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Rules Update

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Hello everyone!

On behalf of the Moderation department, we'd like to announce an update to the rules! I've recently gone through and updated all the rules to not only be more reflective of who we are as a server, but also to include a lot more detail than what they previously did. These are active immediately, so please make sure that you know them as you will be held accountable.

Please contact the Head of Moderation, or any other Head Staff or Sr. Prefect, on Discord, or submit a ticket in-game or on the website if you have any questions or concerns with the update.

All rules can be found by clicking here.

September 2019 House Cup

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We’d like to congratulate Ravens for being the winners of the 3rd quarter of 2019!

Here is the final tally of house points:
:raven: Raven 24,733 points
:honeybadger: Honeybadger 21,470 points
:griffin: Griffin 17,832 points
:serpent: Serpent 12,755 points

Celebrations have now begun in the Great Hall courtyard. The next House Cup will be rewarded on the 28th of December!

Class Helper Applications

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Hello everyone!

On behalf of the Academics Department I'm excited to announce that Class Helper applications are now open! We are excited to welcome some new people to the team!

Class Helper is the entry rank to the Academics Department, and you'll get the opportunity to help out Professors in classes and, if you want to, work towards becoming a Jr Professor one day!

Applications will be open indefinitely meaning there's no need to rush to apply - take your time over your application and make sure you are able to meet all the requirements (listed at the start) before submitting it. There's no longer a requirement to have a clean record (although it's still recommended) so make sure to apply if you can! Feel free to contact Head Staff if you have any questions.

Click here to find the application, and good luck!

Butterbrew Festival 2019

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The Butterbrew Festival has come to Hogsend once again with all new unique collectables and an exciting new challenge! Here's what's available this event:
- Purchase unique collectables at various shops around the festival.
- Play minigames and festive games to earn Event Tokens in order to purchase exclusive rewards.
- Attempt to complete the Butterbrew Trial Challenge to earn this event's scarf.

Thank you to all Game Design members who contributed to this event, and a special thanks to JustMaxHell for creating the build used for the Butterbrew Trial Challenge!

Enjoy the festivities! The event will remain open until October 14th.

Wizards' PE Released!

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Hello lovely students! Pack your wand and your PE kit and get ready to attend the new Wizards' PE Classes!

We are excited to be able to release the new, revamped Wizards' PE Classes for you all! These classes feature all new courses and a completely new way of completing the course. Combining the old aspects of parkour with new spell challenges, mazes and droppers, Wizards' PE has become a more interactive, magical and varied class! Choose your own course, explore iconic areas and find your way to the end to earn your ACs!

Wizards' PE will no longer be reserved for during events, so keep your eyes on the Class Updates channel on Discord for both surprised and scheduled classes soon!

I'd like to offer a huge thank you to all members of Class Design, both past and present, for all their work on this project, in particular KateTM and MiraMoose who made it their mission to make PE a success!

Sunnya has also made a trailer video for the new class - make sure to check it out below for a preview of the courses!

Death Effects Released

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Witches and wizards! Ready your wands, as we bring you a magical store update!

We are excited to be releasing our new custom death effects! This feature allows players to pick and choose the effect that appears when you die in-game. We have started off by releasing a few different death effects that will be priced at $1.99 USD on the store.

Want to show off your house pride when you die? Or perhaps want to burst into a rainbow instead?
Choose one of the following death effects!

Red Firework Explosion
Blue Firework Explosion
Green Firework Explosion
Yellow Firework Explosion
Rainbow Firework Explosion

You can change your death effect by typing /deathfx in-game.
There are in total 8 commands that opens this menu. See if you can find them all!

Click here to visit the store!

Thank you for your continuous support! We hope you enjoy this update.​

LabyMod Update

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After quite some time of it being banned from being used, LabyMod is now allowed to be used on the server! We've now blocked all the features we were previously concerned about that we didn't want others to use - we had no way of tracking who was using what, so it was blacklisted altogether. The rules will be updated to accommodate for this change!

Anyone previously banned for this will be permitted to appeal their ban, but doing so does not guarantee an unban. While it's no longer a rule, when it was, it was severe and cannot be overlooked. Please take this into consideration when appealing.

Any questions or concerns about this can be directed to myself on Discord at Gracelyn™#0666. Have fun playing!

Builder Applications

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Hello everyone!

Builder applications have just been opened and we're very excited to bring new builders onto the team.
Applications will remain open until further notice, but I'd strongly advise to apply as soon as you can!
EDIT: Builder applications will close on October 21st.

- You do not have to be the best builder in the world to apply, everyone has their own strengths and we will fully support you with your journey as a builder. All you need is the right mind set and dedication.
- The 'You must have a clean record' to apply rule has been removed - so apply if you can!
- If you know someone who would be fit for builder, feel free to encourage them to apply. We'd appreciate every help we can get to expand the build team and produce many more builds for you to explore and enjoy.
- Make sure you meet all the requirements before applying.

Click here to apply!

If you have any questions or concerns, feel free to message me on discord (RobotWizz#0019) or here on the forums!
Thank you! - The Architect Team
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