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Magical Spell Patchworks

[Owner] Droobledore HeadmasterStaffPhoenix posted Thu at 20:46

Salutations everyone!

   I have done a minor round of tweaking on some spells! Here are the changes below. Also, for those curious, I am working on new batch of graduate spells to add to our system! Look for more information on that soon!

- Bogies: Spell changed, instead of causing poison damage the spell now periodically tick hunger on the target. Removing 1 hunger per tick (up to 5 ticks at level 7). (For a sneak peek the poison function will be included in a NEW spell in the future!)

- Petrificus: Spell has a cast time and lower cooldown of 15 seconds.

- Rennervate/Flamefreeze: lower cooldown but higher cost.

-  Finite: Cooldown increased from 30 to 45 seconds and when casting now includes quickcast since it no longer targets anyone but yourself. Also, after casting the player has 1 second of invulnerability to damage.

I will be putting notes up on the new spells after I finish tweaking them! There will be 10 new spells!

Thanks everyone! Please leave feedback!

~ Headmaster Droobledore

Pinkfluffycloud :O i don't like to new Curse Of The Bogies
FinTheGrand I honestly really don't like the change with bogies. Otherwise, thanks for the update! :I
RdpGt Droobledore you did it again, you are making this world a better place

New Build - The Luna Hovel

abcdefgwynn SecretaryDirectorStaffPhoenix posted Aug 21, 16

Hey everyone! We are excited to announce another addition to the wonderful Ottery St. Catchpole,

The Luna Hovel!

Here, you can find new mobs, as well as many secrets in the caves underneath the house.

To get here, walk towards the Luna Hovel that you can see in the distance from the Dwelling. Once you travel far enough, you will magically appear there and you can continue exploring!

Have fun!

This was built by Droobledore, exhaledesire, and LordTelion. Great job guys!

bobbypiglover is it accessable via floo powder?
elemeno_pee I have steen soms screen trom beauxbatons how do you het there ?
Charon249 *anxiously waits for Malfoy Manor*

Open Prefect Applications

abcdefgwynn SecretaryDirectorStaffPhoenix posted Aug 15, 16

Hello everyone! Our Prefect applications will be open for one week starting today! They will close next Monday the 22nd at 12pm PST! :) Good luck to all who apply. 

This application is now closed! Thank you to all who applied <3

bobbypiglover Good Luck To everyone who has applied can't wait to see the results!
SaltyLuna Does being banned for a day mean u can't apply for Prefect?
ThatOneDemon_ Oh wow it ends on my birthday

Tests are now live again

Dannyy94 Head DevStaff posted Aug 15, 16

Hi all!

The replacement tests plugin is now live

Please note this system works slightly different from the previous:

  • You buy your test from the NPC (Once bought your copy of the test is owned until you take it)
  • You can take the test when you're ready by selecting my tests on the npc
  • All chat is stopped inbound / outbound when you're taking a test
  • You no longer need to hold a wand when buying a test, if you have a problem purchasing a test, hold your wand and type /wandsync

Have fun and happy testing!

Head of Development

Garthdarth90 What do you get for doing well/passing a test? Is it ACs? :o
NickSkys Real quick I want to sayyy a HUGEEE thk to the amazing dev team and all the amazing work and countless nights they have ...
Angel_Protecter YAY thanks so much will have fun doing the test that you make for us

Fine Arts Fair

Nymphadorable Head of S.Events LeadEvent StaffStaff posted Aug 14, 16

Hello Witches and Wizards!


The event staff is proud to announce that the Fine Arts Fair is now open!

After all the battles the event staff has brought you a fair to relax!

Take a stroll around and come across some beautiful artwork and creative writing that was made by our staff and players, or walk through the Cavern of Art where you will see the artwork of some of the famous masters from this era and beyond.


During this event we also have a schedule of some fun activities planned:


Monday 15th of August 2PM PST our Head of Griffin TJoo will teach you how to play the Ocarina! Come along and listen to the beautiful sounds or join him and play a tune together!


Tuesday 16th of August at 12PM PST _Emxly and _Rin will be hosting a karaoke event!

Join us on our teamspeak, listen in or test your skills by performing for a chance to win a wand appearance or 400 gold!


Thursday 18th of August at 12PM PST Darkatspock will be hosting a dance class! During this time she will be teaching you a special dance made just for this event. Bring a partner and enjoy the dance together!


Along with this event our Creative Writing / Poetry competition winners have been chosen.

Congratulations to the winners! Regardless of the placement all of you did an amazing job and the work was incredible!


Here is a list of all the winners:



Again congratulations to you all! As part of the grand prize all first place winners will be displayed in the fine arts fair, also there you will be able to purchase their amazing entries.  Winners please create a ticket (/t create [msg]) to receive your prize!


The event staff team hope you will get inspired by walking around the fair and find enjoyment of all the beautiful artwork!


Have an amazing time exploring the event.

- Event Staff

AtomicWizbiz I am really away when theirs all the fun stuff aren't I xD
Jin_Gaster How long will the fair last? Just curious
Blonny What if we can't bring a partner?
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