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The Daily Diviner - Special Edition: SAD #2

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Hello lovely readers and welcome back to the Daily Diviner! Today we will be covering Staff Appreciation Day and the Staff Writing Competition. Staff Appreciation Day is a week-long event held in January and July where staff and team members are recognized for their hard work on the server! This recent Staff Appreciation Day event was extra special as it was the last one held by the Inquisitor team. The theme for the writing competition was ‘Under the Sea’. Let’s see what our winners had to say!

What did you most look forward to before SAD was released?
Silquer: “I was most looking forward to these competitions, actually! The writing, skin, and dueling competitions are all really fun aspects of SAD that I look forward to. Even if I don’t participate in all of them due to time constraint, just knowing that time and care is put into...

Daily Diviner Writer Applications

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The Media department & Daily Diviner Team are excited to announce that we are reopening DD Writer applications! Daily Diviner Writers are those who write articles for the Daily Diviner. They are familiar with the server and its community and bring creativity with their writing.

Applications will stay open until the position is filled! Do take your time when you fill in the application and make sure you are able to meet all the requirements (listed in the beginning) before submitting it. Please contact the Head of Media or Daily Diviner Lead if you have any questions.

Click here to find the application and good luck to all applicants! We are very excited to welcome new members to the team!

Additionally, we'd also like to take this opportunity to announce that the Daily Diviner Writer and Editor positions are now staff positions! We're excited to see what this new era brings to our team!

Academics Weekly Assignment — August 7th, 2022

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Welcome to the Academics weekly assignment for the week of August 7th, 2022! These weekly assignments will give our Professors the ability to showcase some of their lesson ideas here on the website. Each assignment will be posted for a week, in which everyone will be able to read about the topic and respond to the assignment prompt. This week's assignment is "Magical Debate - Wiggleworms at Hogsworth" created by Toad (ElizabethTheToad).

The Daily Diviner - Issue 67

Guardian Update

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Greetings witches and wizards of Hogsworth!

The Store team is pleased to announce the newest mid-month Guardian Update! We are excited to share that we have also updated the Guardian Challenge in the game with new visuals! This will coincide with the new store Guardian Models.

Our Build team and Game Design team have taken time to polish and revamp the quest for you all. You can find the entrance to the challenge at the same place as before in the Headmaster's Office in Hogsworth. If you were previously on the old quest and did not finish it, there will be a book nearby with "Guardian Challenge - Quest" hovering over it. This will transfer your progress to the new quest we have set up and teleport you into the challenge objective you are currently on!
This new update provides 12 newly improved Guardians and Guardian pets for you to protect yourself while on your magical journey. Buying any of these items not only gives a brand new, brilliant Guardian, but also access to this Guardian as a pet! Even if you haven't completed the Guardian Challenge yet, you can still utilise these fantastic new models.

Any player who purchased a Guardian previously will now have access to both the old and new Guardians. They will also have access to the new pet!

The items updated include:
  • NEW Owl Guardian
  • NEW Turtle Guardian
  • NEW Rat Guardian
  • NEW Toad Guardian
  • NEW Reindeer Guardian
  • NEW Fairy Guardian ...

Arena 2022 Season 3 Releases

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Greetings witches and wizards!

As Season 2 comes to a close, it's time for our Arena 2022 Season 3 Release! The release is Pirates themed and we have 3 new maps for you!

  • NEW - Peter's Flight Course: Fly over the city of London and make your way back to the clouds up top! Don't get too distracted by the views, you still have a race to win!
  • NEW - Pirate's Cove Flying Course: Visit Squalus Cove as a Pirate and discover the old architecture of the town from long ago! Can you find the hidden treasure?
  • NEW - Submerged Oasis Dueling Arena: Hold your breath and take a trip under the sea as you fight your way through the submerged dueling arena! Respiratus might come in handy this time!
We hope to see you at our Challenges & Tournaments throughout Season 3 and beyond!
- The Arena Team

Development Blog - July 2022

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Greetings witches, wizards, and all magical folk alike!

Welcome to the fourth Technology and Development blog! We’ve seen continuous great support for the previous ones, which we’re so happy to see. As a result, we mention some really exciting things in this blog that we’re super excited for you to learn more about.

As usual, if you haven’t read the previous ones, you can do so here. It’s definitely worth it:

May Development Blog
April Development Blog
June Development Blog

For this blog, we’ll be covering these topics:
July Achievements: What we have achieved this month
The Admin Panel: How gameplay on Potterworld is created
The Future: What we plan on working on in August​

  • Our mid-July patch notes were released. This updated introduced:
    • Focused Quests: Display quests on your scoreboard.
      • This will allow us to display the location on the map later in the hopefully near future.
    • Quest Item Bag: Receive quest items in a bag like menu, instead of in your real inventory. This will help prevent issues of players not receiving items, and will also help players manage their inventories more easily.
    • And much more.
  • We...

Woodland Store Releases

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Greetings witches and wizards! Have you ever wanted to own a Bear Cub? Maybe a Fox? Perhaps you'd like to enjoy the summer night sky with fireflies dancing above your head? Well, the Store team is pleased to announced the Woodland Store Releases! The items included are as follows:
  • NEW Woodland Wand: Topped with leaf-covered branches, and a blue flame sitting neatly in the centre, this wand is most definitely going to give you that naturesque vibe!
  • NEW Flame Wand Effects: This new wand effect is sure to be able to help make you feel all warm and toasty!
  • NEW Camping Emotes: With these new emotes, you can be sure to share a s'more or two with your friends! These new emotes include:
    • Catching Fireflies
    • S'mores
    • Ghost Story
    • Bear Chase
    • Go Fishing
  • NEW Pet Bear Cub: Small and fuzzy, this tiny cub will definitely greet you with the biggest of bear hugs!
  • NEW Fireflies Hat: Small fireflies dancing around your head with the added bonus of including a Jar of Fireflies Warp Key!
  • NEW Pet Fox: Have you ever wondered what does the fox say? Well, now you can ask your very own fox pet!
  • NEW Woodland Bundle: Struggling to choose which is your favourite Woodland item? How about all of them! This bundle includes:
    • Pet Bear Cub
    • Woodland-themed Wand Appearance
    • Camping Emotes
  • NEW Bonfire Bundle: Looking for more warm, cosy feeling items...
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