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New Potter Points Shop

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Potter Points Shop.png

Hello everyone!

As Tebex has discontinued virtual currency, Potter Points are no longer able to be used on our webstore. However, over the past couple of weeks, we have worked out an alternative so those of you with Potter Points can once again purchase store items!

The new Potter Points Shop can be found right at the entrance of Diagonal Lane.

Potter Points are an in-game currency used for website store purchases. 100 Potter Points is equivalent to $1.00 USD. As a player, you can obtain Potter Points by winning tournaments and other competitions/contests that we host.

The Return of Spell Wars

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Hey everyone!

After some work behind the scenes, we’re happy to announce that Spell Wars is finally back! We believe we have fixed the issues with the regeneration, and also made a few small changes behind the scenes.

We would love to hear what you think about this minigame. It’s one of our oldest minigames, and it’s the minigame that has received the most changes throughout its life -- and it’s going to receive more in the future! We’re still trying to figure out what works, and what doesn't work.

Nevertheless, we hope you enjoy having this game back! If you notice any issues with the game, please let us know immediately. Stay safe everyone!

Housing Awards: Voting

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Hello everyone!

We're excited to announce that the voting for the Housing Awards can finally commence. After a careful review from our panel of judges we've compiled a list of awards and nominees, which we need you to vote for.

The awards to be won are;
- Coziest Cottage
- House of Grandeur
- Natural Splendor
- Mysterious Manor
- Labour of Love

of which 'Labour of Love' is our main award - formerly known as 'Best House' with extra rewards!

Please read the form carefully, as it will have more information about what each award stands for and what to look out for when voting for a nominee.
It's recommended that you use our housing viewer from the 'Housing Awards' NPC near the Great Hall whilst filling out the form, it is just like our scenery viewer found at Ernie's Estate - I highly recommend you use the viewer whilst/before voting with the form.
If you're curious about the rewards you can read the previous announcement found...

Spring Festival 2020

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Hop on to Potterworld for our annual Spring Festival! This year is being celebrated inside the burrows of 3 booming candy companies, with the goal of producing as many of their new candy, Choco Bunnies, as possible! Travel to the Recruiter NPC in the Great Hall Courtyard to enter the tunnels!

There are three bunny companies that are competing to see who can make the most Choco Bunnies. The company with the most Choco Bunnies by the end of the event (May 2nd) will receive an exclusive reward!

The bunny companies are:
- Delectable Magical Delights > Delly's
- Million-Hares Chocolates > Hare's
- Hop’s Sugary Delights > Hop's

Each company has its very own headquarters in the tunnels. Follow the colored carpet to find them!

Obtain ingredients from various methods throughout the tunnels, then brew a potion to combine with chocolate in order to create a Choco Bunny! The potion brewing in this event is our...

Coming Soon... the Spring Festival!

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Get hopping! The Spring Festival will be starting today at 12pm PST!
More information coming soon!

Revelius - Coming July 4th

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We're extremely excited to announce the long-awaited Revelius Update is coming this Summer on July 4th!

With a new world map, loads of quests, updated magic, and more, we can't wait for all of you to enjoy the content we've been working on for the past year! We have more in-depth information coming soon, but for now head to our website page dedicated to the update here.

April 2020 Store Releases

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Greetings witches and wizards!

It might be April Fool's Day, but this is no joke! We have released some new store items that you can access on our store here!

This month's new store releases include:
  • Four Bowler Hats (Red, Yellow, Blue, Green)
  • Flower Staff
  • Kindness Emote Pack (10 emotes!)
  • Rubber Duck Pet
  • Sheep Pet
We hope you'll enjoy these new items! Stay safe everyone during these tough times!

March 2020 House Cup

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We’d like to congratulate Griffin for being the winners of the first quarter of 2020!

Here is the final tally of house points:
:griffin:Griffin 22,217 points
:honeybadger:Honeybadger 19,311 points
:serpent:Serpent 18,207 points
:raven:Raven 14,229 points

This follows an emphatic victory for Griffin in the House Pride event! The final standings were as follows:
:griffin:Griffin 201,860 pride points
:serpent:Serpent 186,788 pride points
:honeybadger:Honeybadger 148,744 pride points
:raven:Raven 147,899 pride points

Celebrations have now begun in the Great Hall courtyard and will remain until April 11th. The next House Cup will be rewarded on June 27th!

Daily Diviner Writer Applications - Closed

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Hello everyone!

The Daily Diviner Writer applications have now closed. The few remaining applications are still being looked at and we hope to hire new members very soon.
Thank you to everyone who applied!

If you do have any questions regarding the applications, feel free to message the Head of Media.

Development Updates: 03/22/2020

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Hi everyone! I’m excited to bring you an update from the development team.

Reset is back, again!
We believe this time, we have nailed all the bugs with /reset. There were a couple of issues that gave some players extra spells, and /reset deleting some important data about the player. These were not simple fixes, but we believe it should be fixed now!

You can purchase a reset token from the store for free once a month. Your entire character will be reset, apart from your store items and event spells.

Housing changes
It’s no secret that Housing has been super unstable lately. We took a super close look at it today, and made some significant changes that seem really promising!

We’ve also added a couple of frequently requested features!
  • /house fly - this is a premium option that can be purchased for 20,000 gold. Once purchased, you may use the command whenever you like. This only works for the plot owner...
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