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WizNewsletter - October 2020

Created in October of 2020, the WizNewsletter serves as a way for students and staff to recap on the month's updates. Social Media Publishers spend countless hours researching, writing, editing, and implementing each section so that the happenings of the wizarding world do not go unnoticed. Let’s get into the news from the past month!​



Towards the middle of October, the Daily Diviner team opened up Editor applications. Editors are responsible for reviewing and giving feedback on upcoming articles for the Daily Diviner's bi-weekly publication. Their job is to ensure all writing is up-to-date, grammatically correct, and ready for the players of Potterworld to enjoy. We can't wait to see all of the new Editors joining the team.​

After much anticipation and excitement from players, Class Helper applications were reopened nearing the end of the month. This role's responsibilities include assisting professors in classes, grading assignments, answering class-related questions, and more. Academic bypass applications were also opened for anyone interested in the role under the age of 16. Good luck to anyone applying.​

The Media Leadership decided to close 2D Arithmancer applications this month. All applications currently open will be responded to in the coming weeks. Applications for this position will reopen when more members are needed.​
On the first, the Store Managers announced the October Store Releases. These exclusive items were only available until the end of the month. The items included in this release were the Halloween Emotes, Jack-o'-Lantern Mask, Plague Mask, the Vacuum Broom Appearance, and the brand new Riddleyard Scenery.​
This month, the Dev Team brought some changes to the server, among other bug fixes and improvements. Many back-end housing and minigame refinements were made, players can now use the /ping command, 1.14 has been disabled for the time being, backpacks and player scoreboards are in the works, and much more. Keep a lookout for some exciting new features, coming soon. Thank you to the Dev team for your continuous hard work.​
We saw the release of the new Vampire club package. Players are now able to join this new club and represent the Vampires. Those who purchase the pack will receive a special new prefix, vampire cowl, exclusive emotes, and more. Check out our store to purchase this exclusive package today.​
WizNewsletter - Vampire Package.png

Towards the very end of the month, the Werewolves and newly appeared Vampires went to war. After the Vampires stole the one-of-a-kind ingredient from the Ministry, the Werewolves had had enough. A video was released on the PotterworldMC YouTube channel showing the start of the event and revealing the new Roleplay Leaders, Vampire Queen Chailey and Werewolf Alpha Kade, along with their inner circle members, Vampire Count Aure. Players were then able to explore the two bases for a week, completing a maze and parkour to earn battle points. The Werewolves won the war with 7000 battle points while the Vampires had 5579 battle points. Players were also able to attend a live event on the 31st showcasing the final moments of the war.​
The Magiventologist team released its first-ever event for Halloween. Be among the first-ever witches and wizards to visit Haunted Hollow and meet the eclectic creatures and monsters who reside in this eerie town. Help out Haunted Hollow's residents with various quests in preparation for Halloween, buy some spooky scarves alongside other chilling rewards, and even participate in Haunted Hollow's annual Trick or Treating, amongst other challenges.​

Trains will be bringing guests over to Haunted Hollow for a limited time from now up until December 2nd, so be sure to visit before it is too late!​
WizNewsletter - Halloween.png

This September yet another House Cup quarter came to an end, and the Ravens came out victorious. They won by a landslide, with the Griffins trailing around 5,000 points behind. This time around, there were no courtyard decorations for the house cup. Instead, there was a reward that the Ravens could collect in /me. This reward included an Exam Time Turner, a Quill of Infinite Knowledge, and a book from the Raven Head of House, RobotWizz! Big congratulations to all of the Ravens, and good luck in this next quarter!​
Towards the end of September, a Werewolf Fundraiser event was hosted in response to the Werewolf Rally debate. Submissions were judged by Seers and Social Media Publishers and three winners were chosen. xCL_ won first place with an incredibly detailed build of a wolf and a human. OcelotGuardian came in second with a werewolf-themed poster. And finally, in third place, we had HektorTM with an amazing render of Harry, Hermione, and a werewolf in the forbidden forest. Congratulations to all of the winners and thank you to everyone who entered!​
Competition Winners.png

After last month's introduction to Community Engagement, the Inquisitorial Squad followed up September's activities with a Halloween-themed "Trick or Treating" scavenger hunt. Players had the opportunity to earn candy while solving riddles that hinted towards various wizarding residences across the Potterworld map! Keep an eye out for November's Community Engagement events on the second and fourth weekends of November, centered around Friendsgiving!​
We saw the release of a Halloween writing competition to get students in the spooky spirit. Hosted by the Media department, players could submit their scariest campfire stories for a chance to get their creations turned into a Potterwatch video, along with receiving other exclusive prizes. Keep a lookout for the results coming soon!​
This month's tournaments turned out to be quite the show! In the flying tournaments, after a grueling series of four races, Frebii emerged on top. There were 11 other flyers in this tournament that placed accordingly. In the dueling tournaments, there were 12 duelists competing in a couple of intense battles. In the end, MeowMeowMagma came out victorious with tonkwiu in a close second place. To learn more about the specifics of this month's dueling tournament, click here for a highlights video!​
WizNewsletter - Tournaments.png

The Academics department hosted a 24 Hours of Classes event, where new and exciting lessons were taught every hour on the hour. These classes ranged from Potions to Magical Crime Studies and were taught by various Professors and Head Staff members. We hope you enjoyed all of the fun class festivities and a special thanks to all of the Academics members who dedicated themselves to making this event possible!​
Leadership Team Changes
GarrisonTM > Assistant to Head of Community Management​
zachmath15 > Assistant to Head of Academics​
Jr. Professor: SophiaChi, PaulChi, & Salmandingo​
Class Helper: fobsux​
Sr. Builder: ArfArfLauren​
Community Management
Jr. Prefect: cyym & PancakeFollowers​
Wizencouncil: CarlieChi, FrostyObsidian & Invisibilia​
Poltergeist: SLGTara​
Inquisitor: Coobtoob & saphirite​
Scribe Publisher: TbhKate_​

Game Design
Lore Master: MakkChi​
Unspeakables: Magicath_, Sticktrees, TbhKate_, & blackcatwizard​
Arena Squire: Redmire​
Media & Public Relations
Performers: Joshios, JessicaTM, Reyai, Chail3y, MakkChi, Riviertje, & Joelowo​
3D Arithmancer: CleckShock​
2D Arithmancer: Cryms0n​
Technology & Development
Grounds Keepers: GarrisonTM & denssse​



Head of Media
Head Staff
Minecraft IGN: Sunnya
Aurorlock Dark Follower Staff Head Staff Phoenix Serpent Vampire Werewolf Artworker Sr. Director S.P.E.W Store Manager
Can't wait for November and the later months! ;)


Minecraft IGN: 1psaonly
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omg this is so good! thank you potterworld staff for providing us with this great update! you guys all work so hard, and it really adds to the potterworld community! thank you so much!