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WizNewsletter - March 2021

Created in October of 2020, the WizNewsletter serves as a way for students and staff to recap on the month's updates. Social Media Publishers spend countless hours researching, writing, editing, and implementing each section so that the happenings of the wizarding world do not go unnoticed. Let’s get into the news from the past month!​



Application Updates
The 3D Arithmancer, Arena Squire, and Unspeakable applications have all been closed. Thank you to all those who have applied. However, if you did not get the chance to apply, check out our currently open applications and be on the lookout for more to come!​
Our current open applications are:​
• Daily Diviner Writer (Non-Staff)​
• Jr. Prefect (Staff)​
• Inquisitor (Staff)​
• Scribe Intern (Staff)​
• Lore Keeper (Staff)​
• Class Helper (Staff) + Bypass​
• Potterwatch Director (Staff)​
• Magiventologist (Staff)​
• Seer (Staff)​
• Poltergeist (Staff)​
The Media Department has announced new changes with the Daily Diviner publication! These changes include the addition of a 'Student Spotlights'. This new column will feature non-Staff players and interviews them on their interests and hobbies. Another key change is the focus on upcoming releases in the Feature column. Be sure to keep an eye out for any upcoming game additions or releases there!​
Make sure to check out the amazing new items in our store! This March we've brought to you a few unique items such as a new Interwizard Cup Warpkey Appearance, a Dark Forest scenery, an Underland Scenery, a Flying Hoops Scenery, and a spiffy Manitcore Broom Appearance! A few limited St. Patrick's items were available for purchase as well.​
Congratulations to Erica on becoming our New Assistant to Head of CM! Erica has been an incredibly hard-working, dedicated, and outstanding staff member ever since she first joined the team. We cannot wait to see what she does in her new position and what plans she has laid out for the CM department and the server. Once again, congratulations Erica, we know you will do swell in your new role!​
Congratulations to Serpents for winning this quarter's house cup! Serpent or not, you can talk to the House Cup Celebration NPC in the Great Hall to claim your rewards. Visit the Serpent Sanctuary while you still can!​
House Cup Wiznewsletter.png

This month our amazing unspeakable team has brought to us another mid-update patch with brand new content and changes to current content! Most notably, we can see a brand new quest called the "Heist of Darkness" which unlocks a new travel method. On top of this, we see changes to the warp key bag with the addition of a permanent Hogsworth warp and another unlockable slot for you eager travelers! There have also been other small changes that you can check be sure to check out the patch notes. Make sure to also keep an eye out for the new upcoming changes that are soon to come.​
Seasonal Championship Update
To showcase the top 6 players for the season, the Arena Team has added leaderboards to the dueling halls. There is one for dueling, one for flying, and one for the overall season. Talk to the Dueling Halls NPC in the Great Hall to go to the Dueling Halls and check it out!​
On another note, the season ends at the end of April. Be sure to attend as many challenges & tournaments in the meantime!​
We were pleased to announce another month of exciting tournaments, with a number of spectacular Duelists and Fliers showing off their skills in their respective areas! For March, we’d like to congratulate Tilllyy, DemetriDemarcus, and MagmaC4 on winning the Flying Tournament, and Tilllyy, Kryiinq, and Expiroces on their win for Dueling. Congratulations guys and we look forward to seeing the participants for April!​
The Inquisitor Team did not host a Community Engagement event for March, but you can look forward to an activity-filled Spring community engagement event in April! View the dates and times for these events on our calendar here.​
Leadership Team
EricaEH > Assistant to Head of Community Management​
Tangular123 > Lead Prefect​
MakkChi > Lead Lore Master​
Jr. Builder: tiffanyphobia & TheRoyalQueen​
Community Management
Sr. Prefect: Melioraa​
Prefects: LukaaShock, chancywancywoo, Caroliin, & cyym​
Jr. Prefect: itky​
Poltergeists: Cateo & KipxSateee​
Scribe Publisher: Tangular123​
Scribe Intern: lyseau, bluecherub, & fobsux​

Game Design
Arena Master: Salmandingo & Andyreu​
Arena Squire: TeknoPsycho & IDestor​
Inquisitor: Clem_Woodlyn​
Magiventologist: sewerratss​
Seer: SLGTara & Joelowo​
High Unspeakable: Joshios​
Unspeakable: AshTM​
Media & Public Relations
3D Arithmancer: Prin_ce​
DD Writers: Serpentella, joyellen, & plsGwen​
Technology & Development
Curse Breakers: Zmooya, apaulled, & Joshios​