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    Minigame Bug Fixes & Improvements

    Hello everyone! We've given some attention to minigames, specifically Party Games, which has received two new party modes. There have been a lot of code changes throughout all of the minigames, so if you see something that looks odd or broken, please report it! Additionally, we have some brand...
  2. Joshios

    blame werter

    blame werter
  3. Joshios

    On-Hold Jump to continue flying after landing in elytra flights

    I actually investigated this for the Curse Breaker elytra launchpad and tweaked it a bit. Not sure if the fix is there yet, but it will be soon if not. Hope this helps!
  4. Joshios

    Gameplay Update 1.2.1 [February 15th 2021]

    Making a quest re-enterable basically means allowing you to access a different build that was used only for the quest, and is not on our world map. Not all quests have this, and so a quest like this would not be made re-enterable. None of our quests are re-doable at the moment, which is...
  5. Joshios

    Declined Easy Voting System

    There's actually a mini version of this on the home page of our site. I've attached an image below. It could be cool to see /vote mention this though.
  6. Joshios

    On-Hold Button at the Bottom

    This idea seems cool, but when I think about it, you are walking down to get to the Trophy Room, so there is a button at the bottom to bring you back outside of it. However, things like Raven tower spiral staircase (usually) is going up, meaning players would not have to use the staircase at...
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    Count as high as you can until a staff member comes on: 2.0

    I think this is the 5000th reply :o
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    Completed The Herbology and Potions Classrooms

    For Herbology class, wouldn't that just be the greenhouses? If so, those are already in Scarlett! :)
  9. Joshios

    Potterwatch Performer Applications

    Good luck to everyone applying! Excited to see some new performers on the team :eek:
  10. Joshios

    why were you awake..

    why were you awake..
  11. Joshios

    Declined Money/Location/Level GUI

    You can actually use LabyMod to move the scoreboard to anywhere on your screen!
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