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Werewolf Fundraiser Media Competition Winners

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Werewolf Fundraiser Banner2.png

Hello Witches & Wizards!

With submissions & judge's voting concluded, we are ready to announce the winners of the Werewolf Fundraiser Media Competition! There were many fantastic submissions and we all loved seeing your guys' creativity. Thank you to all of you who participated in order to support werewolf rights!

Now here are our winners...
1st Place: xCL_
2nd Place: OcelotGuardian
3rd Place: HektorTM

Congratulations to our three winners! All winners should have received their Potter Points. To get your special trophy, please make a ticket in-game and a staff member will give it to you.
Competition Winners.png

October 2020 Community Engagament

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Greetings all!

The Inquisitorial Squad would like to invite you all to our Community Engagement events for the month of October! There will be two opportunities to participate: October 17th at 7pm PST and October 31st at 8am PST. This will take place in the Courtyard voice channel on Discord and in-game.

We're looking forward to celebrating Halloween and the month of October with you all! Feel free to reach out to the Lead Inquisitor via Discord if you have any questions.

October Store Releases

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October Store Releases.png

Greetings, witches and wizards!

It is the very spooky month of October and to celebrate the beginning of a new month once more, we have some spooky new store items for you all to enjoy! We have also brought back two items to be bought for this month only! You can purchase these items by clicking here!

This month's store releases include:
  • Riddleyard Scenery
  • Vacuum Broom Appearance
  • Halloween Emotes
  • Jack-o'-Lantern Mask
  • Plague Mask
We hope you enjoy these items!

These items are also available for purchase on the Potter Points store!


Jr. Prefect Applications - Reopened

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Hello everyone!

We've noticed an increase in demand for more Jr. Prefects, which is why we are happy to announce that Jr. Prefect applications have been reopened! Applications will remain open until further notice. We look forward to your applications, and we’re excited to bring some new moderators to the team!

Please make sure you meet all requirements before applying. If interested in learning more or applying for this position, you can click here.

Best of luck to all applicants!

Werewolf Fundraiser Media Competition

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Werewolf Fundraiser Banner.png

Hello Witches & Wizards!

During the Werewolf Rally at the Ministry of Magicians, our Chief Aurorlock Matt Griffiths passed new laws to protect werewolf lives! We are now handing it to you, the community, to assist the Werewolf community with a fundraiser. Every submission helps us donate 10 bottles of Wolfsbane Potion to a Werewolf in need!

Show your support for Werewolves by submitting any form of art following the Werewolf theme! This includes, but is not limited to drawings (traditional, digital), renders, screenshots/photos, graphics, skins, food/cooking art, and more.

All submissions must be submitted through this form by October 6th at 12pm PST.
Social Media Publishers & Seers will be judging and will pick a 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place.

- 1st Place: 700 Potter Points & a special collectible
- 2nd Place: 500 Potter Points & a special collectible
- 3rd Place: 300 Potter Points & a special collectible

- Social Media Publishers & Seers are not allowed to participate.
- No inappropriate or joke submissions.
- Your submission must be custom made by you.
- All files should be in JPG or PNG.

For any questions or if you want to change your submission, please message the Head of Media via Discord (sunnya#6761).

Good luck everyone and we can't wait to see your submissions!

Discord Improvements

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Greetings everyone! We’ve made some exciting improvements to our wonderful Discord server!

Introducing Notification Roles
Have you ever wanted to get pinged when something you love is sent in a channel? Well, you now can! We’ve added 7 new roles that you can get. These roles are: Announcements, Classes, Community Events, Gameplay, Media, Tournaments and Roleplay! We might add more in the future if we realize that we need more.

This means that anytime we make announcements for e.g. Tournaments, we will mention the @Tournaments role, so you get pinged if you have the role.

Role Sorters
With these notification roles, some the roles viewing section can get quite ugly and messy. This is why we’ve added role sorters! This is one hundred percent automatic, and they simply do this:

Merging Some Channels
We wanted a place where we could post frequent announcements about our Community Events that the Inquisitorial Squad are hosting. Instead of adding a completely new one, we decided to merge some!

#tournament-updates and #roleplay-updates have now been merged into a #community-updates channel. It might become a bit cluttered with the different types of announcements, but that’s why we have notification roles! Give yourself a role, and you’ll only get pinged for the announcements *you* want.

That’s it for now! We’re constantly looking for ways to improve our Discord server, so if you have any suggestions, please feel free to make a post in the feedback section. Thank you all, and we hope you enjoy this update!

September 2020 Community Engagement

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Hello friends!

The Inquisitorial Squad is pleased to extend an invitation to all of you for our very first Community Engagement event on September 12 at 7pm PST. This will take place in the Courtyard voice channel on Discord and in-game.

As mentioned in our previous announcement, the Inquisitors will be hosting two Community Engagement sessions per month. If you miss tomorrow's scheduled Community Engagement time, we hope you can join us September 26 at 8am PST.

We look forward to seeing you all in-game and on Discord and play some minigames together! If you have any questions, feel free to reach out to the Lead Inquisitor via Discord.

Store Updates | 9/10/2020

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Wand Names Update.png

Greetings, witches and wizards!

Over the past week, us Store Managers have worked hard on updating and improving the store to provide a better experience for you all and even give you guys some extra perks! We’re working on further improving the store so look out for those changes!

Wand Names
If you have purchased a Wand Enhancement or Allegiance/Club Package, you will see that in your Wand Names in “/wands”, there are new wand names to pick from. The original wand name from each package will be kept too. These new wand names are:

Phoenix: Flameheart
Aurorlock: Lawkeeper
Dark Follower: Deathbringer
S.P.E.W.: Rightsgiver
Werewolf: Nighthowler

We have also changed our rules on nicknames slightly. You may now include multiple underscores, dots and dashes in your nickname so long as it makes sense. Staff members will be the judge of this!

Alongside the new wand names, we’ve officially added a way for you guys to actually change your wand name. There is a new button in the “/wands” GUI to access these wand names. Additionally, we have updated the “/hats” GUI to separate hats and wearable wands for a more visually-appealing appearance.

Item Names
Finally, we have changed the names of a lot of store items. Examples include: “The Diadem” is now “Raven Diadem”, and “The Eye” is now “Magical Eye”. We felt as if the original names weren’t very appealing and we want to ensure everything, even the name of the item, is of high quality!

We Store Managers sincerely hope you all enjoy these changes!
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