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Winter Game Maps

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Hey everyone!

At the start of the event, you may have noticed a few new minigame maps that we've worked on and released! We hope you had a lot of fun with them, whether the map is old or new. However, we have a small treat for you! One NEW snowballing map and one NEW wand spleef map. We hope you can enjoy these through the rest of the festive period!


NEW Snowballing Map: Ice Castle
Travel and fight for your life in the magnificent Ice Castle, featuring grand and royal rooms to behold!
Made by: PotatoEmma, yuckitsemma, Angel, Dani, Zis and Jammi.


NEW Wand Spleef Map: Christmas Village
Behold the festive village surrounded by heartwarming Christmas sights!
Made by: PotatoEmma, Ocean, Zis and Jammi.

Thank you, and keep an eye out for more!
- The Architect Team

Holiday Sale ☃️

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Greetings witches and wizards!

We are delighted to announce we are having a Holiday Sale on our store! Enjoy 45% off the items available, to best celebrate, dress up, or maybe gift a nice hat or wand appearance to a classmate who helped you!

This sale will end on January 1st, so be quick to buy these items as it'll be over soon!

The Return of the Daily Diviner

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Hello everyone!

It is with great pleasure to announce that the Daily Diviner is back. In the past few months, all of the Daily Diviner team has worked really hard to rework it to something great. The writers, editors, and Lead Producers have given it their all the past few months to bring forth an all new Daily Diviner. While a lot things are familiar, there are some fun and exciting new things as well.

There are new article columns, which we hope you will enjoy. There is a brand new logo you might have already spotted. Last, but not least, we also have a new ways to read the Daily Diviner!

You still enjoy the Daily Diviner at your nearest news seller or enchanted newspaper. If you want something more physical in game, you can now get the books for free at the DD Seller in the main Daily Diviner office in Diagonal Lane! If you would like to read it here on the website, you can do that too! The Daily Diviner can now also be found on the forums right here.
The Daily Diviner will be published biweekly on Sunday.

We hope you enjoy the new Daily Diviner!

Reinstatement Protocol Update!

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The Reinstatement Protocol for PotterworldMC can now be found under our Help and Support section!
We will be updating the document linked here whenever protocols needs to be changed.

Please note that only major edits to this document will be announced, so any former team member seeking to make use of the protocols will need to ensure they have the current information found on the document.

For any questions or concerns, please contact the current Head of Department, or the Secretary to Headmaster.

24 Hours of Classes!

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Hello everyone!

I'm pleased to announce that, continuing with Christmas tradition, the Academics Department will be holding a 24 Hours of Classes! This will take place on Saturday December 21st, from midnight PST until 11pm PST!

How does it work?
  • On the hour every hour, a new class will start!
  • Each class will be approximately an hour in length to give yourself time to get to the next one if you choose
  • The normal class schedule will be suspended for 24 hours - none of those classes will happen, and we will follow the special 24 Hours of Classes schedule instead.

You can find the schedule for the day below, showing which professors will be teaching, what subject and when during the day they will happen! Note that there is a chance this schedule could change slightly if necessary.

Hopefully we can see you all there!

New Store Items!

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Hello everyone!

As we have reached December, a very beloved holiday month, we have enabled all holiday items on our webstore found here.

In addition to this, we have released some new store items:
  • Polar Bear Shapeshift
  • 2 Death Effects: Snowfall and Holiday Fireworks
  • Black and White Angel Wings
  • Magician's Wand
  • Bluefyre Fiend pet
We hope you'll enjoy these new items!

Winter Waltz 2019

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The Winter Waltz is here and this year it is being held at Dormunstrad! Though the people of Dormunstrad were prepared for a wonderful holiday, they’ve come to face a terrible problem. An unknown force has cursed Dormunstrad, freezing many of the main locations of the school with cursed ice. Talk to Kevin, in Hogsworth’s Great Hall Courtyard, to begin your adventure.

Forge Bluefyre in order to unfreeze five key locations in the castle! Bluefyre requires a few items found around the castle, as well as Holiday Spirit, which can be earned from most gameplay in the event. Unfreezing each location will unlock new rewards to purchase with Snowflakes. There are also many puzzles that can be found throughout the castle and a unique Escape Room challenge!

Additionally, Sledding, Snowballing and Wand Spleef has been enabled while the event is active. Enjoy these exclusive minigames for the next month!

Advent Calendar
The Advent Calendar has returned this year! Every two days, a new reward is available to collect from the Christmas trees at the entrance of Dormunstrad.

Old favourites have returned, as well as new ones! The list of rewards is as follows:
- NEW! North Pole Wand Appearance
- NEW! Bluefyre Staff Wand Appearance
- NEW! Wreath Hat
- NEW! Snowman Bag
- NEW! Scarf of Perseverence
- NEW! Bluefyre
- Dormunstrad Staff Wand Appearance
- Mistletoe Staff Wand Appearance
- Christmas Tree Broom Appearance
- Sled Broom Appearance
- Green Christmas Hat
- Cowboy Santa Hat
- Snowman Hat
- Christmas Tree Hat
- Snow Beanie Hat
- Reindeer Lights Antlers Hat
- Holiday Antlers Hat
- Mistletoe Crown Hat
- Christmas Snowball Spell

Black Friday weekend sale!

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Hello everyone!

We are celebrating Black Friday with 30% off all items until Monday, December 2nd!
Check out the store here.
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