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  • 28.7.2021
    I really enjoyed today. I met new amazing people on a 4v4 flying challange.

    We supported each other all the time and it was a very nice experience.

    In addition to my and probably other people's surprises, we ended up second. I love you guys <3 You were a really amazing team <3

    thanks to this wonderful event, I added several new friends <3

    after the event we met in the Riddleyard and talked for a long time, played mini-games and did and helped each other with some quest.

    - Thanks MancyLam, OpaSchmockeyyy, SkyCanFlyGamer and 20zuzka04 for this beautiful and friendly day <3
    Today was supposed to be a not funny day full of raising event tokens.
    But I met Cola, a vampire who probably had bad intentions. It occurred to me after I received unicorn blood from him. I secretly crept after him to reveal his secret. I discovered what he was hiding in the Serpent common room.
    his secret is xxxxxxxxxxxx

    We had a lot of fun and thanks to this spooky adventure we became friends.

    as a memorial to this adventure, I framed blood inmy housing with date :)

    from the photos I created an event I can find Cola found here in the forum

    - Thanks ColaCinema for this beautiful and funny day <3
    I'm back from vacation, I'm absolutely excited with the summer beach party event and so I spend most of my time here. So I got some new souvenirs :3
    enjoy the heat of summer

    Please be patient i will soon write text :)

    trénování nové taktiky na hide n seek

    Today was another day during which we jumped to the server to enjoy some fun with questing and leveling.
    During the first quest I helped Mr. CleanSmirh with a bit of tidying... well I was mainly focused on taking evidence photos. Just in case he breaks something up again.

    Now to the more scary part. I've heard that the old Coffin House was looking for a brand new advertisement.
    Coffins! COFFINS for every body! Buy one and you get two for half the price for the unwanted!

    Farming class.

    They grow up so fast... :cry:

    Maybe i should start thinking about planting some back as well.

    - Thanks smirenej for the fun we've had during bouth playing and wrinting this up. Thanks smirenej for another beautiful day <3
    After a few days when I only went to chat with my friends, I arrived to the server with smirenej.
    While we were questing, we had a lot of fun, especially smirenej doing some merry mischiefs
    dancing with ghosts

    our way to Diagonal lane

    here we go!

    spinning on a carousel

    swinging on a swing over a rainbow
    "Somewhere over the rainbow
    Way up high
    And the dreams that you dream of
    Once in a lullaby, oh ..."

    "If there's something strange
    In your neighborhood
    Who you gonna call?
    Ghoulbusters! "

    after helping Jacobs gang, smirenej leveled up :)

    After all that, we played hide and seek. I absolutely fell in love with this perfect hiding place where smirenej hid

    smirenej was doing some of the weardest sounds. I carefully asked if he was ok. He just stated with his deepest voice: "I'm an owl", Tom was not the only one looking at him like that. :-D

    - Thanks smirenej for this beautiful and funny day <3

    Today I wanted to rearrange the safe at the bank. Unfortunately, the whole safe number 3 disappeared and thus I lost all my memorial books, as well as my essays, assignments or interviews with friends :cry:
    I'm transferring everything to the house, but to be sure, if anyone reads this, please be careful. It is said that this sometimes happens and there is nothing you can do about it. If this happens to you, don't get mad at the server or the admins. They are not responsible for everything that happens on this server.
    Today, I was walking through houses of others, looking at the beautiful buildings. During one of the visits, I met Ditis Thomas. He built a beautiful castle in which one feels like he was in Hogwarts. In fact, the castle is quite inspired by them. You can find the great hall, the Griffins common room, the library and main staircase.

    Thomas visit my housing as well.

    - Thanks Ditis_Thomas for a beautiful day <3
    I have a lot of photos for today.
    Together with smirenej we completed his quests, unfortunately there was not much time left to build a house, so I apologize for not seeing progress today. in low levels it is easy to proceed and so smirenej managed to advance by 3 levels for today.

    Happy levels up :)

    smirenej desperately looking for QualiTree shop

    smirenej is sad because snowballs are not round

    but that didn't stop him from completing quests

    - Thanks smirenej for a beautiful day <3
    News from my housing :) We have first small bedroom on the first floor :3

    and some new bookshelfs in this coridor

    Today I also met Aglyn in her beutifull housing, and after some words she was so kind and added me to her friends <3

    - Thanks Aggie for a beautiful day <3
    today, after a short play, I got back to work at home. This time I focused on the interior, thanks to this work, another 3 rooms are already equipped.

    #House Cup June 2021
    Congratulations to all Honeybadgers, you won with complete clarity, I'm glad that the server has you and thanks to you it's so beautiful. <3

    - Thanks all potterworld for a beutifull season <3
    it's unbelievable how fast time goes. We have July here is the progress in my housing :)

    As has been the custom for the last few days, I have continued to build my castle.
    Today, progress is very visible, one tower has been added, and the rooms on the ground floor are already bordered by walls. Thanks to that, the floor of the 1st floor began to be created.

    I decided to decorate a small room by the back staircase to make it look a little more representative. It is currently the only furnished room.

    it's a very small room, so furnishing was not difficult :-D

    In the evening, thanks to community engagement, I met Ruben and Athena.
    they are really very good people who have been supporting the team all along and highlighting the positive.

    - Thanks RubenPlaysGames, Athena_Olympian, Meg, PinkGirl25, _cassper, overall to today's team for a beautiful event <3
    Even today I spent most of my time working on my housing. I have built the first tower, I decided that the roofs will be light green, because light blue is very beautiful, but at the same time the color is very cold.
    Today i worked on my housing, i have full exterior walls in first floor :) and i started roof with light blue clays :)

    and I also created a second staircase thanks to which you can get to the upper floor
    Today we performed game tasks with the smirenej again, we enjoy lot of fun :)

    ↑smirenej: can you see me yet? and now?↑

    ↑smirenej: And now?↑

    level up :)

    pozn. pro mě: Doplnit x dní (bude asi docela dlouhý příspěvek)lots of owls from alexe

    lots of owls mail from smirenej

    - Thanks smirenej for a beautiful day <3
    Todday i met with smirenej, we completed all 1 years quest and smirenej was graduated to second year, we enjoy lot of fun <3
    *note* add some photos :)
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