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Tranquil Store Releases

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Greetings witches and wizards,

With daylight savings now underway, and the season of pranks upon us, we're excited to announce our new Tranquil Store Releases! Just like the clocks, we've travelled through time to bring some player suggestions to life with the Pet Panda and Galaxy Scenery! If that's not enough to tempt you, why not celebrate April Fool's Day with our new Transfiguration Emotes? The full list of items included in this release is:
  • NEW Galaxy Scenery: Are the limitations of Earth cramping your style? Take your housing out of this world with this brand new scenery!
  • NEW Pet Panda: This cuddly little bear will be there for you every season of the year!
  • NEW The Sun Staff: Shine bright like a ray of sun with this brand new staff, perfect for blinding your enemies on the battlefield!
  • NEW Transfiguration Emotes: Transform your friends into items and animals aplenty with our all new transfiguration emotes! The emotes included in this bundle are:
    • Transform into a Rat
    • Transform into a Teapot
    • Transform into a Toad
    • Transform into a Worm
    • Transform into an Armchair
If you're looking for more prank-worthy items, why not check out our existing Joke Glasses hat, or even The Magician's Wand?

For more information about the new items, check out the New Releases category of our store! The featured items can be found in the Hats and...

House Cup March 2024

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We would like to congratulate Griffin on winning the House Cup for the first quarter of 2024!

Here are the final results:
:griffin: 14,079
:raven: 11,316
:serpent: 10,373
:honeybadger: 5,619

Talk to the Basically Beheaded Benjamin NPC outside of the Great Hall to celebrate the victory with us!

The next House Cup will be awarded in June! Good luck to all houses!

Victory Area Build Credits:
annabanane, CraftyKanna, eimly, _xNadine

Development Blog - March 2024

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Hello everybody!

Welcome to our first Development Blog of 2024! It’s been a hot second since our last blog, but nevertheless we’ve been hard at work. Since our last blog in July of last year, we have made significant progress on our 1.16 server upgrade, our Discord Bot, and various other quick wins along the way!

If you are interested in seeing our last 1.16 progress update or find out more about the Discord Bot revamp we are doing, please make sure to read our July 2023 Development Blog.

July 2023 Development Blog
In our last blog we spoke about our latest hurdles encountered as part of our 1.16 rewrite and how we addressed them. We also gave an insight into the new position of JavaScript Developer and outlined our goals for the Discord Bot rewrite.

For this blog, we’ll be covering these topics:
Our Recent Achievements
1.16 Progress Update
Discord Bot Progress Update
The Future

Let's go!

Our Recent Achievements

Our main focus of 2023 was to work away on our 1.16 upgrade. However that didn’t mean we turned our attention away from important server upkeep tasks and fun QOL additions!

Minigame Lag
Earlier this year we significantly overhauled the way we set up our minigame servers in order to address serious lag issues. Players would frequently report that upon joining minigames they would be hit with huge lag spikes. Ultimately this was caused by the way we loaded data into our minigames.


Monthly Art Giveaway - April 2024

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Hello witches, wizards, and other magical fellows!

As April begins, we are excited to announce the winner of last month's giveaway, as well as announce this month's new prompt!

In March, we had so many incredible pieces of art submitted that fit the theme of winter wonderland. From beautiful and blossoming art pieces to wonderful builds, those in our art community showcased their talents once again! And so, without further ado, the March winner is… Dismana! They will receive the prize of a $5.00 Gift Card and 100 House Points today.

Now onto the April giveaway & theme!

To reiterate, the Monthly Art Giveaway is a way for players to create any art form (MC build, render, drawing, writing, craft, etc.) while fitting a specific theme. One winner will be randomly picked at the end of the month, and will receive a $5.00 Gift Card and 100 House Points!

This month's prompt is to create something that follows the theme of Mythology to honor one of our recent releases! We can't wait to see what you create!

Giveaway Guidelines:
- One prompt will be released every month. All submissions must follow this prompt, submissions that do not will not be entered.​
- The submissions may be ANY form of art (builds, writing, drawing, renders, music, photos, etc.) as long as you are able to share it with us.​
- Submissions must be submitted on the Art Discord in the #monthly-giveaway channel. IGN must be included for the...​

Housing Resets Release

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Greetings, witches and wizards!

We are beyond excited to announce the long-awaited Housing Reset Release! This update releases a new purchasable token, allowing players to reset their housing plot only. Let's delve deeper into how this works!

How does this work?
To purchase the token, navigate to either the Game Services, Housing Sceneries, or New Releases category of the store. You can find a Housing Reset token in that category and add it to your cart. Next, you can either check out through the green checkout button or browse for more items you want.

A confirmation message appears in-game when you have successfully purchased the token. You can view how many tokens you have via the /balance command. To use a token, go to your housing (/home), speak to the house-elf, and click on the GUI icon in the top-right corner. Please note that this action is irreversible, and we cannot restore your housing once it has been reset.

What is and is not reset?
Your entire housing is reset, including your builds, chests, and the contents of your chests. Moreover, your scenery will be set to the default scenery. However, you will keep any scenery you have purchased or earned from our store, shops, and gameplay and can re-equip it with the /house scenery command. Furthermore, you keep your housing plot size.

Head to the...

The Daily Diviner - Issue 106

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Server Spotlight


Hopping into Store Springwear
Written by Silquer
Edited by...

St. Patrick's Store Releases

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Greetings, witches and wizards,

Happy St. Patrick's Day! We're overjoyed to bring back the luck of the Irish again. To celebrate, our seasonal St. Patrick's Day-themed items will return to the store for the rest of March:

  • SEASONAL & REDUCED Pet Leprechaun: Bring a mischievous leprechaun on your adventures for extra good luck! Beware of their trickery, though!
    • Reduced from $11.00 to $7.00 this year!
  • SEASONAL Leprechaun Hat: A green hat decorated by a four-leaf clover - perfect for stopping yourself from getting pinched!
  • SEASONAL The Staff of Luck: Increase your luck with this elegant staff, containing a four-leaf clover at the centre!
  • SEASONAL The Lucky Wand: Spread luck and magic around the world using this graceful wand!
  • SEASONAL St. Paddy's Day Emotes: Give a four-leaf clover to your friend, pinch them for not wearing green, and much more with this emote pack! The following emotes are included:
    • Give 4-Leaf Clover
    • Pinch
    • Search for Gold
    • Share Lucky Charms
    • Wish Luck

All the St. Patrick's Day items will remain available until April 1, at 12am PST, so grab them while you can! You can find the items in the New Releases category of the store, as well as in the Potter Points store. You can also preview all these items in the in-game store!

March 2024 Hidden Coupon

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Greetings, witches and wizards!

We are excited to announce the release of this month's hidden coupon! Each month, we release riddles and puzzles around the world and on our store, with the first to crack the codes and find items in-game winning the month's coupon. Our hidden coupons are released on the third weekend of each month.

This gift card can only be obtained by one lucky player and is hidden well. We have used locations which are especially easily accessible for players this month!

Each gift card can only be obtained once and will give the player who finds it $5.00 to spend for free on our store! Owned coupons can be checked in /me and are valid for 6 months from release. These can be used to purchase items from our store and also lower the price you have to pay for items.

This month we have introduced a new rule, that you cannot win if you have won the previous month's coupon. This is to ensure that many players can have a chance at the coupon and to share rewards.

For this month's hidden gift card, head to the store for a crowning reward!
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