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A Total Eclipse: Werewolves are victorious


Congratulations to the Werewolves on winning the War Event. With a whopping 7000 battle points, they claim victory over the Vampires, who put up quite a fight with 5579 battle points.

Remember to join us tomorrow, 31st October, at 12 pm PST to watch a performance live event, showcasing the final moments of the war. Do not fret if you cannot attend, the event will be live-streamed on Discord and the reward will be available to everyone via the Roleplay Shop at the Madame Janette NPC in the Roleplay Hub!

For now, we will be closing the bases to the public as we make a few tweaks before we push them back to the live servers. Thank you all and have a safe Halloween!​



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Congratulations on your victory Werewolves!