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New Assistant to Head of GD

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Congratulations to @xAutumnn for her promotion to Assistant Head of Game Design!

Autumn has demonstrated her growth and experience over leading the Game Design team as a whole and we are excited to see what she will accomplish as our newest member of the Head Staff Team! She joined the Game Design team on March 28th, 2019 as a Lore Keeper and has made many contributions to the department and all its teams since.

Congratulations Autumn! We're so excited to see all the things you'll be doing for your department as the new Assistant to Head!

In-Game Store & Wand Rename Addition

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It brings us much excitement to announce that we finally have a place where you can try most of our items from the store! This is to ensure you really like what you want to buy, before actually buying it - and maybe you see something else that you end up falling in love with.

We’re calling this place the ‘In-Game Store’ and you can get there using /me, or by interacting with the many NPCs we have placed in a ton of areas all over the world.

When you get here, you will receive a store wand and a store broom. This wand will have some spells you can try out with the store items you’re trying out, and the broom is for the broom appearances - the broom will be incredibly slow as it’s only there for display purposes :D

Note: You have to be on a world to join the in-game store. You cannot be on housing, the hub, minigames or classes.

Want to see how it works?
But that’s not all! With this release, we’re also releasing our new wand rename system, and policy.

Edit: It's back! Due to an unexpected issue, this store item has been disabled - we will bring it back in the upcoming days, apologies for the inconvenience

Let’s talk about the policy:
  • You can now have up to 50 characters in your wand name (excluding colour codes).
  • You can have as many colours as you like - so yes, you can have a rainbow name.
  • You no longer need to contact staff to get your wand renamed, but any inappropriate names or names that go against our rules will get your wand rename removed. We get notifications when a wand...

Seer Applications - Opened

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Seer Apps copy.png

Hello everyone!

We are excited to announce that Seer applications will now be re-opened to all players! Our Seer team is responsible for writing, creating, and designing the ever-evolving storyline surrounding our allegiances and clubs, as well as providing the platform for players to roleplay together. We look forward to your applications, and we’re super excited to bring new Seers aboard to the team!

Applications will be open for the foreseeable future. Please make sure you meet all requirements before applying.

You can click here to apply!
We want to wish all applicants good luck! We cannot wait to see your applications!

Inquisitorial Squad Updates

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Greetings everyone!

After a lot of internal discussions, we’ve made the decision to move the Inquisitorial Squad into the Game Design department. This decision was made due to quite a few big reasons, but at the end of the day, we feel as though given what the Inquisitorial Squad is in charge of being in Game Design can make the team function and create better content for both the players and staff team.

We’re very proud of what the Inquisitorial Squad has accomplished within CM. As time goes and as we try out new things, we simply realize that change is sometimes needed for some things - and this is one of those instances.

Everyone in the Inquisitorial Squad will still remain. Open applications that we’re moving forward with an interview with will be asked if they’re still interested now that it’s in Game Design.

Community engagement events will still be a thing, but Game Design has some really exciting plans on how to rework them so they’re a lot more enjoyable. I cannot wait for the team to create these and for you all to try them!

Thank you all! I hope you’re as excited for this team as I am.

Valentines in the Enchanted Valley

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This Valentine’s Day, the Fairytale Council has requested the help of Hogsworth students in the Enchanted Valley! The Fairy Godmother needs assistance in helping the town’s residents each find their own happy ending after one of the Fairytale Council members gave Villains access to the Valley. Speak to Rayne just outside the Great Hall to step inside a storybook and help solidify the bonds of family, friends, and romantic partners as you restore peace to the newly renovated Enchanted Valley.

Story Quests
In your questbook, you will see a new icon for the Valentine's Event. There are seven new story quests located in the Enchanted Valley and completing all of them will unlock exclusive rewards. However, these quests must first be unlocked by collecting enough Storybook Pages. Storybook Pages are items that can be traded with other players and can be obtained in 3 ways: finding nodes around the Enchanted Valley, completing Side Quests, or buying them using Inspiration Sparks. Inspiration Sparks are viewable in /me and can be earned through playing minigames such as parkours, mazes, and droppers. You can exchange Inspiration Sparks for Storybook Pages at the Librarian in the Enchanted Valley’s Castle Library.

Repeatable Content
Complete each of the 4 Side Quests daily to earn Storybook Pages to unlock the Story Quests and Event Tokens to purchase rewards. The Side Quests include Painting Tales, Mischief Managed, Cupid Troubles, and Fairies Everywhere. Starting coordinates can be obtained from Information NPCs in the Enchanted Valley.

You can also earn Events...

Scribe Intern Applications - Opened

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Hello everyone!

We are excited to announce that Scribe Intern applications will now be opened to all players! Our Scribe team is responsible for writing and organizing the content for our upcoming official Potterworld wiki. We look forward to your applications, and we’re super excited to bring new scribes to the team! If you would like to learn more about the Scribe team, click here.

Applications will be open until February 27th. Please make sure you meet all requirements before applying. If interested in applying for this position, you can click here. We wish all applicants the best of luck!

February 2021 Community Engagement Time

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Hello all!

The Inquisitorial Squad would like to invite you all to our Community Engagement event for the month of February! The event will take place Saturday, February 20th at 8am and 8pm PST.

Be sure to get ready for some positive message writing! Feel free to reach out to an Inquisitor via Discord if you have any questions.

WizNewsletter - January 2021

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Created in October of 2020, the WizNewsletter serves as a way for students and staff to recap on the month's updates. Social Media Publishers spend countless hours researching, writing, editing, and implementing each section so that the happenings of the wizarding world do not go unnoticed. Let’s get into the news from the past month!​



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