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  • 30.9.2021
    My store has moved to a new location, I hope that you will be able to find it :)

    (I'm selling clothes, food, banners, mobdrops and lot of others (my shop have now 14 pages and around 850 items)
    Today I have lucky day and I was able to join in Tresure hunt party, lead by Voldi_Poldi. I had the opportunity to explore new secret rooms, and find lot of chest with some coins and also with some items for my shop :)
    Our Ravens group was made up of 6 members (Voldi, jonvr, Klipx, Neil, me and Not Ponzi who left us at the beginning).

    Thanks this event I made new friend :)

    And the surprise was how much chest we found. Thank you so much guys. I hope thet these some points will help Ravens :)

    Finally a little rest after a long adventure

    Dancing with hperlman

    - Thanks Voldi_Poldi, jonvr, KipxSateee, N1ELTHESECOND, ColaCinema and and hperlman for this beautiful day <3
    Today I played only few minigames.
    I met Ditis and his clon Ditis, it was so funny :) <- congrats booth for House Cup win :)
    #House Cup September 2021
    Congratulations to all Griffins. You did really great job (but it was so close :-3), I'm glad that the server has a lot of active players who get some points for their houses and thanks this it's so awsome and litle bit challanging. <3

    - Thanks all potterworld community for a beutifull season <3
    OMG today I was really suprised, because my friends sent me a lot of awsome gifts and letters <3 I was absolutely moved by their beautiful words and I must say how glad I am that I have such kind friends here. I really appreciate it all

    Actually, I have no words at all now, so for the rest day I will only give pictures and few words <3

    Talking with cola in his beutifull room.

    Magician Law class obout Ban on Experimental breeding (if anyone wanted I have notes, so i can duplicate for you - if you want don't afraid to pm me but - there are definitely a lot gramatic mistakes)

    Full potion class

    I would like to thank all my friends this way, you are just amazing :heart:
    I wasn't spend much time on the server today. Only thing I do was sending all active friends some gifts :3 Why I sent them? Becouse today is my birthday, and a large part of my life is potterworld so i decided give my friends some gift for they time and love which they gave me :)

    Thank you all players on this server and also great thanks to developers, staffs and all people thanks them we can play with friends together in this awsome server <3
    Today I was preparing a little surprise for my friends for tomorrow. I really wonder if they will like it :3
    During the preparations, in addition to play mini-games, jumped over the bridge with King_Whiteheart

    I did aerial acrobatics with Apple Piggy

    And enjoy all magic and spells with booth :)

    - Thanks coolking117 and APPLE_PIGGY2016 for this beautiful day <3
    Today I finaly complete level 61, thanks to opened me some new quest :) I remember how fast levels rose at the beginning and and how slowly it's running away now. The only thing that scares me is the idea of how slowly it will run in higher levels.

    I helped a group of two newcomers with their quest. It wasfan and I really enjoy it, i hope that they enjoy too :)

    I hope they will enjoy playing on the server and that we will meet here someday :)

    - Thanks superemile for this beautiful day <3
    While getting tokens, i managed to complete the dropper - understand that for someone its easy but not for me!
    POV: When you finally complete droper (after 30min) and you get 2 event tokens because it's supposed to be easy o_O

    Today was my challenge to earn enough tokens to get all the rewards and surpriselly I did it :3

    Then I went to look for new beautiful buildings to Coolking, who beat me many times in flying minigames

    He also visited me :3

    And after all i visited Cola :3

    - Thanks Coolking117 and ColaCinema for this beautiful day <3
    Today I would mainly like to thank the developers.:heart: You did a wonderful job and brought a lot of new content and especially fun. I would like to thanks Sushi for your help with the broken wooden spoon, and also nice chat :)
    In short, thank you for this awsome Butterbeer festival <3

    I was not very kind during the festival. :p

    after completing the tasks, I went to the maze with a random group. they were very kind and constantly waiting for me <3 unfortunately, I'm not good in maze, so after half an hour of searching, I gave up.

    - Thanks Sushi, LordRyder and Queen_Sahelia for this beautiful day <3
    Today I finally completed the newly added quest. It took me the longest time to find a house in the south east, I was constantly walking in the city :-D And when I went outside I didn't find it. ( The house is not visible at all on the map)

    note: I have a little new hair on my skin, I think this is more how they really look (in real life).

    I also opened a new store in London, if you want you can visit it, it will make me very happy<3
    Today I finally went to play after a long time. I play some flying minigames and I spent a few hours with friends I hadn't seen for a long time :) After all ihelp some people with they riddle and watched novice farming mobs and enyoing full magic of server.

    - Thanks Mancy, Blagden, fleurtje, and all potterworlds players for this beautiful day <3

    10.8-13.9. 2021

    I spent a lot in the creative world (lot of these projects are old, but i add some new details or i finally complete it :) -in all of these projects has not been used wordeddit or another mod )

    During the month me and my friends made some wonderful trips.

    I hope another post will be made here soon, and that no one will be upset by my pictures from nonpotterworld life :)
    The next room is finally equipped, today i finished kitchen :3

    and we have an aquarium in the hallway :3
    Smirenej went to farming mobs and i little bit helped him. He can be seen to be a stronger magician day by day :)

    after getting a few levels, we completed some quests :)
    Today I met Mancy at a magic medicine class, I was a little sorry that so few people arrived for the class because it was really interesting.

    After gaining new knowledge, I went to work on the castle.
    And finally we have the whole exterior!

    - Thanks MancyLam for this beautiful day <3
    Today we talked with Thomas about books and especially about the world of Harry Potter, it was a very beautiful conversation <3

    - Thanks Ditis_Thomas for this beautiful day <3
    At the beginning of the day, Cola and I jumped in and danced with the green cupids.

    after a very long time, I went to see Dorothy in her house, it has changed a lot for her since the last visit, especially it hasadded lot of buildings and parks and heads :3 so we exchanged heads to each other :)

    then for a long time we just threw the ball and enjoyed playing, and that we met again after a long time :)

    in the evening I had a very nice chat with Mancy about the differences between the country in which she lives and mine country. It was very interesting and informative.

    - Thanks DorothyCheung, ColaCinemaand MancyLam for this beautiful and interesing day <3
    Today was not as busy with events as the previous days, I met Cola and together we looked at each other's houses.

    - Thanks ColaCinema for this beautiful day <3
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