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    House Ghosts in DC

    i like this idea, pretty cute!
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    On-Hold Allow access to the Roleplay Hub from any town

    Hey @LordOfTheRiot, thank you for making this suggestion. We discussed your idea in the RP team and we really really liked it! This would definitely be really helpful, we'll be hoping to put an NPC of this type in every town to make it much easier for people to roleplay wherever they may be on...
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    The Roleplay Hub

    The Roleplay Hub We're introducing a brand new location to the server called the Roleplay Hub. From there, you will be able to access all Roleplay Base Builds and access any running events. Just speak to the Roleplay Hub NPC at the Headstaff table in the Great Hall to go there, then speak to the...
  4. Joel Crestello

    Declined Add Plants to the Map

    I think the map might get too cluttered if every single plant was added onto the map but it would be really helpful to put a list of plants found around a certain mob location (since they are usually found around mobs).
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    Move daily reward

    move the daily reward from the daily activities section to the general Me menu. I forgot it existed since the taskboard was removed, been missing out on a lot of gold
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    Under Review Ideas for herbology

    Pots; a portable system for plant growth and other ideas to improve herbology. Herbology has become different from what it used to be before and is now focused on the exploration and being a key part in cooking and potions. This, in a way, pushes it to the side and makes it less important -...
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    Duplicate Return Polls to discord

    Right now, suggestions are done in a very specific format: 1. player suggests something 2. poltergeist picks it up and brings it to the team to discuss 3. they discuss further, especially if its to do with specific departments n that 4. its decided whether its a good idea or not and the...
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    The Aurorlock Redemption Event

    The Aurorlock Base has been reopened! The Ministry of Magicians has helped our Chief Aurorlock rebuild the brand new department and has officially made the Aurorlock Offices open to the public. To attend this event, travel to the Ministry via the Telephone Box in London, enter the new...
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    Roleplay Section Information

    We have created this forum section to split Roleplay announcements from other discord channels and forum sections so you can directly find and keep up with Roleplay News. From now on, Roleplay Updates and Event announcements will be posted in #roleplay-updates and this forum section. We have...
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    Under Review Switch epifio casting

    Pretty simple. Switch casting on yourself to Left Click and casting on others to shift Left click. Or the option to choose which way you cast it.
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    Duplicate Where is Lacerum Incisis?

    There may be a quest introduced in the future that will allow players to get the spell, I'm pretty sure. It's just a matter of time :)
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    Declined Stop deleting old ingredients!

    I mean, they're already deleted so... Plus they were removed for a reason, they had no use in the new update.
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    Declined A "Quest Item" Bag

    Although it would be nice to have extra storage, most if not all quest-related items either get used or disappear after the quest is completed. So as long as you stay to quests in your level range, there shouldnt be any loose quest stuff in your inventory because you cannot complete a quest due...