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2D Arithmancer Applications - Closed

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Arithmancer Applications.png

Hello Witches & Wizards,

At this point in time, we have decided to close 2D Arithmancer applications. This application will be closed until further notice and when we need more members. There have been multiple recent applications and we will be going through them. All applications currently open will be responded to in the coming 1-2 weeks.

We really appreciate all those who have applied for this position while apps were open. It's incredibly nice to see the continued interest and support for the Media Department and for Arithmancers. Thank you!

If you have any questions, please message the Head of Media (sunnya#6761).

Disabling 1.14

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Hello everyone!

Unfortunately, we have come to the decision to disable 1.14 access again. This will be effective as of tomorrow, the 25th of October. The exact time is unknown.

We know many 1.14 users are experiencing crashes when using or interacting with books. This is something that cannot be fixed and it is an issue of Minecraft itself. This means that we unfortunately cannot give 1.14 players the best experience possible and that will disable 1.14 access until a solution is in place. Until then, we will go back to only being accessible for 1.10 up until 1.13.

We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause and we thank you all for your continuous support.

Vampire Club Package Release

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Greetings Wizards and Witches!

The dark night is starting to cover Potterworld, and the bloodsucking creatures are coming out from the shadows... The vampires have arrived! However, they do need some help from you on their journey. Therefore, we will today bring you the new Vampire Club Package in the store to show your loyalty to the Vampires!

By purchasing the Vampire Club Package, you will be granted the following things:
- Vampire Prefix - "(V)"
- Access to the Vampire chat channel on Discord
- A special tag on the website and Discord
- Dark red particles emitting from your wand when held
- Two Exclusive wand names - "Bloodsucker" and "Soulreaver"
- A spell, Vampire Call, that will spiral you in blood-red particles and hiss!
- Two Vampire Cowls - one with teeth, one without!
- An exclusive "Sucks Blood" Emote

Us Store Managers, hope you will all love this new Club Package, and that you and...

A Total Eclipse: Vampire vs Werewolf War Event

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Vampire vs Werewolf War Event
With the recent break-in at the Ministry and thievery of the one-of-a-kind cure ingredient, the Werewolves have had it and declared war on the Vampires. Explore the brand new Vampire Manor and Werewolf cave and discover the many hidden secrets they hide. Join us on the 31st of October at 12 pm PST and witness the victory of whichever side wins!

How to Play
To participate in the event, head over to the Great Hall and approach the teachers dining table. Click on the Roleplay Hub NPC and travel to the Hub. There you will see two NPCs stationed on the black platform. To access either base, click on the respective leader's NPC and click the button to warp. When you are warped, speak to the two Roleplay Leader NPCs to begin. Note: you do not have to dedicate to one side, you are free to play both sides!

- Venture into the depths of the lively Werewolf Cave and down the...

Roleplay - Rise of the Night

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A war is coming, get your wands ready!

Explore and discover the secrets of the new Werewolf and Vampire Bases from the 23rd to the 30th of October.

24 Hours of Classes

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Hello everyone!

The Academics team is proud to announce a 24 Hours of Classes event scheduled for this upcoming Saturday, October 24th (in PST). We'd like to invite you all to join us as we have 24 classes back-to-back at the start of each hour all day long! Make sure to check out the schedule below for each class, and we hope to see you there!


Class Helper Applications Reopened

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Hey everybody!

After a few months of them being closed, we are happy to announce that applications for Class Helper and Class Helper Bypass are now open once again! We're hoping to welcome some new faces onto the team, and we are very excited to see your applications!

If you're interested in applying, for Class Helper, please click here. If you're interested in applying for Class Helper Bypass, please click here. Note that the age requirement to apply for Bypass is 13, and the age requirement to apply for the full position is 16. Also, make sure you meet all other requirements listed on the application before applying. Please contact the Head or Assistant to Head of Academics on Discord if you have any questions.

On behalf of the Academics team, we'd like to wish...

Daily Diviner Editor Applications

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The Media department & Daily Diviner Team are excited to announce that we are reopening DD Editor applications! Daily Diviner Editors edit all articles before they are published in the Daily Diviner. They are knowledgeable about different types of writing and are skilled in grammar. They check articles for quality, consistency, and accuracy.

Applications will stay open until the position is filled! Do take your time when you fill in the application and make sure you are able to meet all the requirements (listed in the beginning) before submitting it. Please contact the Head of Media if you have any questions.

Click here to find the application and good luck to all applicants! We are very excited to welcome new members to the team!

Halloween Writing Competition

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isuckatspellinghaloween (1).png

Hello there!

It's the spooky month of October and since we're approaching Halloween, we're announcing a Halloween themed writing competition!

Write a short spooky & scary campfire story! There will be two winners for this competition and their stories will be turned into videos on our YouTube channel! Both winners will also receive 700 Potter Points & a special trophy.

All stories must be written on a Google Doc and must be submitted through this form by October 24th at 12pm PST.

- All submissions must follow Potterworld rules (keep it appropriate).
- All submissions should follow the prompt/theme.
- All stories must be written on a Google Doc that has link sharing permissions on.
- You are able to submit only one story.
- The word limit maximum is 850 words. Anything above this will not be judged.

For any questions or if you want to change your submission, please message...

September 2020 House Cup

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We’d like to congratulate Raven for being the winners of the third quarter of 2020!

Here is the final tally of house points:
:raven:Raven 19,219 points
:griffin:Griffin 14,042 points
:honeybadger:Honeybadger 12,185 points
:serpent:Serpent 11,051 points

Unfortunately, there will not be celebratory decorations this time, but we will have unique rewards for each house available in the Player Profile (/me) . The next House Cup will be rewarded on December 25th!
G 0 H 0 R 0 S 0

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