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The Daily Diviner - Issue 82

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Server Spotlight


Potterworld Staff Applications
Written by Silquer
Edited by Calliequeen

A fresh breeze is in the air, and...

Playful Pups Store Releases

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Greetings, witches and wizards!

The Store team is thrilled to announce this month's release, the Playful Pups Store Releases! Find your perfect match from this array of three new adorable pet dogs, with both puppy and adult versions! Additionally, we have created two new bundles to coincide with the spring season! The items are as follows:
  • Pet German Shepherd: This self-confident friend will follow you on all your adventures fearlessly!
  • Pet Golden Retriever: Have you had a hectic day? This buddy will show you all its care and love to calm you down!
  • Pet Husky: Without hesitation, this high-energy companion will follow you in the chilly mornings, warmer days, and frosty nights!
  • Dog Ears: Disguise yourself as a dog using this pair of ears! They come with and without a snout!
  • Cherry Blossom Scenery: Surround yourself with beautiful blooming cherry blossoms and peaceful temples. The calming breeze is in the air as spring is finally here.
  • Spring Bundle: Equip yourself with some of our spring-themed items for spring! This includes:
    • Rainbow Flower Crown
    • The Flower Staff
    • Spring Emotes
  • Cherry Blossom Bundle: Bring beauty to life with these cherry blossom and pink-themed items! This includes:
    • The Cherry Blossom Staff
    • Cherry Blossom Broom
    • Pink Fireworks Death Effects...

Cherry Blossom Festivals at Mahounoshiro - Spring Event 2023

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Spring is here! Get ready for a relaxing trip to the Mahounoshiro School of Magic. Take in the beautiful blooming cherry blossom trees as you explore the school and nearby park. Speak to Kevin just outside of the Great Hall to begin your vacation! You may even run into a few new fluffy friends along the way.

The Spring Event will be available from April 1st to April 29th.

Egg Hunt
After completing the intro quest, you'll notice hidden eggs all over the school and at the park. Collect eggs and talk to Zenia at Mahounoshiro in order to unlock cool rewards!

Repeatable Gameplay
There are 5 side quests for this event. 4 can be repeated every 12 hours until the end of the event. The 5th quest, which is Doggy Daycare Matchmaker, can be repeated every 12 hours up to 9 times total.

There are droppers, parkours, mazes, and an elytra available to earn additional Event Tokens.

Additionally, minigames in /games will be rewarding Event Tokens for the duration of the event.

You can purchase rewards such as banners, heads, and collectables using Event Tokens at the Mahounoshiro courtyard. There are also new rewards available to unlock and purchase from Zenia near the dog shelter at Mahounoshiro. You will be able to trade Event Tokens in for Gold at a 1-to-1 ratio at the Rewards NPC, and you will be able to trade in extra eggs for Event Tokens at Zenia at a 2-to-1 ratio.

Content Creation:

Event Builds:
JustMaxHell, xNiels_, annebanane, ForbiddenPlaces, Blizz, daniloelnino, Droobledore, Lord_Telion, Zis_Craft, Eimly

Bertnana, Bloopish, Bwunie, jesseafar, kaae, queenofspacerats, Ralie, SalamiBaby123, Sorcellerie, zZalt

Testing + Feedback:
Aglyn, AzureAsh...

2023 Season 1 Arena Champions

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Over the past 3 months, many witches and wizards have been competing in Dueling and Flying Challenges with the goal of becoming the top wizard at Hogsworth! We'd like to congratulate jacquas, Davologies, and TallBlondeDude for becoming our 2023 Season 1 Arena Champions!

Overall Category
Winning this category requires being on top of your game for both Dueling, Flying, and other Challenge types we may have. Congratulations to jacquas for coming in first!
Final Overall Arena Score: 125
Final Dueling Arena Score: 70
Final Flying Arena Score: 51

Dueling Category
Winning this category requires consistently being the top duelist. Congratulations to TallBlondeDude for coming in first!
Final Overall Arena Score: 99
Final Dueling Arena Score: 53
Final Flying Arena Score: 35

Flying Category
Winning this category requires consistently being the top flier. Congratulations to Davologies for coming in first!
Final Overall Arena Score: 120
Final Dueling Arena Score: 39
Final Flying Arena Score: 55

For those of you who made it onto the top 6 leaderboard, you have all received 50 Arena Tokens for your hard work throughout the Season!

Final Top 6 Leaderboard Players
1. jacquas - 125 Arena Score
2. Davologies - 120 Arena Score
3. TallBlondeDude - 99 Arena Score
4. [COLOR=rgb(65, 168...

House Cup March 2023

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We would like to congratulate Serpent on winning the House Cup for the first quarter of 2023!

Here are the final results:
:serpent: 13649
:raven: 11676
:honeybadger: 10394
:griffin: 5415

Talk to the Carnage Count NPC outside of the Great Hall to celebrate the victory with us!

The next House Cup will be awarded in late June! Good luck to all houses!

Monthly Art Giveaway - April 2023

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undefined - Imgur (19).png

Hello witches and wizards!

As April begins, we are excited to announce the winner of last month's giveaway, as well as announce this month's new prompt!

In March, we had so many incredible pieces of art submitted that fit the flowers prompt! From fantastic and colorful art creations to wonderfully taken photos, those in our art community showed their talent once again! And so, without further ado, the March winner is… Iris304! They will receive the prize of 150 Potter Points and 100 House Points today.

Now onto the April giveaway & theme!

To reiterate, the Monthly Art Giveaway is a way for players to create any art form (MC build, render, drawing, writing, craft, etc.) while fitting a specific theme. One winner will be randomly picked at the end of the month, and will receive 150 Potter Points and 100 House Points!

This month's prompt is to create a piece that includes pets! This can be anything from an animal you'd like as a pet, your own pet, or even a friend's pet.

Giveaway Guidelines:
- One prompt will be released every month. All submissions must follow this prompt, submissions that do not will not be entered.​
- The submissions may be ANY form of art (builds, writing, drawing, renders, music, photos, etc.) as long as you are able to share it with us.​
- Submissions must be submitted on the Art Discord in the #monthly-giveaway channel. IGN must be included for...​

Potterworld Wiki: New Pages & Edits [March 31st 2023]

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Greetings everyone!

The Scribe team is excited to release the next set of patch notes for the Potterworld Wiki! This batch will be going through new pages, edits, and rewrites that have been implemented since the previous patch notes, specifically from January 31st to today, March 31st!

New Pages:
Below is the list and links to the new pages that have been written and implemented onto the wiki!

Rewritten Pages:
In addition to new pages, previously existing NPC pages has been rewritten to include new lore about the NPCs!

WizNewsletter - March 2023

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Created in October of 2020, the WizNewsletter serves as a way for students and staff to recap on the month's updates. WizNetworkers spend countless hours researching, writing, editing, and implementing each section so that the happenings of the wizarding world do not go unnoticed. Let’s get into the news from the past month!


Application Updates
Unfortunately, our Java Developer applications are closed until further notice. However, Post...​
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