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  • it's been a while since u last posted, i hope ur doing well!!! i love reading ur blog posts :) also i love ur signature - aurora is so awesome :'o
    Today smirenej needs to get more xp, and it was his proud day becouse he graduated to Fifth Year.

    A gift for his graduation was some ball game, he wants to join Dalia for play, but she unfortunatly have some problems, so smirenej when it be possible run to help her.

    In the end of day, I attended Charms class, it was really interesting class about unlocking charm, I have lot of question, but you know magic s magic, and lots of my question doesnt have answer.

    After class i talk with Lenz, he is so nice and kind.

    Thanks smirenej and Lenz for this beautiful day <3
    Hi, Im so sorry for my long pause, i play sometimes but i havent energy to write report :-/ I hope that i will add some old reports in few days, thanks that my website will be more actual :)

    Thank you for your understanding <3
    Today I have a lot screenshotbut in reality not so much has happened, smirenej today finished some new quests and also opened some new passages :)

    Thanks smirenej for this beautiful day <3
    I would like to thank everyone for your support. My profile received 1000 views.
    That's why I decided to organize a smaller competition.
    First 5 people who send me in message (on this forum or discord Jodelle#2832) day when I finished exterior of my housing castle recieve 100 gold and small gift :) <- if you dont know you can find it in my old posts

    1) smirenej - 20:38 18.10.2021
    Today amirenej after long time visited Potterworld, he explore Griffin housecup winning map :) I think that he really likes that place :3

    After exploring we completed some quest and helped Xanthimus and Lena.

    Smirenej need some items to copleted quest -> I was surprised how smirenej killed all these mobs at once. When I was on his level I only killed one monster in time and I was still scared.

    After that i want to hug Catherine and by mistake i send her friend request :-D So I hope we will met again when I will have more time to get to know her. :)

    Because my booth rental is over, i was searching for new place, i think that this place is perfect, with flowers and roof over my head :)

    Thanks smirenej and cath3r1ne for this awsome day <3
    16.10.2021 (2)
    Full potion class

    In potion class we brew Dancing Dought and I go to Hacim to his housing. We enjoy lot of fun during dancing.

    when the magic of the potion has worn off, I visited Hacim house, and must say it's really dangerous place with a large number of traps. I really love this idea of traps anywere and I certainly can't say that I discovered them all!

    I was quite surprised that Hacim already has my head, the (Potter)world is so small!

    Then we did and tried all sorts of different spells . And so we conjured up friendship.

    And so that no one would say that i didnt work for long time in my housing, today I was be hard working... i added one sign!

    Thanks lot Hacim4 and ColaCinemaand allso thanks staff for hosting and writing thme todays class, thank you all for this magical day <3

    PS: I must split the message into two parts becouse 2040 characters :-D
    16.10.2021 (1)
    Today I met Cola close to great hall, it was so happy meetings, we dancing together huging and shifting :-D It was so funny :3

    today DADA was exchanged for a Magical law, but it was still very interesting, today theme was Rules of Coonduct Regardin Unmagical Human Hybrids.

    I love this really long snake <3

    Although it was still almost 23 minutes to end of class, people have long since left from the class. It is definitely because they are so talented and knowledgeable that they were able to answer all the questions in a few minutes :)

    If anyone who wasn't be in class need notes i write some (so if you want them pm in game/discord or there in forum) - this offer has unlimited validity, if you write me for a year, for example, I will always have it for you :)
    October 2021
    This month is for me about drawing - i draw everyday and post it on discord page. there is so much great artist and talented people! But if there are someone who want see my peices i will post it in few profile post :) I hope you will like it <3
    Day 16 - Pumpkin pie ("Pumkinpie" *facepalm*)

    Day 15 - Autumn leaves

    Day 14 - Forest

    Day 13 - Moon

    Day 12 - Potion/Cauldron

    Day 11 - Ghost

    Day 10 - Dark follower

    Day 9 - Werewolf (imagine that the Beast from Beauty and the Beast was werewolf)

    Day 8 - Trick or Treat

    Day 7 - Zombie

    Day 6 - Haunted House (this day I try to built some realistic house)

    Day 5 - Black Cat

    Wow thats really long post :) I hope you will like it :)
    Thanks for this awsome drawing event <3
    Hi, after long time there is new post, i have really exciting information - Dayly Divner write about me :)
    If you want to read this spot you can reed it this <3
    You can also read on server like me :)
    Thanks Bea and kvmw for this awsome interview <3
    I know the potion class was at 1:00am 4.10. but for me new day starts after I wake up.
    In potion class I met Cola and Jadyn. With Cola and Poppydette we enjoy his quick class.
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