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Daily Diviner Writer Applications - Opened

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The Media department & Daily Diviner Team are excited to announce that we are reopening DD Writer applications! Daily Diviner Writers are those who write articles for the Daily Diviner. They are familiar with the server and its community and bring creativity with their writing.

Applications will stay open until the position is filled! Do take your time when you fill in the application and make sure you are able to meet all the requirements (listed in the beginning) before submitting it. Please contact the Head of Media or Daily Diviner Lead if you have any questions.

Click here to find the application and good luck to all applicants! We are very excited to welcome new members to the team!

February Store Releases

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February Store Releases.png

Greetings, witches and wizards!

We are very pleased to release our newest items to the store for you all to enjoy! We have a great variety of items that will make you look amazing for Valentine's Day this month! We also have some other very unique items!

The items available for purchase are:
  • Black Hole Death Effect
  • Rainbow Shoot Death Effect
  • Purple Fireworks Death Effect
  • Pink Fireworks Death Effect
  • Unicorn Housing Scenery
  • Light Pink Wand Effects
  • Pink Wand Effects
  • Dark Pink Wand Effects
  • Heart Scepter Wand Appearance
  • Valentine's Housing Scenery
  • Romance Emote Pack
If you'd like to see how the death effects and wand effects look in-game, head over to the store and click on the icon of the item to open up the description and see an animated image!

All items will be available all year except for the last three on the list - these three items will only be available until March 1st.

We hope you all enjoy these items!

These items are also available on the Potter Points store!

New Library Release

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After months of research and discovery, the Hogsworth Librarian's Helper is proud to announce that a brand new selection of books has been added to the library.

On her travels to gather as much information as possible, she found herself collecting a large assortment of books that detail the many different magical creatures that fill the world. Bringing these books straight back to the Hogsworth library, she hopes that the students will use them to enrich their knowledge of the world around them!

To make use of these new resources, go to the Hogsworth library and talk with the Librarian's Helper!

Risen From Ashes

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Risen from Ashes
With the recent attack of the Dark Followers in the tunnels deep underground, the Phoenix Base has been revealed, and Joshua Pendragon along with his inner circle are looking to recruit new members. Explore the magnificent Phoenix Base from now until February 12th. The build will be accessible after the event ends!

How to Play
To participate in the event, head over to the Great Hall and approach the teachers dining table. Click on the Roleplay Hub NPC and travel to the Hub. There you will see a Phoenix Sentry standing guard on the black platform. In order to access the new Phoenix Base, simply talk to the Phoenix Sentry and he'll start you on your path.

- Venture into the hidden valley where the Phoenix Base resides. Explore the tranquil gardens and grounds, and marvel in the grandeur of the impressive base built upon the trees.

- As the Phoenixes have just begun to move in to their new home, many of them are looking for help. Some new faces, as well as plenty of old ones, are looking for an extra hand or to teach you something new. Speak to them to begin one of 6 of the quests available in the Phoenix Base.

- Around the bases, you may find NPCs and purple sparkly blocks which you may click on. Find all the NPCs and Interactions and you shall be rewarded with a unique reward! You may also discover a number of hidden activities and secret rooms. Good luck and have fun!

Allegiance & Club Sale

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Allegiance & Club Sale.png

Hello witches and wizards!

In anticipation of the upcoming attack on the Phoenixes, we're excited to announce a sale on all allegiance & club themed items! Until February 13th, all these items will be up to 30% off their regular price. Here is a list of all items on sale:

Black Hood
Magical Eye
Phoenix Mask
DF Cowl
Silver, Gold, Black, & Pointed DF Masks

Phoenix Pet

All Packages, Prefixes,
& Wand Enhancements

Wand Appearances:
Werewolf's Wand
Dark Lord's Wand
Chosen One's Wand
Prince's Wand
Serpent Wand
Serpent Cane
Ash Skull Wand
Spiral Skull Wand
Prestige Wand
Dark Mistress' Wand
Mad Staff

Death Effects:
Aurorlock Death Effects
Phoenix Death Effects
Dark Follower Death Effects

Housing Sceneries:
Phoenix Hatchery Scenery
Phoenix Scenery
Aurorlock Scenery
Dark Follower Scenery

DF Wands & Masks Bundles

Note: This sale does not apply to our Potter Points store in-game!

Grounds Keeper Applications - Closed

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Hello everyone!

We have filled all positions for the Grounds Keeper position. For this reason, we have decided to close the application.
Thank you to everyone who applied!

If you have any questions or concerns, feel free to message the Head of Tech & Dev on Discord.

Reintroducing 1v1 Arena

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Hey everyone!

It brings us great excitement to announce that 1v1 Arena is making a return to our server! In order to queue for this, simply log on, type /games, and select the game!

It works a bit differently now, though:
  • Gear will not affect these games.
  • Everyone will have +9900 health, +500 healing & +1000 damage.
  • You will still keep your spell trees.

These values are not final and we’ll see how things go, but it is incredibly easy for us to tweak, so please let us know if you have any feedback!

We hope you enjoy seeing this iconic game back once more!

Roleplay - Mysterious Broadcast

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Late this afternoon, we received what appears to be a recording between the Dark Hand and the Werewolf Alpha from an anonymous source, revealing their next scheme.

The attack begins on January 30th at 12 PM PST.​
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