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The Daily Diviner - Special Edition: Portside Pride

Pride at Portovenere - Pride Event 2023

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Happy Pride Month!

The residents of Portovenere have been hard at work prepping for their first ever Pride festival! This gorgeous, coastal town is filled with an exciting new system and a community ready to celebrate. You don't want to miss out on all of the fun and festivities!

Speak to Nyan Kevin at the Great Hall to travel to Portovenere!

Mayor Guilia and the Portovenere City Council is looking for help to keep the festival running smoothly. Help them by making items and fulfilling orders at the order board. Creating all of the possible items in each of the three areas will reward exclusive collectables and creating all of the items in ALL of the areas will reward a brand new Portovenere Housing Scenery. Speak to Mayor Guilia for more information!

Quest Journal
In your quest journal, you will see a new icon for the Pride 2023 Event. This will be accessible throughout the entire event and will be disabled after the event ends. Utilise this to find the starting locations for all of the event...

Coming Soon - Pride 2023

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Happy Pride Month! This year, students have been invited to the beautiful, seaside town of Portovenere. Join us to celebrate at PotterworldMC’s upcoming Pride Event!

Video created by: xcharlotte​
Render & Thumbnail: angxlus & heyitslena​

2023 Star Battle Tournament Results

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With the conclusion of the May the 4th event, we are pleased to announce the top 5 contenders of the Star Battle: Star Racing, Escort Payload and Domination tournaments!

Star Racing
1st BREADKING17 - 537 points
2nd Exodia - 260 points
3rd M_Engel - 197 points
4th lykkee - 137 points
5th LividK - 93 points

Click here to see the final leaderboard.

Escort Payload
1st LividK - 5553 points
2nd MCforRealzies - 2871 points
3rd TallBlondeDude - 2751 points
4th tillquila - 1720 points
5th Jutarii - 1273 points

Click here to see the final leaderboard.

1st Jutarii - 383 points
2nd LividK - 442 points (due to tournament win rules)
3rd _Navyy - 288 points
4th Deathlish - 250 points
5th Frebii
- 111 points...

Monthly Art Giveaway - June 2023

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undefined - Imgur (21).png

Hello witches and wizards!

As June begins, we are excited to announce the winner of last month's giveaway, as well as announce this month's new prompt!

In May, we had so many incredible pieces of art submitted that fit the create-your-own constellation prompt! From creatively constructed star charts to out-of-this-world drawings, those in our art community showed their talent once again! And so, without further ado, the May winner is… ForestSpy! They will receive the prize of 150 Potter Points and 100 House Points today.

Now onto the June giveaway & theme!

To reiterate, the Monthly Art Giveaway is a way for players to create any art form (MC build, render, drawing, writing, craft, etc.) while fitting a specific theme. One winner will be randomly picked at the end of the month, and will receive 150 Potter Points and 100 House Points!

This month's prompt is to create something that follows the prompt of celebrating pride month! We can't wait to see your creativity.

Giveaway Guidelines:
- One prompt will be released every month. All submissions must follow this prompt, submissions that do not will not be entered.​
- The submissions may be ANY form of art (builds, writing, drawing, renders, music, photos, etc.) as long as you are able to...​

WizNewsletter - May 2023

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Created in October of 2020, the WizNewsletter serves as a way for students and staff to recap on the month's updates. WizNetworkers spend countless hours researching, writing, editing, and implementing each section so that the happenings of the wizarding world do not go unnoticed. Let’s get into the news from the past month!​



The Daily Diviner - Issue 86

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Server Spotlight


The Daily Diviner is looking for new Editors to join our team! If you're interested, you can fill out...

2023 Star Battle Tournament

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Hello everyone!

With the release of the May the Fourth event, we are excited to announce that we will be hosting three individual Star Battle minigame tournaments for the duration of the event.

This tournament will feature our three Star Battle minigames: Escort Payload, Domination and Star Racing.

How Will the Tournaments Work?

Our tournament will involve three separate leaderboards for each gamemode. Players can earn points through winning rounds of Escort Payload and Domination or by racing in Star Racing. Bonus points are also rewarded for kills in Escort Payload and Domination. At the conclusion of the May the Fourth event, the top five players on each leaderboard will win a reward!

You can view your placements for this tournament on the tournaments page or in-game on Batuu near the Millennium Falcon.

The tournaments will run from 12am PST on Thursday, May 4th, 2023, until 12pm PST on Wednesday, May 31, 2023.

What Are the Rewards?

The top five players in each game’s tournament will receive the following rewards:

First Place:
  • Temporary Champion prefix
  • Temporary PvP Crown hat
  • 500 Potter Points
  • Toy N-Scope Sniper
  • Purple and Gold Wand Particles

Second Place:
  • Toy N-Scope Sniper
  • 24 Arena Tokens

Third Place:
  • Toy N-Scope Sniper
  • 20 Arena Tokens

Fourth Place:
  • Toy N-Scope Sniper
  • 16 Arena Tokens

Fifth Place:
  • ...
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