPC in the great hall, then talk to the Phoenix Sentry on top of the black platform. The event will end on February 12th, so be sure to check it out before then.​
This past month The Inquisitorial Squad invited everybody to a Community Engagement event on January 23rd. This event consisted of mystery hunting around Hogsworth. As per the announcement of the engagement, however, a new update about the frequency of Community Engagement events was entailed as well. Starting from now on, the events will be held on one day per month. This will allow for the Inquisitorial Squad to increase the quality of the event and make it run more smoothly. Make sure to check out any CE events coming soon in the future!​
This month the Arena Team hosted 3 tournaments; 2v2 Sledding, 1v1 Dueling, and 1v1 Flying! Tilllyy (Tilly_Solaire) managed to pull off a win in both Flying and Dueling! On top of this Expiroces (Tonk_Alzarin) also won a tournament this month partnering with Tilly to win sledding 2v2! Be sure to attend February tournaments!​
The arena team has gone through months of feedback and has decided to make a few changes! Firstly, there have been two time-changes; Tuesday's 10 pm PST has been pushed to Wednesday 2 am PST, and Friday's 12:15 pm PST has been pushed back to Friday 11 am PST! This is to benefit both European and Australian timezones. On top of these, the team also introduced 4v4 challenges in replacement of 1v1 challenges happening less often.​
Jr. Builder: VetMedYumei & Ikexlo​
Community Management
Sr. Prefects: ploncho & Tangular123​
Prefect: viewful​
Jr. Prefect: MimiLarue​
Sr. Poltergeist: SLGTara​
Poltergeist: Queeeni​
Game Design
Lore Supervisor: MakkChi​
Unspeakable: HektorTM, Sorcellerie, & anyaelizabeth
Seer: ProbsAMistake​
Magiventologist: TeknoPsycho​
Media & Public Relations
3D Arithmancer: Melioraa & Cateo​
Sr. Director: chatis1234​
Potterwatch Director: xAutumnn​
Technology & Development
Sr. Grounds Keepers: KieranTM & FrostyObsidian​