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August 2023 Hidden Coupon

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Greetings, witches and wizards!

We're happy to announce that our hidden coupon has returned for another month! Taking inspiration from past gameplay, we are releasing one hidden gift card/coupon around our world today.

This gift card can only be obtained by one lucky player, and is hidden very well. It is truly difficult, but rewarding to find!

Each gift card can only be obtained by one lucky player, and will give that player $5.00 to spend for free on our store! Owned coupons can be checked in /me, and will be valid for 6 months from release.

For this month's hidden gift card... first head to our store to hunt for a hint!

Butterbrew 2023 Giveaway

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Hello Witches and Wizards! If you haven't seen for yourself, this year's Butterbrew Festival has made its way to the quaint town of Appleby! To celebrate its arrival, the WizNetworker Team will be hosting a giveaway in which you have the opportunity to win either the beautiful Sunflower Flower Crown hat or the majestic Falcon Staff wand appearance as well as 200 House Points and 100 Potter Points! There will only be one winner at the moment, but that's subject to change depending on the amount of submissions.

Now to enter, you'll have to partake in the daily quest "Birds of a Feather" and submit a photo of your best-dressed bird! Make sure to explore all kinds of combinations of fun hats on your feathery friend and submit your favorite one. All submissions must be submitted in the #butterbrew-giveaway-2023 channel in the Art Discord in order for your entry to be added to the giveaway, so make sure to join if you haven't already! We hope you're enjoying the festivities thus far, and we can't wait to see all of your fashionable feathered friends!

Giveaway Guidelines:
- All submissions must follow all the Potterworld rules (keep it appropriate).​
- Submissions must be submitted in the #butterbrew-giveaway-2023 channel on the Art Discord.​
- Submission must be a screenshot of your bird from the quest in-game.​
- By entering, you allow us to share your submission on the PW website if...​

The Daily Diviner - Special Edition: Appleby

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Hello dear readers, and welcome to Appleby’s Butterbrew Festival! You have come a long way to see our festival here, and it is my job to give you a proper tour. Appleby Village is best...

New Minigame: Barrel Racing!

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Greetings Witches and Wizards!

With the Butterbrew Festival season underway, we are excited to announce our new seasonal minigame: Barrel Racing!

In Barrel Racing, players hop on their barrels and race each other through the course. Unlike our typical games, players must finish three laps in order to be victorious. Along the way you can collect unique Butterbrew-inspired powerups to help secure your win, ranging from Barrel Bombs, Stirring Spoons and Twisted Brew.

Leaderboard and Statistics
Speak to Samuel Nottingham at the Butterbrew Festival in order to join the queue or queue via /games. For the duration of the event, a live leaderboard will be situated next to Samuel displaying the top players, players with the highest win streak, and the fastest players on each of the two maps.

You can view your individual statistics in /gs.

We’re excited to unveil two exclusive maps for this minigame. They are Appleby Village and Barrel Boulevard. You can view them here.

Players will earn the following rewards from competing in Barrel Racing.





15 Event Tokens

12 Event Tokens

10 Event Tokens


Appleby's 2023 Butterbrew Festival

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Happy Butterbrew Festival!

Greetings dear students! This year, Kevin is excited to bring you to the Butterbrew Festival. The residents of Appleby have decorated their cottages and have prepared a few activities for you to enjoy in their little village! Explore, discover and play around in this newly revamped village.

Speak to Festival Kevin at the Great Hall to start your Appleby Adventure and travel to the Butterbrew Festival. The event will end on September 30th.

Quests & Activities
In your quest journal, you will see a new icon for the Butterbrew Festival. This will be accessible throughout the entire event and will disappear after the final day of the event. Throughout the quests and activities you will be rewarded Event Tokens.

After completing the introduction quest to the event, you will have access to 2 repeatables side-quests, 4 activities and for those who did not play or finish last year’s Butterbrew Trials, Heidi is back in town to let those who want to challenge their minds in that escape room.

Last year’s Butterbrew Carnival was so beloved that some of its members are making a big come-back! Casimir is back with his Balloon Darts; get ready to pop some balloons. I hope you’re hungry because Rory has upgraded his Food Eating Competition this year! And finally, Ella is also there with some brand new plushie heads in her new activity: Plushie Farm! Exciting, isn’t it?

Those three activities + the Buttership game will earn you Game Tickets which you will be able to spend on...

Butterbrew Store Releases

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Greetings, witches and wizards!

Autumn is approaching, and we can soon finally celebrate the Butterbrew Festival! That said, the Store team is thrilled to announce the Butterbrew Store Releases! This includes our regular seasonal butterbrew-themed items, a brand-new seasonal item, and a new permanent one! The seasonal items will stay until September 30. These are the items available to you:
  • NEW Harvest Scenery: Live in the fields of Appleby with this cosy scenery!
  • NEW and SEASONAL Pet Butterbrew Balloon: Celebrate this year's Butterbrew Festival with a brand-new companion!
  • SEASONAL Butterbrew Festival Hat: Let your inner party spirit out during the Butterbrew Festival with this festive hat!
  • SEASONAL Butterbrew Tankard Hat: Show off your newly brewed butterbrew in a tankard at the top of your head!
  • SEASONAL Barrel of Butterbrew Hat: Is a tankard of butterbrew not enough? If so, this barrel of butterbrew might do!
You can check these out in the New Releases section of our store. Remember that the seasonal items are only available for a limited time, so make sure you get them while you can! If you wish to preview the items before purchasing them from the webstore or Potter Points store, check out the In-Game Store! The scenery will be available for preview shortly.

The Daily Diviner - Issue 92

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Server Spotlight


Challenging the Summer Heat
Written by SnowyKitty
Edited by snotflower

With the second half of the year starting last month, we've been getting exciting new updates rolling in. The House Cup has been reset, new maps have rotated into use for your favourite minigames, and of course, a...

Harvest Store Releases

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Greetings, witches and wizards!

We are excited to unveil the Harvest Store Releases! Join the summer and autumn vibes with a range of fresh new items, including beautiful pets, a bright broom, and the cutest new hat to show off! We can't wait to see these in style this month!

Our full list of items is as follows:
  • Pet Falcon: Enjoy a grand falcon soaring at your side!
  • Pet Butterfly: This beautiful new pet will fly wherever you go, bringing stunning azure with you!
  • Bear Ears: Exude cuteness with the adorable bear ears!
  • Fruit Basket Warp Key: Skip around this sunny weather with a lovely picnic basket at your side, filled with fruit!
  • Sunflower Broom: Fly over the skies with a giant sunflower!
For more information about each item, visit the New Releases category of our store! Are you curious about how they look in-game? Check out our in-game store before purchasing them from the webstore or the Potter Points store!

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