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WizNewsletter - November 2020

Created in October of 2020, the WizNewsletter serves as a way for students and staff to recap on the month's updates. Social Media Publishers spend countless hours researching, writing, editing, and implementing each section so that the happenings of the wizarding world do not go unnoticed. Let’s get into the news from the past month!​



Builder applications reopened this past month, and they are looking for Builders of all skill levels to join their team! If you have been a Builder on the server in the past, message the Head or Assistant to Head of Build for a reinstatement application. If you have not, though, you can apply on the website. Although the applications will remain open until further notice, be sure to apply as soon as possible!​
Early in the month, there were a few store updates announced by the Store Managers. This included the "Black Friday-inspired" 50% off sale, plus the ability to gift another player an item. With the holidays coming up, we highly recommend purchasing the perfect gift from the Potterworld store for your friends, family, and Hogsworth professors.​

Over the past few weeks, the Game Design team has been slowly introducing some quality of life improvements and patches in-game. These changes relate to dueling and magic, travel, and general navigation in Hogsworth. We've got many more new improvements and gameplay additions coming soon so keep an eye out!​
Not long after the Vampire vs. Werewolf War, the Lorekeeper's Compendium was attacked. Individuals were able to search the destroyed building and uncover the truth of what happened. Many interactions and secrets were hidden and ready to be discovered. The event will be open until December 11th, so be sure to take a look before then!​
Lorekeepers Compendium.png

This month, the Inquisitorial Squad celebrated Friendsgiving during Community Engagement! Players got to make new friends and learn more about their old friends by participating in "Friendsgiving Bingo". Get your formal attire ready for December, as the Inquisitors are planning on hosting a live Winter Waltz!​
Nov Community Engagement.png

The winners of the Halloween Writing Competition were announced! A huge congratulations to Enzologies & mn614! The Potterwatch Directors are finishing up video versions of their two spooky stories. They will be released on the Potterworld YouTube channel and we encourage you all to watch them. Not only that, all those who participated in the competition were also awarded 200 Potter Points!​
During the month of November, both a dueling and a flying tournament were held by our amazing Arena Masters. We'd like to congratulate TweetTweetTilly and Expiroces for winning the 2v2 Dueling Tournament, and TweetTweetTilly and Sticktrees for their victory with the Flying Tournament. In addition, exciting new tournaments and challenges were announced to take place during certain months, such as sledding. For more information, make sure to check out the announcement on the forums!​
Class Helper: xCL_, Giiaa & KiraShock​
Jr. Architect: tokenace​
Sr. Builder: appauled & DarrenMp3​
Community Management
Lead Prefect: JustJada​
Lead Scribe: EricaEH​
Sr. Prefects: AshTM, Invisibilia, gospojken, & Laingy​
Prefects: Cateo & Kalaaaa​
Jr. Prefects: viewful, ItzGoddess, & Caroliin​
Poltergeists: SLGPoinsettara & HollyHek​
Inquisitor: YeetChris​
Scribe Publisher: Laingy​

Game Design
Lead Seer: NSgaming​
Lead Magiventologist: Miss_Strudel​
Lore Keeper: MistletoeMalla​
High Unspeakable: Zmooya​
Unspeakables: Joelowo & Joshios​
Magiventologists: JessicaTM, Chail3y, AshTM, & chatis1234​
Arena Master: Redmire​
Arena Squire: tanglr​
Media & Public Relations
Potterwatch Directors: Melioraa & Joshios​
2D Arithmancer: nicoella​