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  • 13.6.2021
    At the beginning I met CjKilgz at school class.

    Today I lured smirenej to play Potterword, together we managed a large number of quests (currently smirenej has level 9) and completed all the Pride quests. During it we enjoy lot of fun

    ↑ smirenej while thinking how to complete the task ↑

    ↑ Happy smirenej ↑

    ↑ smirenej while enjoying the event ↑

    After all that, we went to the Diagonal Alley together and ceremoniously founded our Triton band
    I play Ukulele and smirenej Ocarina

    I would like to thank BlagdenCZ for his active help in the 1st quest :)

    - Thanks smirenej and BlagdenCZ and CjKilgz for a beautiful day <3
    Today I did almost nothing, played a few minigames, showed smirenej my housing and when I wanted to disconnect, I decided to collect more temporal sand from the Anniversaly event, and I met xmiriii who needed some extra sand for quests :) I know that sand goes on sale at a good price, but when it goes I follow the rule of one good deed for the day. Xmiriii sand gifts for me was the least of it :)
    The joy of others, will make greater joy than the joy of one's own profit <3

    - Thanks smirenej and xmiriii for a beautiful day <3
    Today I haven't been on the server for so long.
    I received a beautiful gift from CjKilgz.
    I met MysticalBlizzard while I continued to build the house, Today I started building a walls. There is not much built, but it's progress at all :)

    then I played a couple of minigames with Blagden and ran to the bus to see my beloved smirenej on the weekend <3

    - Thanks CjKilgz, MysticalBlizzard (Mystic_Fireheart), BlagdenCZ and smirenej for a beautiful day <3
    right from the beginning of the new day I visited the beautiful house of CjKilgz, it is really beautiful there. A huge building containing large spacious rooms, cozy libraries, bedrooms and most importantly secret rooms. I'm really looking forward to being able to visit CjKilgz's house again and see how much progress he's done there.

    on this day I also worked on a house, mainly on nature. At present, a river is already flowing through my landscape :3

    then I didn't want to do much, but in the end I decided to build a willow tree and decorate the surroundings with flowers and grass
    When CjKilgz suddenly visited me

    During the conversation, a new name for Alex's castle was created - from now on it is called Fidelius castle :)

    (the original interview was longer, I cut out the most important thing)

    While we were talking, two other people showed up. We then had a lot of fun together by casting spells and bouncing around enchanted bunnies.

    - Thanks CjKilgz, MoonPudding and MysticalBlizzard (Mystic_Fireheart) for a beautiful day
    Today I continued to build the house again, during the rest I visited and saw the beautiful house of Sinelius, where I was completely lost in his painting maze. Fortunately, I had a good guide. :)

    At present, I already have the whole hill built on the plot, now it's just time for the castle :)

    - Thanks Sinelius, BlagdenCZ and Aamoss for a beautiful day
    Visiting Blagden house (7.6.2021) inspire me to create my own housing, today I have built a small part of the hill. As part of this, I met Aamoss and we participated flying challenge in a joint team. Unfortunately we did not manage to qualify, but it does not matter, especially that we enjoyed the fun. After midnight we had a joint racing duel and I won a beautiful gold medal

    - Thanks BlagdenCZ and Aamoss for a beautiful day
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