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Anniversary Event Competition Winners

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With all competition voting concluded, we are ready to announce the winners of the 6th Anniversary Event Competitions! Before listing the winners we'd like to thank everyone for participating. There were many fantastic stories, poems, and skins and it was difficult for our judge's to pick their favorites. We'd also like to thank everyone who voted in the skin competition! We received a total of 163 votes!

Now here are our winners...

Skin Competition:
- Fan Favorite: siM0AN
- Judge's Pick: Mxegan

Writing Competition:
- Story: Silquer
- Poem: Aviforma

Congratulations to our four winners! All winners should have received their 500 Potter Points. To get your special trophy, please make a ticket in-game and a staff member will give it to you.

Hogsworth's 2020 Graduation

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Hogsworth is celebrating those who are graduating this year! Talk to Droobledore in the Great Hall to travel to the event. Droobledore is also selling collectables at the event to remember this wondrous celebration! The Graduation Ceremony will be open until June 27th.

Implementation - WhirlwindWar, Ralie, xAutumnn, and FLiiiPENDO
Build - RobotWizz, _laurenn, PotatoEmma, Spaghelle, Floralish, JustMaxHell, Sorcellerie, Snowys, and Surisan
Skins - Ralie
Graduation Cap Model - RobotWizz

Anniversary Event Competition Update

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Hello everyone!

Thank you to all who submitted to our skin and writing competitions! We're excited to begin the voting period for the skin competition's Fan Favorite award! From now until the 15th of June at 12pm PST, all players will be able to vote for their top two skins.

There has been a location set up that showcases the great skins that have been submitted! Go to the Announcements GUI in /me to travel to the Skin Showcase. We recommend taking a full look at the skins before voting here.

On the 16th of June, both the winners of the skin & writing competitions will be announced! All winners will receive 500 Potter Points, a special trophy, and the winners of the writing competition will have their pieces featured in the Daily Diviner!

Get voting everyone and good luck! If you have any questions, please message either the Head or Assistant of Media.

Default Scenery Revamp

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Hello everyone!

We're excited to announce that we have given the default scenery a completely new look, and most exciting of all it's free to use for everyone!

This revamped scenery should already be in your scenery selector GUI, give it a try!
For more spectacular sceneries check out our store here!

Built by: Blizz

Pride Festival 2020

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Honor the LGBT+ community this year at Hogsworth’s very own Pride Festival! Talk to Dean in the Greathall Courtyard to help plan for the festivities. Travel to the Transfiguration Courtyard to enjoy the festival and purchase collectables! The Festival will be open until June 27th.

Build - Blizz, Floralish, Spaghelle, and RobotWizz
Implementation - Miss_Strudel, maddinq, NSgaming, Aviforma, GarrisonTM, and xAutumnn
Pride Flag Model - Droobledore

June 2020 Store Release

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June Store Releases2.png

Greetings witches and wizards!

With the destruction of the allegiance bases, we have added 3 allegiance themed death effects to the store!

Summer is also upon us, so take this time to buy your very own pair of sunglasses! And if you have ever wanted to show that you are royalty... worry no longer! You now can with the Royal Crown.

Visit the store by clicking here!

Roleplay - Destruction of the Bases

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The two Allegiance bases have been attacked! They were destroyed beyond repair and have forced all the members to evacuate. Players may venture into the bases to retrieve hidden items and exchange them for new collectables - though be careful!

Check out the newest Daily Diviner Breaking News article to find out more! The event will remain available until June 22nd - stay safe!

Gameplay Creation - Roleplay Team
Implementation - Joelowo, Miss_Strudel, xAutumnn, NSgaming
Destroyed Bases - Build Team

Revelius Q&A - Feedback Response

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In the wake of the Revelius Q&A, we received a ton of valuable feedback! We hear you loud and clear, and thank you for bringing up your feedback to us! We have decided to adjust some of the things we had planned, specifically in regards to brooms and spell trees:

We have heard you guys loud and clear, you guys want to keep the brooms you have worked so hard to earn! That is totally understandable and we agree. You will now be able to retain your hard-earned brooms! We will have to make a few changes to the speed of the brooms in order to balance them with the new world, but you will get to keep it and it will function as a broom! All names will remain the same, and the descriptions will be improved to feel more magical, but that's it!

Additionally, these brooms will become tradeable, so you're able to sell them at a later date!

Profession Prefixes
After hearing your feedback, we want to recognize...

Skin Arithmancer Applications - Closed

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App - Arithmancer Apps.png

Hello everyone!

The Skin Arithmancer applications have now closed. The few remaining applications are still being looked at and will hear back from us soon.
Thank you to everyone who applied!

If you do have any questions regarding the applications, feel free to message the Head of Media.

Anniversary Store Sale

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6th Anniversary Sale.png

Hello witches & wizards!

On this day six years ago, Potterworld opened its doors to the public! To celebrate six years of Potterworld, we've got an anniversary sale on our store for a limited time. Until the 20th of May, all items on our store (excluding event items) will receive up to 40% off!

Note: This sale does not apply to our Potter Points shop in-game.
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