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September Finalists and Backups!

Kittt ProfessorDailyDivinerArena MasterStaff posted Sat at 17:44

Congratulations to Serpent on winning the September Dueling Tournament!

Serpent Students: punsthataregood, KingDeniiz, and SaltyMe

Katnip Congrats~
Pikachu_789 me salty
moonscar142000 hogwarts

Quarterly House Cup Winner - Raven!

abcdefgwynn SecretaryPwatch HeadStaffPhoenixo posted Sat at 17:15

Congratulations to house Raven on winning the Quarterly House Cup, October 2016! 

ShaeMinx hey Gwen how do you make the banners with the wands and the hats and stuff cos i am trying get one plz tell me how.
Lunar442 Ravens lets try to win the next house cup!!
Depressfu1 PrefectStaff Congratulations Ravens! 💙

Planned Maintenance & Potion Patches

Dannyy94 Head DevStaff posted Sat at 4:55

We have performed our database maintenance and the server is now back online

The server is now in maintenance mode, we have brought he maintenance period foward. We will update progress as we work. Thanks!

Greetings all,

We will performing planned database maintenance this weekend on Sunday the 25th of September 2016 at 13:00 UTC (6am PST)

During this time the network will be taken offline. We do not currently have an estimated amoung of time this will take. We will update this post with progress throughout the day. 

This will not interfere with the dueling tournament, as it has already happened!

Potion Patches

We've also made some patches to Potions! Here are the changes!

-The new book seller doesn't give you a physical book, it unlocks the potion digitally for you
-You can view the potion recipe by opening the cauldron and right clicking the potion, then left clicking will brew the potion!

Have fun <3

~Ɛѕмєяєℓ∂α Mσυѕιє~ Thanks Danny, Werter, the rest of the development team. ^-^ Was it just for potions, or did it also fix some little bugs...
elemeno_pee Uwkey maintenance zone = happy people
CookieMan2 Note to self: Write ode to Danny and the rest of the developing team

Prefect Apps are opening!

abcdefgwynn SecretaryPwatch HeadStaffPhoenixo posted Fri at 8:33

Hello everyone! Our Prefect applications will be open for one week starting today! They will close next Friday the 30th at 12pm PST! :) Good luck to all who apply!

Click here to read about the Prefect position!

Click here for the Prefect Application!

MagmaPhantom Is it an audition if you get accepted? What happens?
ShaeMinx What time will it be for me since i am an Aussie
Tangular123 Good Luck to everyone who applies! I can't wait to see all the new prefects

Developer Update

Dannyy94 Head DevStaff posted Sep 17, 16

Greetings everyone,

We've got a quick update this week from the development team:

  • New Potions trading NPC has been setup which allows players to trade potions for Potion Credits and Gold
  • Mailbox is now working again

Please take note of the following:

  • Potion credits will automatically be moved from the old plugin to the new one on login
  • The new potion trader does not sell potion books at the moment, this will be added shortly

Dannyy94 - Head of Development

ShaeMinx i am just going to say this kk the potion credit npc it cost to much i have 3 potion credits and i don't even know ...
MagmaPhantom BEST. DAY. EVER
CyanCleckShock PrefectStaffAurorlock Awesome news! Thanks Dannyy !
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