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September Tournaments

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The September Flying Tournament Qualifiers will take place on September 14th at 10am PST and the Finals will take place on September 21st at 10am PST.

The September Dueling Tournament Qualifiers will take place on September 14th at 2pm PST and the Finals will take place on September 21st at 2pm PST.

For any information on our Tournaments, click here.

If you have any further questions about the Flying Tournament, please contact a Flying Arena Master (Lisa, Ari, Kate or Rose). If you have any further questions about the Dueling Tournament, please contact a Dueling Arena Master (Flippy, RobotWizz, Leyla or Jess).

Back To School Sale!

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September is there, witches and wizards!
Professors are back to preparing classes, students are frenetically attending classes and learning new whimsical topics. Leaves slowly start to turn orange, and our school-themed items are on sale for you to gear-up for this very exciting time of the year!

The following items will be 20% off:
- Griffin Scarf Style 1
- Griffin Scarf Style 2
- Griffin Scarf Style 3
- Honeybadger Scarf Style 1
- Honeybadger Scarf Style 2
- Honeybadger Scarf Style 3
- Serpent Scarf Style 1
- Serpent Scarf Style 2
- Serpent Scarf Style 3
- Raven Scarf Style 1
- Raven Scarf Style 2
- Raven Scarf Style 3
- Book on Head - Hat
- Student's Hat
- Glasses - Hat
- Etched Wand Collection
- Curved Wand Collection
- Globe Wand Collection
- Curved, Globe & Etched Wand Bundle
- The Seeker's Wand
- The Werewolf's Wand
- The Fleur Wand
- The Shaggy Professor's Wand
- The Chosen One's Wand
- The Prince's Wand
- The Luna Wand
- The Slug Wand
- The Clever One's Wand
- The Deputy Headmistress' Wand
- The Zoologist Wand
- The Teeny Wand
- The Queen Wand
- The Defender Wand
- The Gavel Wand
- Pet Cat
- Pet Rat
- Pet Owl

See you soon around the school!

Quality Assurance Disbanded

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As we now offer opportunities for feedback through Uservoice and bug reports through the website, we have decided to disband the Quality Assurance team. While there may be future opportunities for early access to content in a role similar to Quality Assurance, there are no plans for that at the moment. The team's main responsibilities have now been transferred to the Grounds Keeper team.

Thank you to all past Quality Assurance team members for your contributions to the server.

Quest Menu Update

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We've added a new quest menu in the player profile! It can be found here:

From this menu you can:
- Obtain a Quest Journal for easy access to your current quests.
- View your current quests.
- View your completed quests.

With this change, the Quest Journal NPC has been removed from the Entrance Hall. We hope this makes quests a little more convenient!

GD Team Rework

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We've just reworked the positions within the Game Design team in order to increase our productivity to create as much content as possible for you guys. Here's how the new team works:

Lore Team

Lore Keepers
As the entry rank for the Game Design team, players can apply for this position. Lore Keepers write various pieces of work for the server. This includes mob descriptions, location backgrounds, character biographies, stories, etc. They essentially create the world we spend so much of our time enjoying.

Lore Masters
The senior rank of the Lore team. Lore Masters have the same responsibilities as Lore Keepers, however they will also oversee Lore Keeper projects.

Grand Lore Master
The lead(s) of the Lore team. The Grand Lore Master(s) assigns and manages all lore projects, providing feedback to both Lore Keepers and Lore Masters. They also communicate with the Chief Unspeakable(s) in order to organise lore being implemented in game.

Unspeakable Team

This is a staff only position, but all staff can apply for it, not just Game Design. Unspeakables implement all content, including quests, professions, etc.

High Unspeakable
Similarly to Lore Masters, this is the senior rank of the Unspeakable team. They have the same responsibilities as Unspeakables, as well as overseeing Unspeakable projects.

Chief Unspeakable
The lead(s) of the Unspeakable team. The Chief Unspeakable(s) assigns and manages all content implementation, providing feedback to both Unspeakables and High Unspeakables. They also communicate with the Grand Lore Master(s) in order to organise new lore pieces for future gameplay.

Along with this, Lore Keeper applications are now open! You can apply by...

The Fantastical Carnival Is Here!

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The carnival tent has been set up in the Transfiguration Courtyard, head over there for all festivities.

Things to do:
- Drop from the tightrope, through the rings of fire and down to the stage in the Carnival Dropper.
- Become a carnival fire dancer as you hop to the end of the Fire Dancer Parkour course.
- Traverse through endless rainbow only to be confused by your own reflection in the Mirror Maze.
- Attempt the daring task of being launched from a cannon in the Cannon Challenge!
- Buy a variety of Carnival themed items at stalls in the main tent.
- Purchase exclusive collectable food items to feed magical creatures.
- Earn Carnival Tickets and exclusive rewards!

The carnival will remain in Hogsworth until September 9th. Hope you enjoy!

PotterworldMC's Fantastical Carnival

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Step right up, the carnival is coming to Hogsworth tomorrow at 12pm PST!

Coming Soon..

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